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The dongcopter in action

Last Thursday, Garry Kasparov, some dude who could kick your ass in chess, was giving a political speech. The Russian arm of the Patriotic Nigras intended to sabotage the incident with flying dongs in an epic IRL recreation of the Anshe Chung incident. They seemed doomed to fail though, as Russia still has yet to invent the internet or Second Life.

What followed was a tribute to the iron will, spartan resourcefulness and unlimited douchebaggery of the Russian people as Ruskie trolls worked day and night to design and build an actual real flying dong - also known as a Helicockter. The rest is noisy, phallic history... and 2008 has its Don't taze me bro.

You think one penis to the face will stop the mighty Kasparov? It will take many, many more penises to the face to stop me. I have had as many as twenty.


—Russian-to-English translation courtesy of YouTube commenter conn112h

Russian Blog Article, roughly translated:

I don't have any sympathies for the Kremlin toadies or Kasparov as an objector, but this was funny.
It seems they failed to apprehend this warhead...
It circles the auditorium until brought down by one of the courageous Kasparovsky soldiers.


Kasparov Gets Donged aka "Black Cock Down"

Sadly, our intrepid pilot flew too low and a security guard punted the dong. lrn2fly.

Well, pity it didnt fly right into the mouth of this fucker casparov. Thats place where it belongs to.


—YT user Dostalnax, apparently confused as to where cock goes (also capitalization, spelling, and the definite article)

Dongcopter Multi-Racial Squadron!




Subtitled By Manga Video

Now with special dialog from Heavy!


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So What Did We Learn Today?[edit]

"aerovaflya" is a real word in Russian. Also, flying cock.

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