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Jamich aka jejecouples, jejemoneywhores,jejeyabang and mostly JaBITCH! is an moneywhores who just want money,fame and attention to all jejefans.


How actually Jamich started?[edit]

The best movie of Jamich EVAR :D

Jamich is a combination of two retarded couple name. The tandem of Jamvhille (JamBaba) and Paolinne Michelle (KilikiliMich) "real life jejecouples". They're so popular in JewTube, they are both jejefans. I've seen some of their short films (Actually it was stolen from WongFuProductions from YouTube and stolen on some movies such as 3 Idiots) that they created and it became viral for all jejefans..oftentimes it get massive amount of views by forcing its jejefans every time when they uploaded a new lame fuck short films/videos.

JaMICHUNGALING as LIARS (By Chance To Lie)[edit]

Typical false copyright claim due to butthurtness
Typical JewTube message if Jamich maggots shall false copyright claim

The original video was been uploaded back from March 3,2012 and due to butthurtness of Jejecouples[1], they false copyright claim the video from JewTube resulting to all Filipinos think why Jejemitch removed the video. The video was tackling about the real identity of Jejecouple which they used to lie their age in all nation of Philippines on one national show called Kris TV. Based from reliable source, back from 2009, Paolinne Michelle Liggayu was 18 years old see this video [2] 03:08-03:15 and based from Wikipedia,"The fifth season of startstruck premiered on November 15,2009 [3] If Mich was 18 on 2009, what the fuckery is this shit? still in 2012, she was still 18 years old in 2012?! 18+3=18?!

Screen Age controversy (Screen Age Your Face!)[edit]

Jejemich's fake birth certificate "CLICK FOR BIGGER VIEW"

Kilikili-Mich joined one of the contest from Unisilver Teen Endorsers back from October 20,2011 (HERE'S THE PROOF) and Vice Ganda adviced that make a screen age for what?! to cheat and to win for teh lulz? and she claims that she was born on March 17,1991 but based on a birth certificate, she was been born since March 17,1993 and for faking her age, she needs to be on lolsuit for faking her age and for falsification of public documents.

The Answer got ANSWERED![edit]


Screen age is all too common. Specially here in the local showbiz scene, I doubt that everyone can cite even more than a handful of celebrities that go by such. You may have brushed off this monkey from your shoulders, but people who have been very watchful and observant these last few days know better.

Yes, a video of Jamich came out in which it was very detailed laid down how you fooled all of those who love**d** you.

If flipfags hadn’t been observant about it and followed through and through, probably there's no “The Answer” video on JewTube. For you it may not have been a big deal, but for everybody else, it is.

Source:Flipfag Teens

Jamich and Chicser, Picture With 50 Pesos?[edit]

Tsk,tsk,tsk hindi pa sikat, maybayad na? Nakakahiya sa mga Hollywood Celebrities at sa mga JewTube stars!
No 50 Pesos? no picture :D

Around July 2012, Jamich and Chicser, some jejefans ask for a picture in Twitter and Jamich and Chicser twatted for how much they pay for teh lulz and Jamich really does overcame with the Hollywood celebrities and JewTube stars even these guys will not going to beg for teh money just to have a photo with teh Hollywood celebrities and JewTube stars.

Jamich Disrespects Dolphy's death[edit]

Back around July 10, 2012, Comedy King Dolphy died due to kidney failure and jejecouples twatted about their monthsary that nobody gives a fuck about!

The tweet was "Kasabay ng monthsary namin ay pumanaw na ang hari ng komedya :( RIPDolphy #Legendary #KingOfComedy"
Translated: "The King of Comedy's passing coincided with our monthsary"

Some well known flipfag guys responded to a jejecouple tweet:
@ogiediaz @ilovejamich:Kasabay ng monthsary namin ay pumanaw na ang hari ng komedya -- ndi ko to kinaya. Kailangan talagang i-mention
@KatDeCastroHmmmmm. That "monthsary" tweet was kinda insensitive indeed.
@imBbGandangHari to Jamich. It's not like we're the fame couple;we're not the red carpet king and queen! respect guys.

Typical "JEJEFUNS" of jejemitch[edit]


The *TYPICAL* theme song for Jejemitch[edit]

Jejemitch SONGS!

Jamich appearances on TV shows,Music Videos, ETC...[edit]



YouTube video:By Chance (a carbon copy) from WongFuProductions[edit]

How to troll Jamich and Jejemitch fans[edit]

Did You Know?[edit]

  • That Mich Liggayu was 18 years old back from 2009
  • That Mich Liggayu has dark underarms
  • That Jamvhille Sebastian didn't finish his college
  • That jejecouple around February, jejecouples posted on their Failbook fan page account about Mariz from DLSU-D being unprofessional. Having that happened, jejecouple got furious about that because they even cancelled a supposed-to-be gig on March 2 just as to have orgy on the DLSU-D event. Their post on their fan page got a lot of BUTTHURT not only from the DLSU-D community, but also to other fanboys/fangirls who find it fail or amusing as well.
  • That back around January 23,2011 jejecouples lied to a national TV show called Kris TV from ABS-CBN network.
  • That Mich Liggayu must be on lolsuit due to FALSIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS
  • That Jamvhille Sebastian has an long chin, that's why we call him as JamBABA/JamBabalu
  • That Jam "BOBO" Sebastian is always wrong grammaring in his sentence PROOF!
  • That Jamvhille "BAKLANG GAGONG" Sebastian is completely gay because he loves to block on Failbook, Twatter and JewTube and to flag false copyright claims
  • That Jamich should be terminated due to false copyright claims on JewTube due to butthurtness
  • That Jamich should vanish because they are not role models to kids and especially teenagers
  • That jejecouples are christfags
  • That they want to keep begging to their jejefunz watch carbon copied videos "NO CONTENT, stolen on some movies and especially from WongFuProductions" and to earn MOAR JewMoney from JewTube, PROOF!

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