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BrandontheMovieGuy (powerword: Brandon Bott) (born May 27, 1997) is a 21 year old manchild, nostalgiafag and a huge fanboy of GoAnimate, Matthew Davis and Peanuts, and is best known for making "prank openings", for films he and his kin consider bad. Despite being 21 years old, Brandon possesses the mental capacity of a 14 year old, and cannot take any sort of criticism or negative feedback you throw at him. He will throw a giant tantrum if you do so, and demand his legion of fanboys to spam your channel with hate comments. Because he isn't in college and has no full or part-time job, he spends his time sitting down on his fat ass and doing nothing but collecting DVDs and VHS tapes, much like his lord and savior Mr. Davis. He has a massive hateboner for most modern cartoons, such as Breadwinners, The Amazing World of Gumball and Teen Titans Go!, which makes him a huge nostalgiafag, as proven by his hoarding of old DVDs/VHS tapes.

YouTube Career[edit]

Not much is known about Brandon's YouTube life before 2012, but he apparently uploaded grounded videos, (USER) videos and other equally autistic crap. Brandon is subject to mega trolling, as he has made countless (USER) videos on obvious trolls such as David Smith and da bezd chanl.

What Turns Him On[edit]

What Makes Him Butthurt[edit]

Prank Openings[edit]

Arguably, Brandon's true nadir of his YouTube career is "prank openings". What the fuck are prank openings, you may ask? These videos are just cheap, regurgitated and stale-ass "parodies" of real DVD/VHS openings. The procedure for uploading one of these videos is to find a movie which everybody on the internet considers "bad" (ex. Baby Geniuses, the Twilight series, anything that has Video Brinquedo's name on it, etc.), place a thumbnail of the said movie on the video, and finally, place some YTP footage to fill the duration of the opening. On January 31, 2015, Brandon's first prank opening to Justin Bieber's Believe [1] was uploaded. Surprisingly, this shitty video gained many followers and likes, and has now spread all across the GoAnimate section of JewTube. However, because Brandon only uploads real DVD/VHS openings on his alternate channels, and after about 10 of these videos, prank openings quickly grew to be stale and unfunny. Yet GoAnimate retards still kiss Brandon's shit-smeared ass, demanding more of this trite shit. What makes matters worse is that Brandon uploads prank openings of the same fucking franchises that always make him butthurt (ex. Barney, Caillou, Dora the Explorer, etc.), further increasing the factor of mundanity in these videos. Being the sperg he is, Brandon is completely oblivious as to how these openings have lost their luster since day 1, and constantly throws a bitchfit at anyone who dares criticize his prank openings or call him out on his bullshit. As of July 16, 2016, Brandon has shat out 157 prank openings out of his vagina.

How to trigger Brandon[edit]

  • Tell him that Ferris Bueller's Day Off, his #1 favorite movie, is shit.
  • Ask him to upload real DVD/VHS openings onto his channel.
  • Tell him that his prank openings are no longer funny.
  • Call him out on his bullshit.
  • Tell him that you dislike Peanuts.
  • Tell him that Norm of the North is the greatest animated feature ever made.
  • Tell him that Matthew Davis is an immature buffoon.
  • Tell him to grow the fuck up.

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