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Bluecatrioluprofilepic.png THIS PAGE IS BEING WATCHED BY Nicholas "Riolu The Cat Fucker" Salerno.

Just a cute little kitty~


—How Riolu views himself.

Riolu by riolu947-d9pfb41.png
Pedobear a.gif

Real name Nicholas R. Salerno
Nationality American  MiniflagUSA.png
Born February 19, 2000
Current residence Texas
Former aliases bluewhale23; Riolu947
DeviantArt Deviantart-favicon.png BlueCatRiolu
YouTube YouTube Favicon.png BlueCatRiolu

BlueCatRiolu (also known as Riolu The Blue Cat or simply Riolu, powerword: Nicholas Salerno) is a cat-obsessed, narcissistic, chode-gargling fuckstain pedophile, who loves to shit out an endless slew of third-rate furry art on DeviantArt. All of his works are visibly mouse-drawn with one hand in Microsoft Paint, freeing the other hand for more important activities. This art of his has the consistent quality of blocky, aliased shit, always containing inflation, vore, and other disturbing fetishes (like shipping same genders allegedly).

When not posting his scribblings, BlueCatRiolu enjoys his time on DeviantArt by begging for Points or a Core membership, and writing hate journals about people who criticize him, while linking to them in said journals. These call-out journals have predictably created a strong animosity towards BlueCatRiolu, and as such he must be constantly guarded by a team of highly dedicated white knights, who stand ready to defend him from the evils of constructive criticism and his defectors.

The fact that this guy and his atrocious works of art have pulled in over 1,000,000 page views in a span of six years, while many great artists squalor in comparative obscurity, should tell you a lot about the current state of DeviantArt, and its user base consisting of mostly teenagers, such as the GoAnimate community. In recent years, he's also been accused of convincing minors to give him pictures of their bellies inflated over on Discord.

Years before becoming a furry demon today[edit]

Stop it! You're insulting me! :(


— Riolu being his butthurt self in 2014.

BlueCatRiolu's original Riolu oc design.
Even as a 14-year-old, Riolu failed to understand how the Internet works, and got butthurt over stupid shit.

BlueCatRiolu's presence before signing up on DeviantArt is one that's quite interesting. His story dates back to 2010 (when he was the same age group as ChristianU2ber) when he first signed up for Scratch, a educational site dedicated to games and videos. He initially used an OC based off the actual Pokémon Riolu, which was named Riolu, a name which he still uses.

As he still is today, Riolu was completely obsessed with cats and Pokémon, inserting his obviously copyrighted and stolen Riolu "OC" into his Scratch projects, which were mainly remixes of projects other people with more creative mindsets did before him. He even went the road to include a backstory on his entire life leading up to him signing up for his holy grail of autistic bullshit that he calls DeviantArt. Jesus Christ, he made autistic furries look horrible!

According to some individuals, Riolu's antics involving cats date back to around 2004. He said in the now deleted journal that he had a strange dream involving cats. Keep in mind that he was only around 4 at this time. He also claims to have watched Sagwa as a young child as well, which contributes to why he made its titular character his "waifu." Riolu also claims he started "drawing" as early as the age of three (even though his art doesn't show much improvement), drawing characters from 101 Dalmatians. He found out about Scratch through his school, which more then likely helped him get into social media, a mistake his family would greatly regret for the rest of their lives.

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What do we think of his childhood?[edit]

His early days on DeviantArt[edit]

Keep in mind he still ships Riolu with "Blossom."
Top part from 2012 and Bottom part from 2018. Notice anything abnormal about this?

Riolu originally signed up for DeviantArt on April 21st, 2012. As with his existing Scratch account, he posted poorly-drawn pics of his Pokémon "OC" 'Riolu' in various different and edgy scenarios. He started out like any typical user on DeviantArt does. Few watchers and few pageviews. He continued doing all of this until the later part of 2014, which is when he introduced his new godawful, uncreative Gary Stu fursona: Riolu the Blue Cat. As seen with most autistic users on DA, Riolu began to cause massive amounts of drama on the site. Riolu also started posting journals which constantly rambled on about his "friends," or how his live was, and so on.

A year later, his "friend" Deviantart-favicon.png Schoolfilmer, a typical low-key pedo who stalks minors, decided to influence Riolu into drawing inflation and other cringy fetishes. This helped set the tone for the rest of the events that led up to where Riolu is now. This also explains why Riolu has so many pageviews and watchers compared to most members of DA who have been on the site as long as him, yet still have little to no "popularity" to them. "Popularity" as in people enjoying the lulz Riolu creates.

Some of Riolu's earliest activities on DA[edit]

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Stellar character design[edit]

BlueCatRiolu's OC is a generic blue-colored cat named Riolu, a name derived from Lucario's baby form. Riolu's design is a direct rip-off of Happy from Fairy Tail, except it wears a collar which has a Poké Ball tag on it. Riolu can do anything; he has a million forms and can insert himself in any fandom he pleases. His character has no real flaws or personality, other than being a Gary Stu. Its variations include six cringe-inducing, edgy "rage" mode forms, as well as an Inkling. It is also common that he'll reuse bases he created himself, showing a sign of laziness. BlueCatRiolu responds to any criticism of this character very negatively, even if it's from a friend who's simply trying to help him. He also stole another artist's eye style which will be later discussed in this article.

Riolu reference.jpg

Wanting attention[edit]

Unable to do anything original, he constantly writes a million journals each day, detailing his depression and why it entitles him to your asspats. Most lolcows do all sorts of tactics in order to gain attention, regardless if it's positive or negative. The notable ones, including BlueCatRiolu will do anything to get attention, including journals and status updates on DA. It's pretty common that he'll post at least one status update or journal in a week, gaining up to more than twenty comments of total autistic bullshit. Of course, most detail his banal life issue, such as his issues with friends leaving him, generally because they found the truth about him. Most comments are generally those who see Riolu as their friend, even though he doesn't give a shit about them.

Notable attention journals he's made on DA About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Notable status updates he's made on DA About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Archived versions of most of these journals can be found here: Archive today-ico.png Claims of less and more realistic forms (He lied about this) Archive today-ico.png Whining about Lisa Archive today-ico.png Whining about Micaloon Archive today-ico.png TheDancingScout...I guess? Archive today-ico.png Deleted one of his Art Jams because it was "worthless" Archive today-ico.png Whining about Oreo Archive today-ico.png Another Art Jam journal Archive today-ico.png Something about TAKE2008? Archive today-ico.png Begging for points Archive today-ico.png Lied about closing Requests/Art Trades/Point Com's Archive today-ico.png "Sidetracked" Archive today-ico.png Something to do with satire? Archive today-ico.png Oreo Art Jam before it was deleted Archive today-ico.png Lying about leaving, most likely for attention

Riolu and Co's Fantasy World. Doesn't look quite right yet.
A better and truthful view of how they really are.
Too dumb enough to realize the dangers of lava. Wow, just wow.
Says the guy who also has the mind of a little kid. LOL!

Riolu's "friends"[edit]

Police.gif Some of the facts provided here are from his defectors (a.k.a. his former watchers) who are tired of his shit.
Breakingnews.gif BREAKING NEWS!!
Oreo left Riolu Archive today-ico.png (archive)

It should be known that while BlueCatRiolu has many Internet "friends," there are some that stand out more than others, and those are usually the ones that have the most influence over Riolu. Generally, Riolu's friends are younger teens, and those who either don't care about Riolu's immaturity and creepiness or are unaware of it.


The way Riolu fantasizes Oreo to be.
Oreo IRL

(Powerword: Tristian Mcloud) BlueCatRiolu's current ex girlfriend who lives in New York and was one of many who white-knighted and "defended" him against the evils of criticism and so forth. She is infamous for causing tons of drama regarding how people treat Riolu as well as herself and her "issues" in life including her past. She claims her past was abusive and whines over her friend Clare being killed by Destiny, an "enemy" of Oreo's as well as her mom ignoring and hating her. If this is true or not, no one will ever know even though she wants you to believe it is to give her sympathy. Most of her art is generally similar to that of Riolu's, with used bases and stolen art as well as an obsession over shitty Undertale fanart.

It is quite important to note that Oreo is known for doing sexual roleplays. After an incident with Deviantart-favicon.png SweetBaby-Bladefoot in which she did a sexual roleplay in the comment threads, she was later banned from DeviantArt entirely. She has signed up under several socks that Riolu himself created for her and disguises in order to be with Deviantart-favicon.png LisaDots123 who is considered by her to be her best friend. In 2018, she finally decided to leave Riolu for good.


Lisa's brother during one of his gameplay videos. Wait... he is Matthew Davis with a long hair.

(Powerword: Yalisa Martinez) Some random hispanic fag off of DA, living in Bawwstuhn, Massive-jew-tits who seemed to spark an interest in BlueCatRiolu and they became best friends. It is not known why Lisa would want to be friends with such a bad influence such as Riolu other then their mediocre skills in art. Most of her art is generally free of fetishes, but still has the use of the circle tool. Her "OCs" are bland and boring as well, with shitty "stories" that no one gives a shit anyways about. Her boyfriend is also an alleged pedophile who also likes to swing his microphallus around to circle tools and shitty "OCs" with eye bleeding colors using the default color pallet of MS Paint.

She also role-plays with Riolu and his friends as well. Lisa is also close friends with Riolu's now ex girlfriend Oreo. Lisa herself is said to be the girlfriend of Deviantart-favicon.png Carmenramcat which is likely false considering she has a CLOSER relationship with Riolu. As of recently, Lisa is said to have left Riolu but hasn't been confirmed. She is also the sister of youtuber YouTube Favicon.png MuahJoshua, a popular YouTube gamer who thinks he'll reach 100,000 subscribers even though it'll never happen anyways and will die like many other low quality YouTube gamer channels unless you're darksydephil.

Lisa's accounts:

Her "boyfriend's" accounts:


Doesn't get involved much in the drama revolving around BlueCatRiolu, but is considered to be one of riolu's main "friends." Has a dog fursona named Doug. Considers Riolu to be his first "friend" on DeviantArt.

Doug's accounts:


Martin, a 20-year-old manchild from the UK is another best friend of Riolu's who like most who "support" him whiteknights his ass. He is also a Hamtaro fag by his obsession with the anime. He has attended college, but by the looks of his mentality it appears as if he hasn't even finished fucking primary school!! Martin claims himself to have been abused by his parents even at the age of 20. As of now, they aren't even aware of his association to BlueCatRiolu. He is constantly depressed and has caused drama because of his "depression."

Martin's accounts:


This is what the hamster pedo looks like IRL.

Schoolfilmer (Powerword: Kim André) is what you would describe as your generally average low key DA pedo. At first glance at his gallery on there you'd assume he'd be just another weird fetish artist. That is where you are wrong. Since 2011, Kim has been known for causing some minor amounts of drama and shoving his fetishes into people which including mainly inflation as well as macro and micro drawings of hamtaro characters. He is a former friend of some person from Canada, but drew troll art of them. He also stalks BlueCatRiolu's DA and posts cutesy cat faces. He is also over 20 years of age, possibly indicating a case of autism. Kim is the one responsible for influencing BlueCatRiolu around 2015 to start drawing inflation and big bellies in general and has since remained a figure in BlueCatRiolu's group of friends.

Kim's accounts:


Eevee350, or Umbre, is a typical average young adult user on DA and FA. His association with BlueCatRiolu is mainly minor although he has had moments of drama with him, mainly dealing with his depression and so forth. Some of the characters Riolu includes in his "comics" are owned by this user, including the character "Rose" which Riolu himself drew with her rear inflated. How either of them enjoy something like that will always been questionable. Riolu even got the pic animated by Sparkalloon which was shitty in itself. Umbre was also exposed along side Riolu for asking underage girls for pics of their bellies inflated/bloated and pics of them in bikinis Most of these girls were around 13 to 14 years old.

Umbre has left Riolu's side after about a year of creepy bullshit from our blue cunt friend.

Umbre's accounts:

Fuckboys and white knights (examples)[edit]

Police.gif Fact Alert
Please note that BlueCatRiolu has many white knights and fuckboys beyond this list. This list shows the most notable ones who are associated with him and support his autistic actions.
How BCR's white knights actually respond to the hate comments he receives.
How BCR reacts to hate videos of him.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png aceofspadesproduc100 - An infamous whiteknight fag of Riolu's who loves to shove his opinions down people's throats, calling people racist when he doesn't agree with them and compares words like "pedo" and the inflation popping fetish to racism just because he doesn't like those words'things like a complete jackass, and pretending he is right all the time and demands tons of evidence for a claim without providing evidence for his own claims like your modern day SJW.
  • YouTube Favicon.png AngelaYesTomNo – A possible 11-year-old who over-reacted over someone making a hate video out of Riolu. He faps to production logos and makes shitty Klasky-Csupo in G Major videos for a living, like any other kid on JewTube. He also has a presumed sockpuppet named YouTube Favicon.png VideoYTPEffectsAndLogos666.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png asheandcjthepikachus – A 19-year-old manchild who thinks he is a Pikachu in real life. Has shitty artistic skills in par with a 6-year-old. Records himself waving a Pikachu plush around.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png DanXGoodWolf – Another inflation furfag who commonly refers to Riolu as a "brother" of his because he's a mentally challenged weirdo. Like Riolu, he creates tons of drama and shit and forces disgusting fetishes like farting onto people.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png darlaltonbearcat – Formerly Deviantart-favicon.png darlalloons26 and Deviantart-favicon.png Narayan23456 Shitty, whiny Mexican artist who, along with Micaloon, harassed Selphy6 into unfiltering his drawings. Only made an account to hide from ED, but ultimately ended up getting his own page thanks to his autistic behavior.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Dungeonation – Some random person befriended Riolu,so much so he can be given the account at random when he's under a shitstorm. He also makes a "comic" series called The Mystery Dungeoneers, which in reality are skits with no real meaning that take up 80% of the gallery. Unlike the other white knights listed here, he already made himself infamous on here in ED after he made a revenge article about someone he used to co-own a channel with named Kyle fired him from working on the channel for drama he was causing behind the scenes and after he attempted to take over the channel for himself.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png dusktheraccoon – A baby fur and closet pedophile. Used to A-Log BlueCunt to hell and back, but was later discovered to be into diapers and age regression.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png JustinandDennis – A crossover manchild who has done a ton of artwork of shit he likes, such as PB&J Otter, ALF: The Animated Series, and Bubsy. Is friends with BlueCatRiolu, and has done some art for him. Also has his own page on ED.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Konamicode55 – A whiny bastard. Has a dying "crush" on Deviantart-favicon.png LostinthoughtsA. Has his own shitty Microsoft Paint art. Is dense as a brick and has a tendency to revive old drama, including drama involving Deviantart-favicon.png Alpha-X01. He also seems to have a thing for IRL inflation too like his "big papa" Riolu.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png lamonttroop – Creates fake logos featuring the names of Riolu and his "friends." Riolu loves his "Sagwa logos" for obvious reasons. Actually made "vent art" against ED and KF.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png funcuteballoons –Formerly Deviantart-favicon.png Micaloon Inflation fag who also can't be assed to improve at drawing. Has not improved for the two years he has been registered on DeviantArt. Conveniently ignores BlueCatRiolu's behavior. Sucks Darla's dick.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Mysterious-Cat-01 – Constantly replies to everything Riolu posts pretty much. Types in huge ass paragraphs about shit nobody cares about. Also makes shitty 30-40 minute videos on YouTube. He is also known for being a massive dick sucker to all of Riolu's "friends". Also known as a 20-year-old Canadian babyfur/diaperfur who acts like a toddler when he doesn't get his way.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png tristinm20004 – Formerly Deviantart-favicon.png titi20004 Some random fag who obsesses over Miis for some fucking reason. Makes shitty drawings and "worships"Deviantart-favicon.png micaloon.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Zero-Cross – A grown fucking man who is "friends" with our blue cunt. Likes to write stories about underaged characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Publicly admitted in a Discord server that he liked the idea of fucking a 6-year-old rabbit. Then his 40-year-old mother comes into the call and starts cursing us out. 12/16/2018. Unfortunately, part of the recording corrupted, so a friend only had five minutes of audio.

Things BlueCatRiolu has ripped off and ruined[edit]

How Sagwa really feels about BlueCatRiolu's treatment of her!
Riolu actually thinks this will happen like some retard.
The person who posted this on iFunny claims this to be him irl.

Like any autistic fantard, BlueCatRiolu plagiarizes various animated properties for his own original works. Notably, he has bastardized a good portion of furry cartoons made for little children and even preschoolers. Similar to our beloved Chris-chan, he crams these copyrighted characters into his own shitty artwork, gives them a thousand alternate forms, and then uses random Metal Gear music as their theme songs. If none of this makes sense to you, you are probably not as chromosomally exceptional as him.

Star Cat[edit]

Additionally, he is the author of an all-new series (NOT A BLATANT RIP-OFF OF STAR FOX) named "Star Cat." Involving basically every cat character in existence, Riolu has taken characters such as Sagwa and given them so many powers that it makes you wonder what goes on in his head when he "invents" this stuff. Take a shit story and combine it with misspelled words and a plot that feels rushed and boring, and you have this masterpiece. It's about the only story that could come close to being like the notorious Sonichu comics.

Star Cat: New Life, New Member About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

His "characters" in Star Cat[edit]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Did You Know: While this site was unable to reach Riolu's parents via phone, they were able to get a hold of his grandparents. It is currently unknown as to what the conversation was about exactly but Riolu said they told "lies" to them.

A common occurrence you'll probably notice with Riolu is how he is constantly bragging over how "terrible" his life is. This is shown throughout much of his "stories" and artwork which mostly involve the alledged death of parents. Why this seems to be a common theme is quite obvious. He alledgly hates his parents even though they do a lot for him because they constantly "argue" with him over his fetishes and how he wastes his life online instead of getting a life and working!

Examples of this in his art.[edit]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

In reality, he'd probably give out coupons to those willing to MURDER his mom!
Yes, Riolu wanted to kill his former friend's parents, just for grounding them.

IRL inflation cringe[edit]

Atomic.gif Warning!
Riolu will try to make you perform IRL Inflation!!
An example of what he says to those rather uncomfortable with the subject.

Out of this entire article, this alone probably shocked you the most. Riolu commonly is shown to enjoy IRL inflation after finding out about it from a former friend of his in 2016. Since then, he has promoted tons of drama from him forcing it onto others including minors. He is known to love bloating, thinking it won't hurt you or anything. It makes you wonder if this guy is even sane and well, he sadly isn't.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

He will also try to make you bloat or do other forms of IRL inflation so watch out! He also has a "bloating school" server on Discord, just another of the numerous servers he's created on there. Just do yourself a favor and don't think of inflating yourself IRL, unless you're willing to commit suicide, that is.

Riolu encouraged those like his friend Umbre, shown here to take pics of themselves with inflated bellies.

Out in public[edit]

BlueCatRiolu is so dense that he is willing to expose himself out in public with his fetishes. Even at school, you can see him logging into his DA (even though he's an idiot for failing to know that it's unsafe to do that) and viewing his profile and replying to messages about his fetish shit. You'd think he'd keep his fetish activity a secret, but no, he doesn't.

Yes, one of his classmates actually saw him doing this! Look carefully with your naked-eye to see his name.

Drama Sagas[edit]

Since Riolu has become noticed for his drama, many have pointed Riolu out for his actions and some have sparked tons of lulz with him regarding how he acts around others when it comes to criticism and such.

The DawnAndChoco Saga[edit]

Vent Comic created by DawnAndChoco resulting from Riolu stealing her eye style.

As stated earlier in this article, Riolu was reported to have stolen someone's eye style and use it in his own art. DawnAndChoco pointed Riolu out for this, going as far as to make a vent comic on the controversy and seriousness of the situation. This resulted in Riolu making a tumblr account where he stated he hated her despite the fact that it was him who stole her eye style.

He went as far as to create a Tumblr account just to attack someone who accused him!

The LostInThoughtsA Saga[edit]

Around April 2016, tensions started to rise among a user on DA by the name of LostInThoughtsA. It should be known that it wasn't just him pointing out Riolu for his actions but others as well. The drama resulted in Riolu leaving DeviantArt, deactivating his DA and causing many of his "fans" to feel worried and concerned. It should also be noted that he was still on Discord and Scratch during this time. Lost responded to this by creating a journal stating exactly the reasons why Riolu should stay off of DA. The journal as expected was flooded with insults from various white knights who didn't know any better and those were trying to tell these people off the truth about Riolu. If anything, it just created more lulz.

LostInThoughtsA's infamous journal rant on BlueCatRiolu. Notice the number of comments on the journal.

Riolu made a video on Scratch notifying his watchers of what happened like anyone would give a shit and later returned to DA shortly after. He made another video to "announce" of his return.

LostnThoughtsA's Depiction of BlueCatRiolu.

The DancingScout Saga[edit]

In the later parts of 2016, more drama and lulz erupted among the rise of various individuals including a user by the name of DancingScout. DancingScout or also known as Kashi started to cause drama and arguements among Riolu and his "friends." It should be known that while much of Kashi's drama revolved around BlueCatRiolu, some will tell you that he has started drama even with those outside of Riolu's circle of friends.

He is another one with fuck around with Riolu and has been known to act wishy washy around him, going back and forth with hating him and being friends with him. Around the early parts of 2018, Kashi reportedly accused Riolu of stealing a creation of his and filed a DMCA against Riolu. Needless to say, this caused Riolu to once again threaten to leave DeviantArt.

Status post regarding Riolu's DMCA violation.
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

DeviantArt Account Takeover of 2017[edit]

Breakingnews.gif BREAKING NEWS!!

On July 24th, 2017, someone got into Riolu's account to announce he was a "troll defense turret," which has to be the most genius plan that will never fail. Due to fear of a mass troll attack on both accounts, the journal was deleted.

I am Dungeonation! His new DA co-runner and moderator! His Troll Defense Turret, if you will. He has decided to enlist

my help making sure everyone is doing okay and to prevent him from the trolls and people who make him want to leave every so often. So now Riolu is here to stay and it's nice to meet you all!! I try to be the nicest person I can be and I think Riolu will appreciate my help! I'm very honored to be his new Defense Turret. <3


—Dungeonation, a random person who you can totally trust with your account..

And then Riolu proceeds to leave DA, giving Dungeonation his account, no joke. Note that Dungeonation is the same person who had hijacked Darlalloons26's account.

Just like the journal, this was deleted hours after posting it.

And then Riolu comes BACK with one of the most confusing journals ever seen yet to date:

I am officially back on my own account and Dungeonation said this:"Basically, I just wanted to help you out, and meet your friends even closer. I probably wasn't gonna keep it up for long anyway, and we've decided on collaborating on the secondary account you made after I took over. And more importantly, we're still cool. And I think that art from you will drive home it's you."This explains why Dungeonation isn't a bad guy.


—The fucker himself.

You may have noticed the thing about the "secondary account." Yes, he MAY still be gone on the main, but he's on ANOTHER mainly. Archive today-ico.png Journal regarding the July 24th, 2017 DA Account Takeover

Discovering this article[edit]

An Objectcuck whiteknight's opinion. Notice how it says "piracy" instead of "privacy"
The real reason they want ED and Kiwi Farms down probably is because they don't want their reputation to be ruined, isn't it already ruined enough though?


—One of his former watchers telling the truth as to why Riolu wants ED and Kiwi Farms taken down.

Did You Know: One of Riolu's former white knights actually doxxed Riolu's personal information to Kiwi Farms? The dox was found on a Weebly site that Riolu created back in 2015. They got help from KF member Puar, the creator of the thread.

Of course, when Riolu found out someone gave his IRL pic to ED, he immediately went raging about taking down ED, claiming it's "privacy harassment," but failing to note that the site is meant for satire and is not to be taken seriously, something he'll never understand because of his stupidity. He rages "war" against ED as well as Kiwi Farms, another site he hates for criticizing him because God forbid if he got negative feedback on himself. He even made a server once for taking both sites down, Sure that'll work! NOT! Riolu also created this shitty ass petition on shutting down ED, an unrealistic "hope" they have.


There's also the fact that Rio and his white knights wish they could've killed the creators of ED and Kiwi Farms when they were babies, failing to note how both sites got their start in the first place.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The white knights have also said that they wish to kill the editors of this article as well! It makes you wonder if they're really okay in the head.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery] ED takedown Petition, 2018[edit]

Riolu's latest crusade, because apparently ED is killing people.

Being the autist that he is, Riolu has absolutely no idea about when the best option is to just give up and walk away with what little shreds of dignity(and anal flesh) that he has left, and decided to once again start a campaign to Take Down ED on, because everyone knows that is something that people actually take seriously and will definitely help him succeed in his mission.

The end of BlueCatRiolu?[edit]

The interviews[edit]

In June of 2019, several interviews were conducted on Riolu by Deviantart-favicon.png TheRealist486. In the interviews, Riolu confessed to actions of pedophila against minors and other things relating to his past. The first part isn't publicly available to view, but the other two parts are. The second part can be viewed here as Riolu took it down for "hate speech." The third part is still up to watch on YouTube.

Part 3 of the interview video with BlueCatRiolu

Riolu's mother finds out[edit]

On August 6th, 2019 not too long after the interviews where done on Riolu the police contacted BlueCatRiolu's mother regarding the evidence that was being held against her son. Soon after due to losing the little trust she had in her son when it came to the Internet, she made Riolu delete most of his accounts. Although Riolu was let go by the police after using the autism card, he hasn't been back online with the exception of his Switch account.

Quotes about BlueCatRiolu[edit]

Sir I'm gonna be honest

Some of your art kinda makes no sense at "saviors of America." And to be honest it sounds like a 6 year olds fan fiction.


—A comment on BlueCatRiolu's DeviantArt page, stating the obvious.

If he values his Catachu bullshit more than education, he needs to get a life.

Does he even have a social life? Does he even have friends in real life? Does he do any activities? If he is 17, he is old enough to get a job. Even if it is at a super market or whatever. He is gonna be a massive fuck up in the future if he has no job or social life. Just expecting people to make him fap art or just drawing the same fap pics.

He won't make money off his art or his stolen content. He has too much taken from Nintendo, PBS kids and whatever the fuck Yo-Kai Watch is. He claims he is making a game, but it won't happen.

He claims his "life" is a mess. His"internet life". So I am guessing his real life is all okay. Yet he uses "Well my life is in shambles! My computer was taken away! I AM GONNA GO INSANE!!"

I do know about him stealing people's OCs or drawing them inflated without their permission. He claims he cares for his "friends'. but he just fakes tears for attention and sympathy. He has his fanbase wrapped around his finger.


Puar, on Kiwi Farms.

I am aware that his mother disgusts his fetishes quite much and I heard that he gets embarrassed when his mom walks in on him while he draws his inflation pics.



—A friend of BlueCatRiolu, on his no-doubt disappointed mother.

For fuck's sake! Don't you think it's a bit too much for a cartoon cat like...holy hell I don't even know how you even come up with this kind of stuff. This type of shit comes from an aliens movie, not something out of THIS!



YouTube Favicon.png IndieAnjelo's feelings on Impregnated Mother Cat

So you took this fucking warrior cat okay? This warrior cat, pokemon, fairy tail oc thing that you made. And then you put William Birkin's Resident Evil transformation on it and decided that this was an okay thing for you to do.

I'm going to give you a bit of advice, I'm gonna give you some sincere advice okay? DON'T fucking touch resident evil. Do not lay your cringey hands on resident evil because Resident Evil is good and you are not.

Do not try to steal things from that series, it is one of my favorites and I swear to god on everything in my very being. I will do horrible things to you if you touch Resident Evil ever again.


YouTube Favicon.png Count's feelings toward Riolu ripping off Resident Evil and placing it in his shitty "doom rage" transformation.

Update: I stopped being friends with Riolu because he never made any responses past 2 words except that were complaining, and he lied in the past about being able to voice chat.



—An example of how Riolu treats his "friends."

So it was a few munutes after I broke off with oreo I was distraught cinfused and very upset not in the mood...

A few minutes later riolu watched me and I though meh not too bad...

Then he noted me saying

'Hello I heared you and oreo arent friends anymore it didnt have to end like this here is her fa so you guys can make up'

I instantly blocked his ass and never spoke of him again...



—Former friend of Oreo's shares their experience with Riolu after a conflict they had regarding his "girlfriend."

Alright so where do I start... oh yeah! The fucking white knights! God dammit riolu you fucking dictator Kim Jong un ass wannabe! I want you to stop playing the "poor me!" Card and fucking man up, take criticism, not send white knights to me (especially konami code), make good fucking art for once and don't use bases, stop acting like you have thick skin when people roast the living shit out of you. Also riolu... how tf are you gonna afford your dream house!?

It's gonna cost trillions and trillions of dollars for you to buy it.... like holy shit. About your girlfriend riolu, she's like a fucking bitchy gold digger, not to mention you're fucking cheating on blossom! (screen shot here) . Oh boy, if I could count how many times you make shitty art out of bases, you say "sorry I'm busy (jerking off to cats)" or you act like you have crippling depression (like that one time he canceled every request), you use so many bases that it should be easy for you to do commissions and requests, oh yeah... stop doing art grabs you fucking cheapskate.



Deviantart-favicon.png Alpha-X01's thoughts on Riolu.

While I was never friends with Riolu, he still pissed me off. Basically, he ruined the fetish community of DA by making shit art that attracted DA kids, whining whenever he got criticism of any kind, made a bad example for the rest of the fetish community, made the rest of the fetish community migrate to FA and Tumblr, used victim play to make all the 12 year olds in the community make art for him, therefore spreading the plague across DA even more. And I was left alone on DA with the said 12 year olds and art beggars when I wanted constructive criticism so I could get better at art.

Not only that, but considering how Riolu was able to get his little Nazis to gang up on ED and KF or when someone was "in trouble" like how his dumb bitch Oreo was "in trouble," Riolu never advertised to a more skilled artist who could have helped me when I needed help with improving art, despite Riolu was a Watcher of mine for a couple of months. Fuck you, Riolu. I'm not sucking your dick and making free shit for you.



—Yet another person's thoughts on BlueCatRiolu, telling the sad reality of what DeviantArt has devolved into thanks to this faggot.

Videos featuring him[edit]

Videos telling the truth[edit]

Deviantart Hours - BlueCatRiolu
GCBC Critiques: BlueCatRiolu
A rant on one of his white knights, but mentions Riolu in it as well.
Why I took down a video (BCR)
5 Reasons BlueCatRiolu is a Monster
Sailor Sedna's Ship of Rants #12 - BlueCatRiolu
Kashi K (TheDancingScout)'s thought on BlueCatRiolu being investigated

Other shitty videos[edit]

One of Riolu's videos which involves him at a Catfe Lounge
The Rise of Charybdis. Don't ask.
Return of Kronos. What the fuck is it? Who cares, it's just stupid shit anyways.
Ugh, the voices sound awful. No, scratch that. THE VIDEO IS SHIT!!!
One of his "brothers" tells people not to speak "badly" about Riolu.
A birthday video Riolu's "friend" YouTube Favicon.png SLN! Media Group did.
An even WORSE video that AngelaYesTomNo did.
A critique video someone did on Riolu


His pics[edit]

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His "art"[edit]

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His fetish "art"[edit]

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Garry's Mod pictures[edit]

BCR - I love Gmod.png

Not only does Riolu use MS Paint for his art, but he also uses Garry's Mod to create shitty 3D pictures (occasionally inflation). This is the result of his brother showing him the game and teaching him how to play it.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Art others have done for him[edit]

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He also stole the idea from the same person he stole the eye style from!

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