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Esskeetiland AKA Assplurgian Balkans Unification is a country in Europe made up by WillBound216 to spread his love for Splatoon & Earthbound, the country is just the Balkans but Will hijacked it and it is now his toy-box. It was founded in 2018 for fun because nothing says fun like making a country out of an existing region in Europe, WillBound used to live in Georgia but since he was so sick and tired of the Cultural Marxists he made his own country.

The Originial Esskketiland Flag
The Origin of Esskeetiland

The History/Lore[edit]

still more believable than Flat Earth

According to what I have gathered from WillBound, Esskeetiland is a country created as a new country within Europe (Europe is now just essentially Esskeetiland) new country on Earth 2 in the year 2018. Inkopolis is added as a city in the country along with some other shit. William lowers the age of consent in Leanika & Inkopolis to 14 because he wants to fuck the inklings. Japan grows in size after getting land from China. Will's AU Jeff of course has to be the new leader of Japan cause Jeff is a """Weeb""" and must force Anime into Japan. The USA is taken over by some SJW Transnigger chick which leads up to drama between Jeff and Jesse which happens after Jesse says that Jeff is homophobic. This escalates to a war between Japan and USA, Again. That is pretty much it besides frequent "terrorist attacks" from Willeve355 (Will's past self).


Mentally Born 1374 AD (age 672)
Physically Born May 20, 1994 AD (age 25)
Nationality Esskeetiland EsskettilandFlag.png
Occupation Contoller, Watcher, Crazy Uncle, Crack Addict, Aspie.
Current location Leanika, Esskeetiland
  • 6ix9ine with god complex
Twitter Twitter-favicon.png @6ojix9exvro
Youtube YouTube Favicon.png 6ojix9exvro

6ojix9exvro is the controller of Esskeetiland & is the man who killed Willeve355. He looks like 6ix9ine and tweets weird shit on his twitter, he also only gone onto Twitter to kill Willeve355. 6ojix9exvro also has a crush on Doopie DoOver, a known Weeaboo E-Whore who's Chris-Chan bait.

6ojix9exvro Likes Doopie DoOver
cocks #FirstTweet gay


6ojix9exvro's first tweet

This bitch said I'm the next big thing (Big thing)

Bitch, shut the fuck up and suck this big thing (Big thing) Crack a bitch, I ain't even got no cocaine (She smokin’ dick) She smokin' dick, I'm a crip, I just blew her brain (Scoop)


Lyrics 6ojix9exvro tweeted from a song

Shut up ho, your pussy stank

Smack her fast as she could blink Pimp hand shining, kiss my ring No shirt underneath the mink Rub my back and feed me grapes Oxycontin, lean and base I screw duwop, I fuck her face Shut up bitch, your pussy stank


6ojix9exvro is 6ix9ine confirmed

We forgot to protect the border!!!!!!!!!


6ojix9exvro slacking off and letting Willeve take over


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