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Kilroy Event, or The Kilroy Free Speech Conference: A Safe Space for Free Speech was supposed to be a free speech event for self-described "classical liberals" and others involved in the YouTube skeptic community, but like all fundraised projects, ended up being a highly controlled scam, where none of the popular speakers actually got to speak. Imagine Dashcon but way more incompetent. But what else would you expect from a Jewess and her beta orbiter?


Sometime in June of 2017, internet nobody Computing Forever (Powerword: Dave Cullen) started a kickstarter-like campaign to raise money for a free speech event, where all your favourite skeptic™ YouTubers would meet up and circlejerk each other off, and find out who was the greatest blight on society. In just a week's time a whopping $85,000 was collected from people with more money than common sense. And since they believed in this idiotic project, that means close to no common sense.

For the past year, me and (((Based Mama))) have been talking privately about the prospect of hosting our own free speech convention. Because I think that's something that people really want right now. And if we've learned anything from what happened at VidCon (...) it's that we're not going to get invited to panels by the other side very often.


—Dave Cullen, AKA Computing Forever

Despite the fact that this video was made in June of 2017, it took until November of 2017 to actually open a fucking kickstarter for Dave and Momma's shekel-grabbing scheme. For some reason, Dave thought that everybody would love his idea (See: Unwarranted Self-Importance), despite the fact that the only people who actually cared about it were his greasy fanboys and greedy scam artists posing as "intellectual liberal skeptics."

Alright guys it's finally here, the wait is over. Myself and Based Mama have been working behind the scenes to develop the Killroy Free Speech Conference that we announced back in July. Based Momma managed to find the perfect venue in downtown Phoenix, Arizona: The Sheraton Grand Phoenix Hotel. We've signed with them and the event is taking place on Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of April next year.


—Dave Cullen

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The Beginning of the End: Tim Poole "Pools" Out[edit]

Shortly after all the shekels had been raised, would-be journalist and bald hack Tim Poole talked about how this supposed free speech event was anything but, as it had a 3 year NDA and 16 month non-compete, meaning that none of the speakers could do similar events and could not talk about anything. All in the name of protecting some ex-mudslimes, despite the fact that these ex-sandniggers would be seen in public by thousands, many of who would be recording, and ensuring that Dave Cullen and his Jewish ultra-thot princess wouldn't have any competitors in the "skeptic" marketplace.

Yesterday I announced that I will not be speaking at the Kilroy Event any longer - for those that aren't familiar with Kilroy Event, (Kilroy Event) is a free speech conference happening in Phoenix, Arizona next April. (...) I was asked to sign a 16 month non-compete agreement and a three year non-disclosure agreement in order to participate in this event.


—Tim Poole

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According to "Based" Judenmomma, the NDA was apparently necessary to protect he children, despite the fact that the video she stated this in had her kids in clear, full view walking around her house.

Skip to 4:25.

Yes, everybody has to sign an NDA in the contract because I got kids to protect. So a few people have been like "Oh, I don't want to sign that." Well then I'm sorry, okay? There's nothing I can do for you. I have that little dude walking around in the background, that's who I'm thinking of.


—Based Mama


Shortly after, many of the speakers started getting no responses, getting uninvited, and having their topics changed. They needed to make room for real scientists, not some YouTubers people actually wanted to see.

Lauren Southern[edit]

Lauren Southern also expressed concerns after Tim Poole's withdrawal from the project, stating that she would only stay with the project as a guest unless the contract requiring the signing of the NDA for the speakers was changed.

After Lauren pulled out, Dave, realizing that the only reason people were going to his shitty event was to see Lauren Southern and her tits/ass, quickly changed the contract so that speakers would not have to sign the NDA. Unfortunately for Dave, Lauren had already finalized her withdrawal, leaving Dave severely deprived of attendees.

James Allsup[edit]

James Allsup, an Alt-Right figurehead, was scheduled to speak at the event. He contacted "Based" Mama, and asked her if he could do a panel on demographics and identitarianism. Based Mama, being the Jew she is, said he couldn't, but could still speak if he chose from a list made by the kike princess herself.

Based Mama's reasoning for this was because she felt that identitarianism was not an important enough issue to be talked about. Despite this, Mama decided to keep a topic called "History of Identitarianism in Ireland" on the list. Mama spoke in numerous videos that are now deleted about her loathing for the Alt-Right, calling them "fucking nazis" and threatening that she would "fight back" if the "Nazis" came after her. Clearly, Based Mama has a hard time controlling her Jewish impulses to destroy anything white. On December 13, 2017, Kilroy officially dropped James.

Faith Goldy[edit]

One day after James was dropped, Faith released a video on her twatter, describing her experiences with the event organizers. Afterwards, Faith received a blank email in response, attempted to respond in order to clarify, but received no answer. After this, Faith dropped out of the event officially and requested a removal from the website.

Kraut and Tea Doxing Campaign[edit]

On December 16, 2017, right-wing personality Braving Ruin revealed some very interesting info on our good skeptic friend Kraut and Tea. Ruin had gotten hold of hours of secret conversations on a private Kraut server dedicated to taking down so-called "Alt-Right" figureheads (Read: Flagging them for no reason). Kraut had a hit-list of alt-right YouTubers he wanted to take down. Server members ranged from your average elitist milquetoast "rational centrist" skeptic to literal /leftypol/ YouTubers, such as Bat'ko the Manarchist. One New York Times journalist was even in the server.Kraut's claimed reasoning for this was to establish a safe space forum for "intellectuals and scientists" and to stop "the racist, sexist, homophobic alt-righters from spreading. Many members were involved in the Kilroy Event, such as Based Mama herself. Why would a self-proclaimed free speech advocate be in a server against free speech? We may never know. Kraut also claimed he had Braving Ruin's dox, since Kraut and Ruin had a long history of fighting with each other ever since Ruin was 16.

Kraut's Server About missing Pics
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Kraut's server was involved in flagging raids against their political opponents. This was part of a bad track record for Kraut, as he had been part of a targeted harassment campaign against his political opponents before. Around this time Kraut threatened to dox alt-right personality JF, as he was about to release full audio transcripts of Kraut's voice chat conversations.

Part 1: Background on the Kraut & Tea drama
Part 2: Jim explains the goal of the discord server the event organizers were active on
Part 3: At least Dash-con had a ball pit
Part 4: Conclusion of Dash-Con for skeptics and Kraut and Tea's drama

Reason Rally 2.0[edit]

The Kilroy event reeks of Reason Rally, an atheist conference taken over by left-wing idiots to push their pro-diversity agenda.


Since many fans spent over $100 on this bullshit, most demanded that they be paid back after it was revealed that the "free speech advocates" weren't so pro-free speech after all. But since this was run in part by a Jew, none of these requests were met. However, if you were really dumb enough to have given money to this scam, thankfully the law and particularly PayPal do what they can to protect idiots like yourself, as you can actually request a full refund.

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