King Dedede Drooling While Eating

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King Dedede Drooling While Eating is the title of a series of merchandise on that displays King Dedede, a Kirby character, fucking some Waddle Dees. They were made by a company called "Carson's Collectibles" and the art was stolen from furry porn from Furaffinity. 4chan and Something Awful discovered it and they had a field day!

The merchandise was up since April 2010.

Now, searching "king dedede drooling while eating" sends you back to the home page, and the merchandise pages bring up a 404.

The original picture[edit]

Opening of a beautiful present[edit]

A goon named Yoshi Jjang found some Rule 34 that was shipped to his doorway!

Multiple bad habits[edit]

For those of you that enjoy smoking with your Rule 34

Tick tock[edit]

Fun gallery[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Kirby (Kirby himself does not make an appearance in the image, however.)

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