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Fanfic characters nevar forget.

"My life is a complete disaster with no creative outlet other than writing my Desperate Housewives fan fiction."


—Sandy Ryerson, Glee

FanFiction (commonly abbreviated to fanfic or fic) are cute literary pieces composed by people who enjoy taking a film, novel, television show, book, or other media work, using the characters and situations developed in it and raping them in every possible and impossible way up the ass (as a matter of historical interest, it should be noted that in the pre-1965 era, the term "fan fiction" was used in fandom to designate Science Fiction written by members of fandom (specifically that of Star Trek) and published in fanzines, as distinguished from works professionally published; this usage is now obsolete).

The most common usage of fanfiction is merely as an excuse for sup-par writers to write out their most erotic fantasies with their favorite fictional characters. In some cases, others in the public domain fandom circles they score a publication like the Fandoms of old. The small press and author Nickolaus Pacione had a strange relationship that's a working one with some fandoms. The small press had tapped ficcers from some fandoms but others, the dirty looks come keep scrolling the details get interesting enough.


Reaction to most fanfiction.

Some argue that Virgil's epic poem, The Aeneid, was the first work of fan fiction, based on Homer's Odyssey; in it, a Trojan named Aeneas leads a group of refugees after the fall of the city to find a new homeland, eventually founding Rome. Unlike all other fan fiction thereafter, it actually wasn't a complete pile of shit. The world's second fanfic is also its most successful. Titled "The New Testament," the fan fiction takes the main character from one of literature's most successful works, the Bible, and sends him on new, semifucktarded adventures concocted by the fans. The fanfic cemented a number of trends in fanfiction that to this day are still prevalent. It introduces a new main character who is basically the old main character only not. The new character is also the first example of a Gary Stu in fanfiction.

Like most fanfiction writers, the authors weren't very creative, so they stole a lot of their story ideas from other, better stories. All in all, the fanfic was pretty shit, but it somehow managed to get published. Even though the Jew categorically denies that it is canon, a whole bunch of faggots have released new editions of the original book with the fanfic attached. The original publishers are, of course, not pleased, but this was all done in the days before copyright law (which they then invented to get revenge), so they can't do shit. One of the more successful fanfics of more recent times is the Bible-based Book of Mormon, which is fanfiction based on fanfiction, and as you can imagine it would be, is total shit.

Fanfiction became popular through the 70's and 80's through omg super indie zines, usually writing about Duran Duran members fucking each other's brains out. It has since come to the forefront after the rise of the Internets, where it flourishes despite the possibility that it infringes the copyright of the film, book, TV show, or other media on which it is based. Generally, fan fiction writers will claim to be asexual and/or antisexualists to provide a reason for their lack of sex IRL other than the truth that they are too busy wacking off to written depictions of Fox and Falco fucking each other in the ass.

Note: Since its conception, some believe that Fanfiction has reached a status analogous to Rule 34, as in: If it exists, there is Fanficton of it. So far, Nobody has argued this belief to be anything but fact..

How to write fanfiction[edit]


  1. Go to and fill in all of the fields.
  2. Click "Drabble me!"
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!!!


  1. Go to
  2. scroll down without reading anything and click the "i understand the dangers to my sanity" button.
  3. Pick the preset that makes you the horniest and move the sliders all the way to the right.
  4. Click "make story".
  5.  ???
  6. PR0F1T!!1

Bonus step: Set the "Choas" meter to match how L33T and MLG you are.

then upload it to some shithole like (or FimFiction if ur a brony fagit) and you will have successfully contributed to the fall of humanity.


Handy-dandy chart for serios reference.

Major genres of fanfic include those based on: J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series; Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series; J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings; God's autobiography The Bible; science fiction serials (both on television and in film) including Supernatural, X-Files, Buffy, Star Trek, and Gilmore Girls; other serial television (dramatic and even comedic) including Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, Alias, and Scrubs; and American cartoon series such as Teen Titans, Ninja Turtles, Danny Phantom and Avatar the Last Airbender.

However, the vast majority of fanfiction is based loosely on anime. Even if the material which inspires the fanfic bears absolutely no resemblance to anime, fanfic writers will find some way to introduce anime influences.

A large subsection of fanfiction revolves around romantic and/or sexual relationships between characters, almost always outside the canon of the source material and often dealt with in explicit detail. Further, among relationship centered fan fiction, a large portion deals with same sex relationships, with male/male pairings being the most common; this is called slash or yaoi. Fanfiction revolving around pairings is often denoted by writing both names (or abbreviations of such) with a slash or a (usually lowercase) x, or by fusing the two names together. An example in the Harry Potter fandom would be Snarry or SnapexHarry. If one was to believe the outlook of most yaoi writers the following will always be true: "If male 'A' spends more than 30 seconds with male 'B', male 'A' is automatically secretly gay for male 'B' and wishes to build up the courage to tell male 'B'. So according to the 16-year-old girls on anime discussion forums, the human race is doomed.

Some fanfiction falls into the category of Mary Sue fanfiction fantasies, where a new character representing the writer enters the story and upstages all of the established characters. However, Mary Sue can also be a character that's 'perfect' and has no inherent faults. While Mary Sue has some fans, she's generally frowned upon as she rarely adds to the story and is simply there to fuck all the main characters.

Other popular trends include: making sitcom characters rape, murder, and/or enter suicide pacts with each other; authors inserting themselves into universes in order to rape or be raped by established characters; handing out penises on a gender-equal basis, and generally just doing a lot of fucked up shit.

Or, when a character dies in a story and people don't like it, they write fanfiction of the parallel that the character had lived, and then through bad writing they make the character nothing like that of the original story, as demonstrated here.

Hamill's Law[edit]

The quality of the fan fiction in any given fandom is equal to the negative of the square of the absolute value of the quality of the fandom's canon, or, in mathematical terms, X = -(|Y|)². Therefore, both good and bad canons will have far worse fanfictions. Thusly, from this, we can conclude that all fanfiction is bad.

Enemies of ART!!!11[edit]

Keep it realistic, people
Where is this button.jpg
The following authors have been noted at one point or another to have told off fanfic writers for perusing their hobbies. They are consequently the target of angst and much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Some fan circles end up getting noticed pending if they don't do slash fan fiction, two notable stories were recruited. They ended up joining a Boston Globe alumni. Follow here for the bonus. Some fandom circles will get tapped in the small press if there's something unique in them as some of the stories from The Twilight Zone had been released in the public domain.
  • Creative Nonfiction -- they will convince them to try nonfiction about their exploits and shell out the $3 handling fee as they're a non-profit but they pay out for submissions too. They hate real person slash. They were impressed by The Lost Souls by Sarah Williams and Face of Dreams by Sean Benedik while the rest of the roster saw approval by Anne Serling. No shit!
  • Katherine Kerr
  • Diana Gabaldon
  • Disney Company when they see Rule 34 of their properties, they have called those who did this "customers". The comment on Disney here, "I'm just having to wonder why none of our highly-vaunted law enforcement agencies haven't done anything about him . . . could it be that they've used up their budgets trying to imprison some poor schlub for smoking a joint? Too bad he hasn't tried to kype anything off of Disney . . . that would be the end of him, for damn sure! The paperwork alone would make a pile big enough to crush him to death."
  • P.N. Elrod
  • Raymond Feist
  • Terry Goodkind
  • Laurell K. Hamilton
  • in 2004-2010. My Immortal is now hosted in print there.
  • Robin Hobb/Megan Lindholm/whatever she thinks her name is this week
  • Dennis L. McKiernan
  • Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Brian Lumley -- calls fan fiction plagiarism.
  • Robin McKinley
  • Irene Radford
  • George R. R. Martin - Has recently written a series of posts on his 'not a blog' [1] stating the obligation that authors have to make sure their copyright is enforced. Fanfic fans argued the opposite was true, in not so few words.
  • Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
  • James Frey (celebrated author of "A Million Little Pieces") Until Oprah showed that Cracka wats up
  • Dan Shive - He fears that they may get his idea and accuse him of stealing it. Talk about paranoid. (Also, his comic inspired Anne Onymous to do The Wotch.
  • Short Story: The Fandom Writer invoked a jihad on slash fiction. The targeted fandom were calling him a fundie. The responses that the author made were more or less get the fuck off my internet. The short story is something of world weird web legend; it became the very story that got Christine Morgan pissed at him. An Eye In Shadows had that effect on Fandom Wank. The Fandom Writer the roster who became his imprints said, "All hell broke loose and opening Pandora's Box. Plagiarism is hardly discussed but you crucified the subject of it." One of the Gothic Horror tales that caused an obscenity controversy for minimal profanity.

The following authors, while openly hating fanfiction, are still fucking horrible.


I've written fan fiction.jpg[edit]

Moar info:

Archive of our Own emerged in the mid-2000s and trailing authors who had been published; sometimes the fannish stay fannish claiming why fan material should be celebrated. There was a woman who was the same age as the horror story's ill-fated character from Nickolaus Pacione's notorious short story The Fandom Writer. Ironically she died and the slash fan fiction circles were bawling over this; trying to scoff at it only to realize it only contributed to the sting. They will do the banhammer if someone engages in truth telling and promoting creative nonfiction.

They have chronicled a woman who claimed to been a publisher since the 1970s but she was butthurt when Pacione pointed out calling herself one is mocking April Derleth because she's engaging in casual copyright infringement. There is this article floating around too, appearing in 2015 as some of Pacione's alumni had revealed to have written this. Some of the fan circles job-shame the small press, but when they get tapped Archive of our Own pretends this doesn't happen or have none of it. Wait this gets freakier as a woman who is from Florida is the one who died before the story was realized.

Christine Morgan was featured on Fanlore along with one of the members of Pacione's roster. Pacione was tossed from Fanlore over truth telling about her and with Fandom Wank.

"Did you think we'd ENJOY this little joke? Did you think we'd find it so DREADFULLY amusing, hahahah, to be basically told "You suck, you all suck, and we're taking your toys away because we can, and until WE decide to tell you that it's not permanent we're just going to sit over here in a huddle and lauuuuuugh at all you silly wankers"? Do you think we enjoy being treated like that? Frankly, my dear, if you believed you could control the wank to your own purposes, you are an idiot. The explosion was inevitable, the bad feelings are unpreventable, and the bad aftertaste is certainly unpleasant. You may have thought this was a clever joke, but there are an awful lot of people out there who are now SALIVATING over the fact that F_W "faw down an' go BOOM." They aren't following all the links, they aren't reading your explanations, they don't care. They're just pointing and laughing. Is that the F_Wers' fault for wanking? Honestly, I didn't see much wank at all. Just a lot of honest confusion and the usual making of popcorn and organizing of orgies. Didn't matter, the end, all anyone's going to remember is "gee, that got wanky," and that's all there is to it. So thanks. You made us the butt of a joke for anyone who's ever rooted for F_W to be TOSed, sued, spammed, or otherwise damaged. Yeah. We needed that."

In truth Fandom Wank was crossing the line with harassing the locals as Mindset learned the hard way coming at Nickolaus Pacione when he wrote An Eye In Shadows.[edit]

Just punch up Fan Fiction on the site and see what results show up, don't say we warned you. There's no articles on here about them yet but there are things found that you might not believe it when they see it. Uncyclopedia discusses the practice known as Pull to Publish. The article used the article here as a springboard but made it more informative. houses The Death of Cliff Huxtable as the timing is dealing with Bill Cosby. There are some who are discussing this within Vanity Press as there are a few from Archive of our Own sneaking their yaoi on site too.

There are some factors that are surprising with things that may surprise readers and what not if what they find, and what they don't know is how many are offering them in print as nonprofit entities. Christine Marie Morgan admitted what the one who did the Naruto piece tried to do wasn't kosher but actively screwed over Pacione since An Eye In Shadows was published. She infamously teamed up with Fandom Wank to go after Pacione as they saw An Eye In Shadows as an empty threat. Fan History actively did the research on both of them and noted the feud they had when it came to outing Morgan.

Discussion on Vanity Press about how had a Fan Fiction sneak and still has this for sale.


Moar info: FanFiction.Net.


Moar info: DeviantArt.


Believe it or not, is not the center of shitty fanfiction. 12 year old Disney fangirls also enjoy posting their lemons on YouTube to demonstrate to us how much they've learned from their 5th grade health and grammar classes.

A typical fan fic writer's views[edit]

I am a left-wing (almost communist-ly so) vote, a right-brained person, and will most likely end up institutionalized in the near future. I cannot live without cigarettes, chocolate, fan fiction or Internet; if I don't have at LEAST one of those things a day I get loopy. I heart Nick, purple, pie and chocolate. I am indecisive (or maybe not...umm...come back to me on that one) and the epitome of procrastination. I hate babies. (The thought of that thing inside me is enough to make me barf and they are annoying with too many needs. And yes, I know I was once a baby... that's the point, I don't want a little me...EVER!) And dislike most small children (with a few exceptions of course). I want to end world hunger and have world peace. John Lennon is my hero, along with the Chocolate Rain guy. I also happen to suffer from depression, which really sucks, but I refuse to take my meds for it (they don't help) and am looking into other alternatives. I mean, it's not like I don't know WHY I'm depressed or don't understand what MAKES me depressed, I just don't want to feed into drug company coffers to get better.

I live with my older sister, whom I simply adore (who has told me not to tell her about my fan fiction on several occasions but is super supportive all the time) and her as-of-yet unborn baby, Jack. I'm young but I'm not naive, I'm empathetic but I don't have a soul, I love my mommy more than anyone but hate my father with an intense passion. I long for respect but secretly don't expect it, and I used to cut, but I'm not an emo. I'm insecure, but don't really care what any of you think. Oh, and I have an obsession with socks. Socks are love.

I love gratuitous sex in fanfiction. It makes me laugh (especially the shit I come up with). I am, however a proud VIRGIN (technically speaking). And that's okay. But don't think I'm a prude or anything (far from it in fact, read the fanfiction if you don't believe me). I just want to wait for the right person. Muwah ha. Yes, person. I also happen to be a PANSEXUAL. (Which is NOT some kinky sort of fry-pan-sex after all), but means I can feel attraction to just about anyone. I came out to my sister on July 1st 2008 (then publicly some time later) and now I think I've finally come to terms with my sexuality. YAY! One step closer to Self Actualization!!


albe-chan, who despite her batshit rant on hating babies, thinks her new nephew is the cutest thing in EXISTENCE

Lulzy Reviews[edit]

Wow. What an amazing story! It was an emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to end. I liked the part where Team Rocket jumped out from behind a tree, it surprised me! And the horrible twist of fate when they stole Pikachu. Poor Ash! I really felt sorry for him! I could really feel his devastageon [sic] as if it was my own.

From there, it degenerated from a happy adventurous story into a dark, philosophical tale about the meaning of life, the brutality of this world, and most of all, vengeance. The thematic elements were obvious and overpowering, yet subtle. There was a steady buildup to the climax until Ash, robbed of his best friend, loses control of his emotions and punishes Team Rocket for what they did to him, sacrificing himself in the process.

The aftermath was especially painful to take, illustrating the effect that Ash's choice had on his remaining friends, whom he'd forgotten about and disregarded in his final act. Little did he know how much he meant to them, for they, too, could not continue once he was gone...

The title of the work, "Pikachu", is especially meaningful, oozing with significance. Pikachu was truly the center of Ash's life, and thus the story. In a surprise twist, you pulled off a double meaning of the title near the end, when it was revealed that Pikachu was also the center of Team Rocket's newest money-making scheme to sell coats of Pikachu fur.

In conclusion, with a brilliant plot and brilliant execution, your story stands out as a shining star among a sea of haphazard attempts and poorly-written newbie spew that makes up the Pokemon fandom. I congratulate you, sir, on your monumental contribution to the fandom, and I regret only that I cannot add this to my favorites list fifty times. I hope to see more writing from you in the near future.


Sonic fanfiction[edit]

Chapter One Sonic ran faster and faster away from me. It was like a nightmare. It just kept going no matter what. I finally woke up. As I woke up i thought about my dream or nightmare as I called it. As i thought it hit me right in the face. Sonic Would Never Love Me!!!

I went downstairs for breakfast and say a plate of my favorite thing to eat in the morning, it was pancakes with blueberry syrp on top with bacon on the side. Then I say something so shocking I thought I was going to die. A note that said "Dear Amy, I hope you like your birthday present it was all i could do until later. Love, Sonic P.S. I thought I never would be able to tell you how i feel." she said out loud. As she looked away from the wonderful note she say him standing there.

I froze in place seeing him there and the note. I thought it was all a dream or was it?.? "Hey sleeping cutie." he said. I was speechless about everything. He came closer hoping for me to say something. "Hi handsome." i said still in shock pure fricking shock. "I was hoping you don't mind me asking. Do you like pasta Ms.Rose?" he asked as he came closer. He was only an inch away from me still as dashing as ever. "Ya i love pasta. Why?" I asked curiously.

He came a cenemeter closer. His face coming closer even more, I backed up into a wall. He still came closer, but why is he doing this i thought. "Well it is a secret my Rose." he said blushing. "Uh...(As he kissed my chek moving toward my mouth)..I" i tried to squeeze out before my lips locked with his.

He finally stopped. Me as breathless than ever. "Be ready by 7:30 p.m. K?" he asked. "Sure." was all i could say to him.

The day passed. It was finally time to meet Sonic. I was wearing a blue sparkly dress up to my knees, my hair was in a bun, black high heels, and a hand bag for anything really. My door bell rang *Ring Ring Ring* I answered the door. By my suprise it was Sonic. "You look rather dashing if I do say so myself." he said. "Thank you same for you." I siad.

When we got there he went to one knee and pulled out a small box and opened it asking "Will you marry me Ms.Rose?" "Yes oh yes Sonic i would love to marry you!' I screamed. The ring was pure gold with real diamonds.

"Happy birthday my sweetheart." he said smiling his cute crooked smile. After he proposed to me we ate at Olive Garden.

Chapter 2

The next four months passed as we prepared for the ceremony. I was ready, but still nervous. I wanted this so bad it made me cry with tears of joy.

The day came my wedding the one i have dreamed of all this time it was finally coming true. As I walked down the aisle in my silk white gown I saw Sonic in his silk black tux. We said or lines and kissed.

The party was really cool. It was in Italy so pretty I was in heaven. i loved everything. my dreams all coming true one at a time.

Chapter 3

It has been two years since I married Sonic. I am pregnant with twins. in nine months I will have a family i can call mine.

As we waited for the nine months to pass we prepared the rooms and the things we needed. It was almost time.

I finally had my babies. One was a girl her name was Rosie the Rascle, and the other one was a boy his name was Sonie the Rascle. Sonie was purple with blue, but Rosie was pink, purple, and blue all in one with a white dress.

I Got My Happy Ending! The End!

Naruto fanfiction[edit]

He pushed me out of the elevator, a soft smile on his face. The smoke clouded the air. His yellow hair brushed against his features, and forget-me-not blue eyes stared into mine.

"Hinata, take care of our child," he whispered, the elevator doors closing.

"NARUTO!" I screamed, tears pricking my eyes and my fist pounding against the sliver elevator doors. People around me shuffled, screaming and crying. Firemen breaking their way into the lobby, hustling everyone out.

Strong, gloved hands, grabbed my shoulders saying,"Miss, you need to get out."

I wanted to stand there in this building and die, along with Naruto. But his words whispered through my head. His last words. Strong hands grabbed my around my shoulders again and pushed me through, getting out the door with the hysteric crowd.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The sirens of New York's fire department, speeding through the streets. Running across the asalt, chest hurting and heart pounding. Maybe it was forever, tears streaming, my eyes red.

The second Twin Tower fell first. Then the first. The one Naruto was in. Smoke, dirty smoke, filled the air.

I held my hand up to where the first tower use to be and whispered," Naruto, you are forever my hero."

In memorial of 9/11 For the ones who got out, and for the ones who didn't. For the ones who may have let the next person have the elevator, instead of themselves. For the firemen that risked their lives to save them all. And all the heros.

Pokemon Fanfiction[edit]

Cilan Tries to Kill Ash

One nice & sunny day, the trio were in the living room doing something. Ash was having hia afternoon nap, while his girlfriend read a book. Cilan had just put a pizza in the oven to cook, and soon joined the couple in the main room. The chef was staring at the 'pet' with daggers. He hated him, and for a good reason too. Ash always ate all the food that Cilan had bought. Once it was all gone, like a day later, he would have to go back to the store to restock. This time however, Cilan decides that he should just get rid of the beloved 'pet'. He need to think of a plan, but what?

"Hey Cilan, could you look after Ash for me?" Cilan soon returned to his 'gentleman' ways. "Sure Iris, whats up?" "I need to run to the store. I had a special bone cake made for my beloved doggie, & I need to go get it." 'Perfect, while shes gone, I can do away with the 'pup'!' he thought. "Take your time, we'll be here, having lunch." He gave her one of his dazzling smiles. Soon, after Iris left the hideout.

Cilan then went over to the sleeping 'dog', and kicked him a few times. Soon, Ash woke up. *yawn* "Who was kicking me...?" he asked sleeply. "Hey, Ash, want a pie? I can make on just for you." The wolf-pup's ears perked up at that. "Yeah, sounds good!" "Ok well, sit tight and I'll call you when its done." "Ok." said Ash. The chef soon made his way back into the kitchen, smirking evilly to himself. 'You simple minded dog. You're so easy to read...'

A few hours later, Cilan had finished making the pies, one for later & one loaded with a whole jar of poison. He hid the other pie, without the poison, in the microwave. "Ash, you can come in now! Its ready!" he called. Soon the 'pup' walked in the kitchen. Cilan sat the pie on the floor where Ash was. "Well, enjoy it!" "Thanks, I will!" Ash said, as he dug into the pie. He didn't notice that Cilan had an evil gleam in his eyes...

Soon the pie was gone. He was licking the pan. "That was the best pie ever!" Cilan came into the kitchen. "Glad you liked it." He says, but was soon met with a soft moan, that came from the 'pet'. "Hey, man, whats wrong?" the chef asked, pretending to be concerned. Ash was cluching his stomach in pain, looking a bit pale. "... I dunno... I really don't feel well all of a sudden..." he choked out. Cilan then rubbed his 'friend's' stomach bit before saying; "Maybe eating that whole pie, gave you a stomachache." Ash suddenly grew silent, his breathing slowing down. Cilan smirked evilly. 'Won't be long now...'

Later, Ash was placed in his bed, trying to hold on before Iris got back. Soon, she did come back, looking for him. "Where are you, my special beloved pet? I have your bone cake here!" There was no response, until she heard whimpering coming from her 'pet's' bedroom. Once there she saw something horrible; Ash was lying on his bed, but was really pale & barely breathing. "Ash, who did this to you?" she yelled, making her way over to his bedside. "C-c-cilan..." Iris was stunned. Her friend, was tring to kill her beloved pet! He wasn't gonna get away with this. Iris had a plan, but first things first, she got out some antidote, & gave it to Ash, who got better really quick. Once she made sure he was really ok, she told him the plan. Ash only smirked in a sinster way. This promised to be interresting...

Meanwhile Cilan was out back reading a book. He then looked to his watch. "Well, time to check & see if Were-mutt is dead yet." He made his way back into the house, only to discover somthing shocking; Ash was there, on all fours, in his were-form. He seemed pretty ticked-off, which was evident by his growling. The chef was scared now. "Hey Ash, old buddy what-?" he started, but was cut off by a low threating growl. "So... you tried to kill me..." he says walking towards the chef. Cilan was backing up, but he backed right up into a ticked-off Iris, who was also in her were-form. "You nearly killed my beloved pet, so now were gonna teach you a lesson..." Iris started, followed by Ash. "... A permenent lesson..." The boy was crapping himself in fear at this point. "No, please! I beg you!" he was begging for mercy, sadly he wasn't going to get it.

Soon, the wannabe connosuir's screams were heard... and quickly died down...

That night, the couple were eating the pizza that Cilan had made. Then they had the bone cake for dessert. But doesn't just make you wonder what the two did to their former friend? Ash soon answered that, for he belched up a green bow tie.

"So, what do we do with the murder's room, since hes no longer here?" Iris asked. "We can use it as our new play room!" Ash said happily.

The two then started to make out, ending this day...

Batman Fanfiction[edit]

Nighttime with the Joker

By Lady Areilite

Disclaimer: I do not own Batman or Joker, they belong to DC comics.

Please note that this is a lemon, which is heavy in sexual content. If you are against either sexual stories or male/male, please click the backwards button.

The Joker moaned.

He had no idea how he had gotten himself into this situation-but here he was, stroking himself, the only thing going through his mind were the back wings of one who would never love him. He chuckled weakly. Any romantic intention he had ever suggested was always met with a fist in the face. But still…he couldn't ignore those bulging muscles, that solemn frown, that strength…

The Batman had done it. He had finally figured out where the Joker's secret hideout was. He looked at the clock. 11:24. He flew out through the open window, ready to stake out the place.

The Batman cautiously entered the dark building. As he came up the stairs, he heard a soft giggling. He inched closer.

Then froze.

There in front of him was the Joker, sweating and breathing heavily. When he saw the Batman standing in front of him, his face cracked into a gigantic smile.

"Oh, hey, Batsy! I was just thinking about you!" The Joker giggled.

The Batman awkwardly took a step forward. The Joker's eyes sparkled, and he tried to control his breathing.

Which was sort of a difficult task, as his hands were still down his pants.

"Joker," Batman started. Joker let out a small moan, his eyes closed with pleasure. The Batman felt heat rushing to his face. The sight of the Joker masturbating in front of him was disturbing, and…rather mesmerizing. Batman found that he couldn't tear his eyes away from the gasping clown.

As he watched, the Joker arched back onto the pillows, moaning. Something in him stirred while he watched the bizarre spectacle.

"Oh, come on, Batsy…no need to be shy-you don't have to just stand there…"the Joker purred. At that moment, the Batman snapped back to his senses.

"I'll be going then." He turned to leave.


The Batman turned back. The Joker looked at him with lust-filled hopeful eyes.

"Don't go…"

The Batman looked back. A lock of moss-green hair flopped over his face, sticky from the Joker's sweat. The Joker licked his lips nervously.

Batman watched that little flickering tongue teasingly out of reach…and before he knew it, he had crossed the room and pressed their lips together.

"Joker," Batman whispered. The Joker giggled quietly.

Why? Why do I feel like this? The Batman thought wildly. Sure, the Joker was attractive. There was no way around that. Even with the scars, women would surely throw themselves at him if he weren't so menacing. The Batman growled at the thought of someone else touching his clown. The Batman's eyes widened. When did he start thinking of the Joker as his?

Probably during the fights, his mind suggested. It was harder to concentrate on his train of thought, though, with the Joker so teasingly vulnerable underneath him.

Suddenly, the Joker bucked his hips. "Come on Bats, do something already!"

The Batman hesitated. The Joker whimpered. Then, with a boldness that surprised both of them, he snatched the Joker's hands and pinned them onto the bed. The Joker waited, breathless.

"Shut up, Joker," the Batman growled.

The Joker gasped and tried to hold in a moan as the Batman began the leave hot kisses down his chest. He groaned and focused up on the ceiling.

In a matter of minutes, Batman had made his way to the Joker's twitching erection. He seized the tip into his mouth, watching the Joker's flustered response. He gently inserted more of his swollen member into his mouth, while the Joker twitched and shivered.

When the Batman began sucking on him, though, the Joker couldn't hold in his laughter anymore. The Batman found himself welcoming the sound. He continued his harsh licking and sucking until both of them were covered in his precum. He withdrew.

"Baaats…" the Joker whined.

"Don't worry, I'm not done," Batman said.

He removed the cape and flung it to the side. The Joker waited impatiently as he removed the rest of his clothing. "Why didn't you take off the cowl as well?" he whispered.

"That has nothing to do with this."

The Joker let it lie at that, since Batman forced their lips together again. Batman's hands roamed his back, until he gave Joker's ass a hard squeeze.

Then, without warning, he shoved the first finger in. Joker saw stars. He almost blacked out from the intense pain, but after a moment, it receded.

"Heh heh…who knew you were so rough, Bats?"

Batman said nothing, but smiled grimly before adding another finger. The Joker groaned. Then gasped, as

Batman found a spot in him that made him tremble all over.

"Bats…oh, Bats…"

The Batman smiled as the Joker whimpered underneath him. He stroked the spot repeatedly, making the Joker moan weakly.


"Turn around."

With trembling hands, Joker awkwardly twisted himself onto his stomach. Batman stared at him for a second, then reached to the Batsuit and retrieved a pair of handcuffs. Joker turned his neck slightly.

"Wait, what are you-"

In a matter of seconds, the Joker's wrists were secured to the bedposts. Joker stared, and laughed.

"Oh Bats, you are full of surprises, aren't you?"

Batman squeezed one of his hips. "Ready?" he whispered huskily.

"After all this time, now you ask permission to-aiiii!"

Joker shrieked with pleasure as the Batman thrust himself into him. Even while gasping for breath, the Joker still managed to laugh wildly.

The Batman slammed down into him again, hard. The Joker moaned, a harsh sound covered with lust and rapture.

"Harder, Batman, harder!" he hissed. The Batman obliged, and slammed into him roughly, once, twice. Soon they found their own rhythm to go by, and Batman stroked the Joker in time with every thrust.

Joker screamed in ecstasy.

"Say my name, Joker," Batman said roughly. "Say my name!"

"Aahh..Bru-BATMAN!" Joker screamed out, and came into Batman's hand. The sight of Joker's climax set off the Batman's own, and he came inside the Joker.

They lay there, exhausted, and covered in sweat.

"Hey Bats…thanks." the Joker gasped.

"For what?" Batman asked, his breathing labored.

'For staying."

Batman looked down at the clown's pale face, his beautiful eyes, his wild and permanent smile.

"You're welcome," he whispered.


I'm just going to end it there because I don't know what else to add. I hope it's OK with everyone. (It's probably not.) Depending on how many reviews I get on this, I might add more…

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, it means a lot to me. And even if you don't want to see any more, I would love to hear what you have to say about it. Just please, keep flames to yourself. Thank you, friends. Oh, and as for the separate sections at the beginning…my apologies. I wasn't sure how to switch POVs quite so…easily.


Lady Areilite

Hipster Fanfiction[edit]

I sipped my cup of water, the fluid sloshing around in my already filled stomach that sat painfully on my full bladder. The sound of the shower running upstairs did little to help the burning need to releave myself but I did not move from my knees three on the floor where he had left me dressed in my clothes from work, a black skirt red wench’s slip shirt and a pair of black thigh high stockings. Finally the shower stopped and I heard Avey Tare come down the stairs and stand in front of me, imediately I began to stuff his already moist cock into my mouth, but the phone rang. Avey picked up the phone and began a cheerful conversation all the while stuffing his dick down my throat to the point of choking, hands wound deeply into my hair pulling it steadily further and further into my face. This went on for quite some time, untill my lips were swollen and my jaw was acheing, precum and saliva running down my chin.

When the conversation came to a close he ripped my head back by a hand full of hair, streams of spit trailing from the head of his dick to my swollen soaked lips. He drug me to standing and ordered me to remove my undwear and tied my hands tightly together and latched them to the back of my neck. He hicked my skirt up above my waist and pulled the elastic lined top of my shirt under my breasts which he ran his warm hands over a few times before grabbing my rock hard nipples and yanking me onto the couch. He spread my legs wide and sucked on my swollen clit, he shoved his finger deep inside my socking pussy and slammed it into me harder and harder till his knucles began to bruise my outer lips, dark and fat from blood. I bucked and kicked, each time being denied complete orgasm, he continued to bring me to that shining edge and snapping me back never letting me finish. He ran his thumb along my ass, letting it press softly against those tight muscels and blood rushed to my face, my heart thundered in my ears, and fear quickened my breath.

He looked over at the glass of water, unfinshied, and looked back at me with disapointment as I lay sprawled, arms locked behind my head, legs spread wide. He began to lay stinging blows to the inside of my thighs, again and again the loud smack of his palm and the firey sting that brought tears to my eyes, the punishment making me wish to never fail him again. He forced me to finish the cup and untied my hands. He lifted me, carting me to the bathroom where he set me down on the toilet, positioning himself infront of my where I imediately wrapped my lips around his cock as I have been trained to do. I whined in protest, I knew what he wanted of me, and I wanted to do it but embarasment flushed my whole body and all I could do was whine around the meat sliding against my toung.

He yanked my head back so my eyes met his and he demanded, so I relented. The piss poured out and it filled my body with such relief, I tried to focus on pleasuring him with my mouth rather than the terrible embarasment of him standing before me as a commited this most personal act but he wouldnt have that. He slipped his hand under my skirt and between my legs, cupping his hand under that hot stream and pinching softly on my clit. I moaned into his crotch, half enjoyment, half protest as I finished and he slipped his finger into his mouth leaving a slick trail across his smirking lips. He lapped it from his fingers and then forecefully pressed his face against mine, shoving his tounge deep into my mouth and I tasted my salty urine still fresh on his lips.

He rewarded me by laying me out on his chest, my snatch folded over his toung, his dick in my mouth as I deftily manuvered, pausing when the pleasure became to much and I could not keep rythm. He moaned into the folds of my lips and sucked me into soaking orgasm, he told me I had earned a good fucking and as where I wanted his cock first. As I had never taken anything more than a finger in my ass and found it more painful than pleasuring I slipped a finger between my legs to point at my pussy, but I knew something tnhat would please my master more. I slipped that finger deep into the entrance of my soaking snatch as it waved inches from his face, I could feel his deep shudder in my mouth and he gasped, watching my pleasure myself as a slurped on his crotch. Oh but my little plan backfired and he wanted that didgit in other places as well, lubing it up with his saliva he curled my finger into my asshole, adoring the sight as I violated myself.

This got him so bothered he flung me face down on the couch and pounded into my pussy untill I could no longer breath and he was almost ready to cum. He stopped to postpone his release but I knew what he would do if he didnt cum now so I rocked harder and harder against him, trying to force him to finish, pleading that he not stop, terrified. But he saw what I was doing and pulled out of me and dropped me to my knees in the floor, letting me stew in fear of what was to come as he smoked a cigarette and prepared.

He took his sweet time before ordering me to again get him hard and bending me over the couch. He oiled up my asshole and slipped a finger in, it hurt very much and I winced and moaned, but he moved slowly and curled a finger across my clit to distract me from the pain. He made sure I was well and lubed before pushing the head of his dick against my tight rose. I whined and pleaded but his silenced me with a well placed blow to my ass cheek, I whimpered softly into the cushion as he placed more pressure against me. I yelped at the sheer girth of him, his cock was so much larger than his finger and it burned painfully as the head slipped past the first ring of sphinter muscels, but once it did the pain lessened and I was able to relax my muscels even more. That is when I began to notice the completely new sensation, the completely new pleasure that was building me to orgasm. The pain helped heighten the pleasure and I begged him to fuck me harder untill it pushed me over the edge and I shivered and bucked against him as I screamed.

He looked down on me with such passion and appreciation as I caught me breath, but that turned to concern as I winced against him. The pain was returning and it was obvious to him so he slowly pulled out of me and carried me to the shower where he lovingly washed me, kissing me softly and reminding me how proud he was of me, what a good little slave I was. I in turn washed him, racing my soapy hands over his ridged dick and swollen balls, bringing him teaseingly to the edge and stopping, not wanting him to finish in my hands. He dryed me off and checked to make sure there as no pain or serious markings other than the scratches that cris cross his back, tenderly carrying me to bed and making sweet pasionate love to me untill finally he filled me with the fruits of my labor.

I curled up in his arms and he made sure that we discused what we had done, asked me questions about things I liked or wanted done more. He praised me for being such an obediant little girl and reminded me that tomorrow there would be more training, more servitude, more pain, more humiliation, more violation, and I can not wait.

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Notable Stories[edit]

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  • Another Hope -- Lucas was pissed when this emerged. The small press publishing circles were even more pissed when they seen this. This was emerging when The Typewriter sold to Tales of the Talisman 2.4 then Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness was being introduced. Both the author of The Typewriter and the guilty party of this particular work appeared in the magazine years apart of each other.
  • Bonnie 'n Clyde: 60172 again mistaken for fan fiction but noticed by someone in Luke Perry's circle. They raised questions about the true story the film was based on. It's pretty low key but noticed by the locals. The connection to Luke Perry raised questions about the research he did to play the role.
  • My Immortal - Undisputed holder of the "Worst Fanfic Evar" award
  • TWILA, DA GIRL WHO WAS IN LUV W A VAMPIR - May just have taken that title
  • My Inner Life - A terrible Legend of Zelda fanfic
  • The EverQuest Mystere Fanfic
  • How I Became Yours
  • Liliad - AKA the /b/tard version of Lolita
  • The Cabbie Homicide -- this is not fan fiction but it's of interest to Edgar Allan Poe circles as this is creative nonfiction with the elements of Tell-tale Heart. This was fact checked against The Chicago Tribune and confirmed.
  • Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness uncovered when The Pattern Of Diagnosis was introduced and Another Hope was blown wide open. The latter is a work of citizen journalism. Appeared with a journalist who was with The Boston Globe and latter Huffington Post. Pattern touched a few hearts in Chicago and saw a nod from Creative Nonfiction. The story that had the guilty party busted when she enabled plagiarism of the twice published piece. Comment on Disney Kyping here. Christine Marie Morgan was doing this since 1996 and it came back to haunt her in 2008.
  • Hogwarts Exposed - a nudist propaganda Harry Potter fanfic with multiple Mary Sues, written by a author who has a thing for 12 year old girls.
  • Holden's Counterpart -- creative nonfiction send up of Catcher in the Rye and Twilight Zone with frightening elements. When fact checked it's nightmarish. The piece has nightmare fuel within the pages when looking in The Chicago Tribune of what played up two years after the rape scandal at the author's old high school. A reader who read the story when looking up The Pattern Of Diagnosis asked about American Splendor as the story did draw comparisons to this because of the real life elements of all three. The story was designed to troll brick length fan fiction works as the statement becomes, "Eventually you'd be stealing from us you fandom wanking sack of shit!"
  • One Flesh -- this one saw a discussion and raised some questions.
  • The Statue -- This group chronicled the playful debates this story has, and tested on Carol Serling. Introduced author's boyhood home and last names of the characters really were his classmates. This story is entirely original as the stories in this fandom do a lot of loop hole abuse and are often recruited in the indie press circles. He produced this just before writing The Fandom Writer as both stories had that influence distinctly.

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