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Gizgiz (powerword: Mikael Thörncrantz) was a whiny emo who lived a selfish life of pedophilia and fucking dogs, ultimately becoming an example to little furs everywhere as to why you should wear a seat-belt. Most of his time was spent posting emo rants on FurAffinity about how hard his life as a white kid in the suburbs was. When the god-awful noises of Simple Plan eventually soothed him, he was able to relax, upload images and videos of him and friends engaging in intercourse with animals, and try to lure underaged users into partaking in his activities. Sadly, tragedy struck.

Family Friendly Furry Fun[edit]

Is a dog fucking a corpse necrophilia still?.

Now, all furries are sick fucks, there's no denying that. But, Gizgiz left behind a legacy that will be hard to beat.

Gizgiz, like any other disgusting furfag, had a disgusting fetish for letting dogs fuck him in the ass. He would admit it in comments, which made all his friends support his sick fuckery, because they fucked dogs as much as he did. But since Jizz is a disgusting shit-smelling faggot, he always let the dog fuck him. This is most likely because his micropenis is too tiny to even penetrate any woman's cunt. He was also a bestiality torrent god, uploading hundreds (thousands?) of videos recorded by him and his friends in which they fuck dogs and other assorted animals. To top it off, Giz's fursona was almost never seen out of bondage. Of course, this is understandable; he probably had to tie the dogs up in order to have sex with them anyway.

An Hero[edit]

Gizzed all over the freeway.
Banned for a week for calling him selfish?
"Harassing" a dead person by calling him selfish is a bannable offense, but telling a living person to commit suicide is AWWWWRIGHT.

After a particularly humiliating confrontation with with parents regarding his private art stash, Gizgiz decided to an hero by driving headfirst into a passenger transport truck. His suicide directly proceeds his first attempt at suicide where he spent one day climbing the Kjerag mountains, where he planned to jump off. However, his mom found his suicide note, called the police and rescue services arrived in their roflcopter before he could complete his suicide plans.

He was then detained for 2 days in an mental institution, where he was repeatedly asked, "why so srs?" After answering with "i duno lol", the certified professionals at the asylum deemed him competent enough to leave, at which point he immediately went home to made a journal entry on FurAffinity saying that he had a date with a truck, soon followed by him killing himself by plowing headfirst into a truck on the E22 at Gårdstånga in Sweden. The first FurAffinity journal had over 800 comments before the admins deleted it due to "harassing" comments, but luckily, there was a second one up.


Now, in a fandom such as this, which is known for supporting all kinds of bullshit, it should come to no surprise that if any furfags pointed out his selfishness, they themselves were told to kill themselves, and, instead of their gloried "Fursecution!", they cried out "ZOMG Respect for the Dead!" The admins would even ban you for calling him "selfish" but would do nothing to those telling others to kill themselves.

A Good, Decent Man[edit]

In true furry fashion, the now splattered Gizgiz was martyred amongst his fandom. Much like Christs holy blood, Giz's sins were washed away as the big rig tore through his body, and all that nonsense about "dog rape" and "hidden shame" vanished as tribute after tribute popped up in honor of poor Giz, many by people who who willingly admitted they had no idea who Giz was prior to his death.

Wolfee Darkfang Exploits a Dead Kid For Kudos[edit]

Classy as ever, Wolfee takes the death of a furfag he does not know as an opportunity to provide some insight/his opinion of some shitty widget.

Never one to let a good furry drama get anything resembling attention pass him by, Wolfee hopped on the Gizgiz suicide debacle with his own insight on the matter. Rambling some shit about a minor Fur Affinity crisis, Wolfee took the opportunity to remind everyone he totally got trolled a while back, and that the death of a person was a good a time as ever to remind everyone to not believe what he refereed to as "the rumor mill". The screencap, naturally, ended up on his ED article, as taking the opportunity to tell everyone to totally not believe that mountain of proof of things you did at the expense of a dead man is, at best, a tad inappropriate among many social circles.

"HAHA @ ED"[edit]

"Haha, I got you, trolls! You totally left out how I said Gizgiz can totally suck cocks in hell! RUMOR MILL DEBUNKED!!!", Wolfee thinks to himself as he desperatly tries to convince his fellow furfags that old, incriminating journals of his totally can't be deleted.
The "infamous blog. The one that was supposed to make Wolfee look good...

Days later, as Wolfees original journal faded into obscurity and he himself received no new peen massagers, Wolfee took to FA yet again, with news of an EPIC WIN! against ED. Wolfee, on one of his 90 visits he makes to his own ED article every day, noticed the journal had been added to the top of his article. Enraged, he explained how ED might have posted that, but had totally neglected to tell you about his super awesome opine on his own blog! Wolfee, in either a stunning lack of forethought or a very poorly veiled attempt to throw the trail off of his own dog scented testicles, had assumed that the screencap was to make it appear as though he was mourning a fellow zoophile, not because he was trying to draw attention to himself at the expense of a dead kid. Even though the description clearly mocked Wolfee for doing exactly that. Illiteracy claims another victim.

But "So what?", you might be asking. "He rewrote the same shit there as he did everywhere else. Just fishing for more views", you imagine. Not so, dear reader. See, quite the opposite of his respectful tribute on his Fur Affinity, Wolfees blog post had, in addition to the standard attention seeking histrionics, mocked and ridiculed the poor dead Gizgiz, while drawing frequent comparisons to his own struggles with adversity.

So you get teased by trolls? You’re really gonna kill yourself and lose all chances of continuing on and would trade it for total darkness for eternity? Then you are stupid. Go ahead and do it. We won’t miss you. In fact you’re probably clearing the human gene pool of the stupid virus little by little every time one of you do this.


—Thoughtful and dignified

Internet drama? Boo fucking hoo. I deal with it all the time. You don’t see me putting a knife too my neck. Fuck that shit. I’m Wolfee Darkfang.


—Wolfee's loving eulogy to gizgiz

They just want you to feel sorry for them so you give them a hug and they feel all better for about 5 minutes until you aren’t there anymore and they start wanting more huggies. You know those types. We have a lot of them in our fandom. They need pacifier because life is so cruel to them.


—Wolfee does not understand the meaning of irony.

But why was this an epic win? According to Wolfee, EDiots had not only every alert that such a blog existed, but had in fact deliberately left it out to make him look bad! Somewhere, in Wolfees version of TheAmazingAtheist video with the exact same message, he had believed he was making a dignified and extremely relevant point that would have completely changed his public image! Why, this wasn't a frail, attention seeking, passive agressive Wolfee Darkfang that the ED page would have you believe; this was a ghoulish, aggressive-aggressive, Plagiarist Darkfang that was happily ripping into a dead man under the impression he would be getting praised for it!.

That's right, reader. Wolfee was totally convinced he had completely damning evidence about the legitimacy of his own Encyclopedia Dramatica page because it just talked about how he took the opportunity of a suicide for attention and had left out the fact that he had also mocked the Gizgiz and took the chance to remind everyone about his own epic and courageous battle with internet trolling.

In true Wolfee form, immediately after being confronted with what he had done, he proceeded to complain that he was being taken out of context by having mirror images of things he had said being posted.

Tribute by one of his furnigger friends[edit]

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