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A "painted" picture. Sexy, amirite??
A face-painter is an interesting sort of sick fuck that populates the MySpace of the internets. Face-painters are men who print womens' MySpace pics (nevar pr0n) and fap on them. Then they take pictures of the cum art and upload it onto MySpace. Apparently they get some sort of arousal out of this. In reality, they just have a fetish that resulted from not getting out enough. Normally (but not always) heterosexual, face-painters range in age from Pedobear targets to Pedobear's parents. Most are fat and/or have small cocks. They never network and collaborate to produce even moar art.


Face-painting was discovered at least 100 years ago in ancient Japan. The practice spread throughout Asia, though it is now uncommon among AZNs except IRL. In recent years, face-painting has become the favorite hobby of internet sick fucks and 13-year-old boys alike. Today, a more innocent reason for face painting is ... simply having fun.

It is a common entertainment at county fairs, large open-air markets (especially in Europe and the Americas), and other locations where children and adolescents are.

Face painting is very popular among children at theme parks, parties and festivals throughout the Western world. Though the majority of face painting is geared towards children, many teenagers and adults enjoy being painted for special events.

Face painting (aka cum tributes) can be combined with other fetishes such as using a bra, pantyhose, shoes or panties when rubbing one out.

Practice, practice, practice.
Even dumb Asian whore Vivian gets painted too.

LadyJfantribute 1.jpg LadyJfantribute 2.jpg

How to Spot a Face-painter[edit]

Commonly mistaken as bukkake which is usually practiced by black personz with whitewomen, face-painting is every 16-year-old girl's biggest turn-on. The face-painter usually paints solo with his chosen photo. Face-painters may meet together to share their past artwork, and to create new paintings, but rarely do two "paint" on the same photo. Chris Crocker (right) is a fan of doing this to himself since nobody would go near that tranny sack of shit.
Chris Crocker lieks to paint his face IRL.
Celebs love face painting too.

On MySpace, Facebook, Flickr you can lurk moar until you find someone with a name liek "pic blaster" or "photo-cummer". They only add women, which is funny because everybody knows there are no real women on the internet. Just kidding. There are countless girls photos that just beg to be painted. Anyone who says they cum on pics is also a face-painter. Most of them add a lot of camwhores, sluts, 16-year-old girls, traps, MILFs, and the occasional loli or piece of jailbait. While face-painters consider their art to be friendly fun, the MySpace policia think it's their business to seek out face-painters and humiliate them.. Though facing the equivalent of fursecution, face-painters have balls (unlike furries), and thus survive the constant internet humanitarian attacks directed at them.


Seinfeld face-painting.

Celebrity Face-Painting[edit]

Anyone is fair game for being face-painted. In fact most female celebs, whether they may be actresses, newsbabes, newsmakers or sports stars, know they have fap fans. Face-painting a photo is just the final tribute. There was a site called Got Cum? that featured celeb cum tributes daily. Unfortunately if closed down last year.


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Masturbation safe sex 004.jpg


This site is Pedobear approved

CumOnPrintedPics.Com is your basic Sick Fuck site on the internets that permeates from the stench of catering to every kind of depraved and debaucherous mindset that has gotten a thrill from throwing change on the ground just so they can look up a Teen-aged girl's skirt.

As its name suggests, the site is populated and for those few Avant-garde styled degenerates that believe that they are somehow being edgy or setting the next great trend in Lonely Man porn by scouring the internets and focusing on sites like Facebook and Twitter for those near-porn pics of slutty teenage girls that are begging for attention by posting pics of themselves in their classiest g-string and thigh high boots or by focusing on a popular, favorite celebrity and honoring both of them with a Cum tribute because they think they're cute.

Trust us. After one visit you will want to replace your Visine with Bleach.

The Gallery[edit]

Just like you with a Wal-Mart underwear ad
Laura Prepon facepainted01.jpg

The gallery pretty much consits of pictures of Underaged Girls, Celebrities, the Twitter whore begging for attention and just about anyone that these fuck wits would like to cum on or in but have been reduced to squirting on printed pics downloaded from the internets because they have a small dick, perfermance anxiety, a social anxiety disorder that keeps them hidden away in their basement or trouble talking to a girl.

The gallery consits of 3 types of bahaviours. There's the before and after pics where a poster puts up a "Clean" pic of a celebrity or someone they like and next to it they have their "Painted" pic that either does or doesn't include their tiny, little prick in the picture. This is usually followed by a flood of posts from all 10 members where they look to reinforce the "Artist's" sexually by telling him what a Man he is because he came so hard on the pic. This gets followed by the "Artist" giving the obligatory 3 or 4 posts where he claims how he would have fucked the girl so hard and wrecked her vadge if he had actually fucked her.

The second type is the Underaged girl. This usually consits of a pretty tame picture of a cute, young girl dressed decently or in a socially acceptable bathing suit. Probably because they are afraid of getting taken away in the Party Van, there is no second picture. What usually occurs with this pic is these Tough guys brag about how they came buckets on her pic or how they would fuck her like a "REAL MAN" would.

The final part is the request. This is where one of the site's many sick fucks posts a pic of a girl, either a celebrity or a girl they found on Facebook or Twitter, and ask the site to honor her with a 21 Cum Salute where all the users cum on her pic and post it.


COPP Sickoos123.png
Is this your average sick fuck or is it THE MAN???

Their forums work like any CHAN site and is composed of sick fucks, failures as men and those worthless piles of shit that are soon to be or already are registered sex offenders and have to spend every Halloween at their local Police Station watching movies about a stalker that goes around cutting up baby-setters.

Most posts on this site's forums are from one-eyed, chronic masturbaters that buy petroleum jelly in bulk for the free spatula begging for porn or requesting fakes made of their favorite celebrity because the Syphilis has burned away the parts of their brain responsable for imagination and they have a bad need to fire off a couple knuckle babies in this person's tribute. The enterprising Photoshop artist can also be found here, because wherever there are people begging for pictures, there will also be people offering them for a price.

As this site is mostly populated by your basic baby rapists along with all other kinds of poisoned minds, the forum looks to serve as a form of debased group therapy where all kinds of sick fucks get together and try to rationalize their deviant behaviours and broken moralities.

Most arguments consist of the basic intro-level, college arguments that America is still trapped in its Victorian mentality and that's why they're persecuted for their sexual appetites. The favored argument on the forums is that children are sexual creatures and are sexually curious as young as 3. When it comes to this argument, they will actually defend the same Victorian ideals they earlier criticised by arguing that during the Victorian Period girls as young as 12 were having sex and it wasn't uncommon for men like Lewiss Carroll to have a young girl for a companion that was used like a Fuck toy.

Some people also theorize that since this site's forums is populated by a wretched hive of scum and villainy that that guy You made friends with and are getting the sick shit from is probably from the FBI.

We already know you're going and there is no way we can talk you out of it so have fun coming up with an excuse when Your Mom asks about this site when she finds it on your browsing history.

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