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Dankblaze is a butthurt bitch and is blanking this article

The shitty icon he uses on all of his sock accounts, notice how fuckin' huge his nose is.

YouTube Favicon.png AbsenceOfTheAbsent aka Jeremy J. "Dankblaze" Kaminski is a 30 year old self proclaimed "troll" on YouTube, he is well known for making long and boring video blogs about shitty hackers and vloggers. Absence claims that he has been on YouTube since it first started, trolling on various sock accounts. However since there is no proof to back that up we just assume that he is a lying fucktard and a queer. He was first found when he decided to jump on the Rootbrian bandwagon back in late 2008 and early '09. Absence made a shitty video about Brian using cheap make up and poor lighting, the video was an obvious parody of the Boxxybabee video. Which means Absence is so unoriginal that he had to steal an idea that a camwhore came up with. This isn't surprising since considering he's a retarded Jewish kid living in Milwaukee.

your a fucking moron


—Jeremy Kaminski: epic troll

Jew Trivia[edit]

  • Did you know, that Jeremy claims to own his own house?
  • He also claims that he makes roughly 60,000 dollars a year doing various jobs.
  • Jeremy claims to have an irl which consist of drinking cheap beer and fucking grenades.
  • He wants to one day open up a bar, that's right a gay bar for all of his little faggot Jew friends to "hang out" in.
  • Jeremy has a pink tattoo on his right arm, it's most likely some gay Aboriginal shit who the fuck knows.
  • Absence has only one friend and supporter on the internet, a 40 something year old Autistic virgin trailer trash Redneck who lives in Colorado by the name of YouTube Favicon.png DRAGON201O
  • DRAGON201O and Jeremy often spend time having anal sex while complimenting each others trolling skills.
  • Jeremy's favorite hobbies include: stalking and harassing cripples, drinking cheap beer, fucking whores who have penises, and hoarding money.
  • Absence is an unfunny version of fat ass redneck and ex FCTC member YouTube Favicon.png Ultraforge.
  • He once showed his nutsack on a YouTube video, thus proving that once again he is in fact gay.
  • Jeremy drinks shit beverages such as Fuze and Monster to fuel up for his videos.
  • Absence is two years shy of being 30 and still has sex with 17 year old girls, which would mean that he is in fact a pedophile.
  • Jeremy once was the leader of a fail troll group known as Team Hate.
  • Members of Team Gay included Rod Burch, a well known pedophile and Dylan Kimberlin a jobless loser with a small penis living in Ausfailia.
  • Absence is a cross between Ultraforge, a fat ass racist redneck and Burk, a greasy haired emo who got banned from ED IRC.
  • Jeremy likes to camwhore on facebook with all of his irl friends.
  • Kike nosed Jeremy wears the same lame beanie cap in all of his videos, because he is so cheap that he can't afford to keep the heat on.
  • Did you know that Jeremy, is a wannabe model with lots of potential?

Humble Beginnings[edit]

As you've just read, Absence got his start by taking on one of the most challenging trolling targets around: Rootbrian. What's a better way to show off your trollan skills than by making lame jokes about an asspie that thinks fart jokes are funny? While most people have mocked Rootfag at one point or another, you'll be hard-pressed finding anyone who spends the kind of time Absence does on it. Each one of his videos is usually between 8 and 10 minutes long. Think about that, this guy is pushing 30 and spends hours upon hours making fun of a retarded welfare recipient. Wow just wow.

I"m going to give you the proper destruction you deserve.


Unrealistic expectations

Rootbrian recently made a shout out to one of his favorite trolls, Jermey Kaminski. He also had a few things to say about this article. Brian being the autistic that he is, still believes that Absence is a ween troll and that his dox are not real.

Notable Feuds[edit]

This section could use some expansion. Care to help?

Absence has a long and sordid history of picking fights with fellow social outcasts on YouTube. The fact that he likes to leave out of his vlogs is that he's just as pathetic as his "victims".


Reenactment of SONYFAGBOY takin the piss from a Jew

As previously mentioned, Jeremy seems to have a fetish for trolling fail hackers, but Absence is particularly obsessed with SONYFANBOY, almost to the point of being creepy. SONYFAGBOY aka prezdant was the victim of countless tl;dw videos and tl;dr comments from Absence, and Absence always made it a point to send each and every single fucking video he ever made about SFB to all of his subscribers, long past the point when anybody actually cared to watch them.

In response, Sonyfanboy aka PreZdaNt "exposed" Absence as a pedophile in one of his videos. Whether it's true or not, it's just fucking funny to see Jeremy rage when people call him a pedophile.

This is just part of the long going battle between the two idiots. They are in fact both Jews and basement dwellers so it's not surprising that they would constantly "battle" each other on the internet.


Monster: fuel of the ween trolls!

Absence devoted two ten minute videos to this redneck nobody. This is just further evidence for the patter on absence only trolling people who basically do the job for him.

texasarmy81 Videos

texasarmy81 Videos

6699 Clan[edit]

Absence has had a running feud with this group of juggalo internet tough guys for some time now. Not to say these people are not inbred retards, but once again, Jeremy takes everything too far. Just watch the videos......if you have 30 minutes.

6699 Videos

6699 Videos

6699 Videos

Butthurt and ownage has been achieved!




Kike nosed Jeremy made a video response to bat shit insane old fart Battim's video about trolls being sociopath's, in this video response Absence claimed to be a normal guy with an irl and tons of friends.

Of course Battim did not reply to the video, nor did Jeremy provide evidence to back up his claims of being a wealthy home owner and a socially acceptable individual.

two things..."Re: Trolls are Mentally Ill Respone to Battim " the word is response.

second your title is misleading ,this is not a response to me


—Battim's response to Jeremy's 10 minute video response.

Jeremy Knows How Trolling Works[edit]

Jeremy being the stealthy troll he is, tries to explain how trolling and doxing works in a 10 minute conversation on skype.

When Legendes Duel[edit]

In the late summer of 2010, Absence finally met someone who was on his intellectual playing field. This person is none other than Taekesi. For those of you who don't know, Taekesi is a British kid named Matthew who runs around YouTube claiming to be an "Asian Legende". This could easily be equated to Absence's claim of being a "Youtube Critic". The two exchanged unfunny blow after unfunny blow until the unthinkable happened. Taekesi got Absence's dox. Read that again. Taekesi, a scene kid who calls himself "Legende" dox'd a roughly 28 year old "epic troll". Yeah.

Spoiler alert: Taekesi never really doxed Jeremy (Taekesi called him "Kerry Steinberg"), or anyone for that matter. He's a fucking faggot. Luckily, more seasoned internet terrorists have managed to get you Absence's dox. See external links.

Taekesi Videos

Taekesi Videos

You are a retard, you logged into a fake account with an incorrect login name, I always logged into absencegetsflagged with an email address as a name, the same email address I used to create that account. I will post a video of that email account as well as the notice in it I recieved from youtube when the account was terminated. Then you can be laughed at by everyone for being so obsessed and pathetic you actually took the time to make a fake youtube account, facebook account, a fake name and address. This is how I know you never doxxed anyone, deftonesfan86 is not even a real email account let alone the one I used to create absencegetsflagged. I used a gmail account dipshit. Once the video is up feel free to flag it for being proven as a wannabe hacker. I will make sure to keep it private for a day so all my friends can mirror it first :)


—Absence denying that he was hacked, doxed and exposed, when all else fails deny deny deny right Jeremy!? :)

When Legends Confuse[edit]

Rockin' the "78 year old Jew in Florida" look.

It is a well known fact that when Absence attempts to troll someone he becomes obsessed with that individual and all of his energy begins to focus on that one particular individual alone. He makes numerous videos and comments about that person and doesn't stop for days, weeks and even months. In fact the same trolling of that one individual can last for almost up to a year with nobody other than Jeremy himself and that other person/sock account caring about whats going on. Jeremy's latest obsession is with Taekesi aka Matthew aka Tyler who keeps on making sock accounts of Jeremy and then "doxing" them. Jeremy gets real upset when people make fake accounts of him and then claim to dox them. Since he is a leet 1337 hacker himself he dose not like it when script kiddies like Taekesi make poor attempts at "hacking" and "doxing". Kerry will rant on for 10 minutes about how Taekesi is a fake hacker and poser troll who got "OWNED" several thousand times. It's long, boring and gay to say the least. Either way Absence will stop at nothing to "expose" fake hackers and doxers via 10 minute video blogs on his sock accounts.

Anyone wanting to see first hand proof of one of Taekesi's now suspended sockaccounts being exposed click imagevenue link below:


—Absence thinking anyone would care about his e-fit with another failure such as himself


ANYONE WANTING TO SEE THAT TAEKESI GOOGLED HIS NEW SOCKACCOUNTS PROFILE PICTURE JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW. (He claims his TommySantoro sockaccount is real and that is actually a picture of him)


—More tl;dr rants about Taekesi "OWNING" him.


Taekesi is a friendless emo child from central Europe who has developed a very elaborate fantasy world I like to refer to as "Pretend Asian Mafia Land". There are multiple characters involved in this super unoriginal story he has designed. All of these characters are played by Taekesi/Matthew himself. Here is a full list of all the sockaccounts Taekesi/Matt likes to play pretend and talk to himself with on peoples channel comments:


—Obsessed much Jeremy?


all further info of Taekesi's faggish cancer ridden existance on youtube and his fantasy world of "Pretend Asian Mafia Land" can be found on his EncyclopedaDramatica page, link right here:


—Jeremy still thinking that anyone other than himself cares about Taekesi.

Dox'd and Exposed[edit]

The fail "hacker" known as Taekesi recently discovered Jeremy's Facebook account of which had access to many lulz worthy pics of Jeremy. When and if the Facebook profile is exposed, it will be linked on this article below on the related links section. Until then, entertain yourself with Jeremy's response to this development:

It's pretty pathetic you used the same pics i used in my bg. that's why they are in low resolution. where's the link to my facebook? and now you have pictures you cropped off my bg in your computer of me HUMM who's the owned gay faggot now? *yawn* keep trying to hard newfaggot ;)


—Absence denying the facebook pics are real.


I am here to get a rise out of people, I have no ambitions to be a youtube star, I merely come on here for recreation to exploit peoples ignorance.


—Absence having a bad case of unwanted self importance


Like I said to serbia, take some fucking adderall if you can't wedge in ten minutes to watch a video you don't like with people you know nothing about. My videos aren't fucking art they're straight-foward trashing out-of-line losers who have delusions of grandure. Style would get in the way of the meaning and mislead the viewer. And substance? What the fuck? What else am I supposed to add to a video about making fun of someone? I make my point in my videos, though it takes 10 mintues to make it.


—His videos aren't fucking art, Jeremy Kaminski says so.


So, tell me Mr. "Pro Troll", how do they do it these days? Make millions of sock accounts with stupid gimmicks like pretending to be another race and troll other trolls pretending to be little girls? Ya dude, pro as fuck.


—Pro as fuck mtw


Absence's name isn't Kerry Steinberg you fucking moron lol, keep on kissing Taekesi's ass and believe everything he tells people.


His name is not Kerry Stienberg.


wow, is that completely retarded comment supposed to be offensive? kid, my name isn't kerry, and I am 90% german. calling me a jew when it's completely inaccurate does not accomplish anything. thanks for proving yourself to be an idiot though :)


—Jeremy Kaminski, he's 90 percent German Polfag. Oh and just an fyi Jeremy, Jews are not German, you have dark eyes and dark hair also a big nose. Fail moar.


you are a retard, you logged into a fake account with an incorrect login name, I always logged into absencegetsflagged with an email address as a name, the same email address I used to create that account. I will post a video of that email account as well as the notice in it I recieved from youtube when the account was terminated. Then you can be laughed at by everyone for being so obsessed and pathetic you actually took the time to make a fake youtube account, facebook account, a fake name and address. This is how I know you never doxxed anyone, deftonesfan86 is not even a real email account let alone the one I used to create absencegetsflagged. I used a gmail account dipshit. Once the video is up feel free to flag it for being proven as a wannabe hacker. I will make sure to keep it private for a day so all my friends can mirror it first


—TL;DR ragegraph about nothing.

Absence and Friends React to This Page[edit]

Jeremy, being a Jewish attention whore responded to the creation of his article by saying that is was "lame and gay," and that he could have written a better article. Which we all know is a lie, because he is still in fact a Jewish faggot attention whore who is far too busy making shitty tl;dw videos and comments on JewTube. He's also blamed his arch-nemesis Taekesi for attempts to blank this article. Seeing as they're both massive queers, that's actually a possibility.

Alphatroll, welcome to the conversation retard, I knew about the lame article days ago and actually welcomed people to go see how lame it is. Good work not having a clue though :)


—Absence loves the attention, then again you can't blame him because he's Jewish.


absence ed article is as funny as watching paint dry now compare his to george or matt or mathews ed page the unwarranted self importance uk boy and why dont the ctfc like this guy ne ways they never gave a reason. also they dont wikes me which is fine i dont want stupid people to like me fuck i dont give a flying fuck if everyone hates me . i could be worst i could be in love with joel mchale or dress up as a animal and fuck other people who dress up as animals or i could be a perv and lure lil kiddies in my van and rape em . or i could be a loony liberal or conservative , but im not i just read mad magazine and alfred e numan is my personal hero


—Staunch Absence fantard YouTube Favicon.png DRAGON201O tl;dring as usual. Also note the third grade grammar and lack of caps and periods. It's like one long sentence of Autistic rambling shit.


welcome to the ED hall of fame, :)


YouTube Favicon.png alchamizt


lol, nice ed page


YouTube Favicon.png PATEv4


You're so butthurt over your ED article, ROFL! It looks like everyone knows you're a butthurt Jewish failure, LMFAO! Die.




Yep, little kids cannot hack me so they spend days on end creating a ED page full of fictional storytelling. It amazes me that I got under that little kid Georgie Kurai aka Taekesi's skin so bad calling him a wannabe hacker that he resorted to making fake youtube accounts. It's even more pathetic that he took the time to invent a fake name and address for me. LOL, and he says I am the one who is "butthurt" and "owned". ;)


—LMAO he still doesn't understand satire and he doesn't have enough brains to figure out that Taekesi did not create his article.


Yea, I'm aware of the failure's ED article, he creates multiple accounts to try and erase and edit it because almost all of it is true, I on the other hand welcome people to checkout mine because it was made by Georgie aka Taekesi and it is comprised of fiction and retardation. Sometimes people (taekesi) think the internet is serious business though ;)


—LEL he still thinks Taekesi wrote this article, it takes the minimum of three clicks to figure out that he had nothing to do with this.

Absence won't accept the truth, he's so obsessed with Taekesi that he wants to think Taekesi did it.


— They both don't read articles, they just bitch about it.

YouTube Favicon.png LegendeEmp speaking the cold, hard truth.


— lol@you trying to claim I blanked my ED article, I have only been to that page once, I read the failure and haven't returned since. I have no intention on wasting my time signing up for a ED account just to erase something any moron can just re-add anytime. As for being doxxed, Nobody has ever doxxed me. Taekesi just keeps avoiding providing any proof of himself "doxxing" me. He either changes the subject or makes a lame excuse whenever i request he provide my IP address or proof that the fake email "deftonesfan96" links to the fake name and address he made up. Feel free to cry somemore on my channel though. :D

Absence denying that he blanked this article.



Absence and his Nuts NSFW[edit]

"Those are my balls. My exposed balls."

A final point of consideration in an analysis of Jeremy Kaminski is this rather odd video, where in order to prove he did not care about flagging, Jeremy whipped out his testicles on camera for all of YouTube to see.

<video type="slutload" id="B1w4qv3jaNe" width="400" height="300" frame="true" position="center" allowfullscreen="true"/>

Nuts on YouTube!


—Honestly, that was the best description he could have given

This guy is "not a camwhore" at all, mind you.


Fun With Jeremy Kaminski About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
Thought you could get rid of this eh Jeremy? About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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