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Deus ex machina (Latin for "god from the machine") is a plot device in writing that resolves seemingly impossible situations in a story with a very unlikely event or serious of events.


Deus ex machina is seen as bad writing since it uses devices that are outside of plot mechanics or give characters such abilities or opportunities that they free the writer from making those same characters face previous limitations within the story or logic.
Most often it is seen as a lack of creativity, laziness or outright idiocy by the writer and is most likely seen in female writers who lack the skills of their male counterparts to plan and establish plot devices.
What once used to be a point of angst in fans, readers, and movie goers when it was too obvious or overused has become a mainstay in Americunt media because of the current diversification of America that allows the writer or publisher to attack critics with accusations of misogyny or racism for stating the obvious.



In fiction[edit]

Disney confirms that Rey's full name is Ma-Rey Sue to avoid confusion
Deus Ex Machina by any other name
More Deus Ex Machina and use of the Mary Sue character than a poorly written Xenu fanfic
  • Saving Private Ryan: Of course we're gonna talk about that bullshit ending. After an epic last stand, our protagonist (played by the late Tom Hanks) is cornered by an enemy tank and is about to face death like a true warrior, but then out of nowhere appears American fighter planes and reinforcements to save the day. A truly insulting moment to what would've been a fantastic piece of film history—all thanks to the Jews in Hollywood.
  • The Hunger Games: Every time the main character is in a dangerous situation someone comes out of the blue and saves her ass. Even the rules of the game are rewritten so she and her twink can win together. She also got through the entire first movie without killing a single person. Even the closest she came to killing, the bees, was someone else's idea and not hers.
  • Divergent: Where to start? They know about this Divergent ability but there are no methods in place to spot it? Hot Azn Maggie Q works for the state, spots this Divergent ability and doesn't report it? The main character Tris was born into the libtard SJW Abnegation faction. When she signs up for the Dauntless Faction she can run and jump with the best of them despite her lack of training. It's also convenient the one guy that wants to Stick it in her is also Divergent and teaches her how to avoid capture, which proved unnecessary because someone else avoided detection without any training.
  • Harry Potter: Voldemort didn't kill Harry when he first met him is absurd. Harry is the most powerful, most awesome and most special person in universe and surrounds himself with equally awesome and special people despite being put in the retard house. How Harry becomes the rich kid when he gets to magic school. How the Ogre/Orc kills itself when it stabs its brain through its nose by landing on Harry's wand.
  • Mean Girls: Cady, the most socially retarded and inept girl on the planet just walks right into her School's most popular clique. How someone so shallow like Regina George can be convinced to keep eating high calorie food bars despite gaining 5 dress sizes. Regina George running out of an assembly during school hours and getting hit by a school bus. How Cady wins the Mathlete championships with the first thing she learned before she decided to let her grades drop to play idiot.
  • Sailor Moon: The fact that a lazy crybaby of an airhead is capable of doing anything. How all evil occurs within walking distance of their houses. How Tuxedo Mask always shows up at just the right moment to throw a rose, say some words of inspiration and change the tide of battle so Sailor Moon wins. How in DBZ fashion Sailor Moon always discovers a new power just when it's needed. How Usagi is a failing student in Jr High but somehow gets into high school while living in Japan. How Tuxedo Mask is a college student and Usagi's parents never called the cops on him for macking on their underage daughter. The fact that Ussgi's brother has a crush on Sailor Moon and never noticed the similarities between her and his sister.
  • Star Wars: The Farce Awakens: Rey was never trained in the Force but automatically knows how to use the Jedi Mind Trick and can hold her own in a fight against a Sith Lord. Rey has never left her planet but knows how to speak Wookie and can fly the Millennium Falcon. Han and Chewbacca have been life partners for so long yet Han has never fired Chewbacca's cross bow. Han forgets where he parked the Millennium Falcon. How some dumb alien can find Luke's lightsaber after his hand was cut off and it was lost in Empire. Darth Vader's mask survived and the main bad guy keeps it as a Tchotchke on his shelf. How in the original 3 movies everyone saw the Force as the galactating version of Scientology but 15 years later everyone believes in it despite a severe lack of Jedi. The fact that no one in the Empire has learned their lesson and every fucking Death Star has the same mother fucking weakness.
  • War Of The Worlds: The Martians are smart enough to travel to Earth in a matter of days yet have no clue about microbiology and get killed because they were too stupid to remove bacteria and viruses from the air in their tripods.
  • Most Vampire Movies: That there's this giant ball of screaming death in the sky that can permaban vampires but people always wait until 30 minutes before nightfall to go vampire hunting is deux ex machina in itself.
  • Batman: In that 1960s Adam West piece of shit, Deus Ex Machina can be summed up in two words: Shark Repellent.
  • Doctor Who: If it wasn't for the Bootstrap Paradox, Steven Moffat wouldn't even be able to construct a decent plot because this is always his saving grace. For instance, when the Impossible Astronaut kills the 11th Doctor, the Doctor does the Chrono Trigger maneuver where you think you saw the character die but all that happened was he replaced himself with a doll. Amy Pond names her daughter after her daughter. Who wrote Beethoven's fifth, Beethoven or the 12th Doctor to give to Beethoven? In Jacobean England when the 10th Doctor gives Shakespeare quotes from other writers like Dylan Thomas. That whole idea of The Master building a paradox machine so humans from the future could come back in time and kill their ancestors.
  • Battlefield Earth: Everything from cover to cover and the movie is just as bad. Too much to mention. Some better examples include that the aliens have technology to detect gold but somehow missed Fort Knox. John Travolta's character says that for all of Earth's advances, the Earth only lasted 5 minutes against his people's invasion force yet the humans use these same failed weapons to beat the aliens because L. Ron says so. A single nuke is enough to destroy the alien planet because it ignites their atmosphere. John Travolta's character was supposed to be the top of his class in alien military school but is a retard when it comes to tactics or seeing through plots against him. A nuke still works 1,000 years into the future and aviation fuel is still good and hasn't just evaporated into the air. Hell, the Earthlings did no maintenance on the fighter jets despite the U.S. Military always having them in rotation for preventative maintenance. 1,000 years into the future the Earthlings find an active flight simulator so they can learn to fly. The fact that things made of rubber like tires and gasket hasn't crumbled into dust in 1,000 years. The learning machine. For John Travolta's character to teach the main human his language Travolta puts him in a learning machine that surprisingly teaches all of science. When Travolta takes the main Earth guy to DC, the books and papers are still readable after 1,000 years of exposure to elements. The Earthlings can barely mine gold ore but are rather proficient in running a forge that requires way more skill than mining. This is more than enough evidence to suggest that the urban legend that Ray Bradbury made L. Ron Hubbard break down and cry by telling him that he was a lousy writer is true.

In nonfiction[edit]

This shit somehow started anime as we know it
  • Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japanese: 日本の子供たちの物語): One of the more unfavorable moments of the otherwise critically acclaimed open-world strategy game World War II. After a wildly entertaining 4 years of action-packed gameplay in the Pacific theater, which included mass rape, kamikaze aviation, and cliff diving, the Allied Faction's Team USA was gaining the upper hand against Imperial Japan. However, instead of settling the conflict like real men, America was still butthurt over Pearl Harbor and hired a team of Jews to develop amazing new weaponry so they could retaliate like pussies. What resulted was the creation of the first atomic bombs which were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It cooked a bunch of civilians and infected the whole Japanese populace with radiation sickness and AIDS. The Emperor, in a fit of manic depression most likely caused by the radiation, consequently surrendered. Critics and fans alike were quick to point out this blatant deus ex machina, accusing the developers of lazy and biased writing. Players nevertheless were thankful for the bombings as it ushered in a new era of Japanese pacifism, progress, and anime.
  • 2019 Christchurch mosque festival: This one's a bit tricky. Whether this is deus ex machina or not is hotly contested among scholars. On one hand, our protagonist Brenton Tarrant single-handedly ended the Muslim subplot in New Zealand without any character building or antagonists' preparation. On the other, whether there was a subplot in the beginning is debatable (although there clearly is one in Europe). Also, many fear that this would attract even more sandniggers to the land below the land down under and transform it into another barren wasteland, although some would say it already is.


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