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A Transtrender is a person who erroneously identifies as male, female or any one of the multitude of fake genders, but has no actual dysphoria. Generally this is done to be fashionable, to blend in with the cool kids on Tumblr, or to gain oppression points. This also could be gaining traction because gays are getting accusations of privilege at this point and trannies and Muslims are the next big things with leftists and the social justice crowd, so many appear to be following suit, not wanting to be left out. This also could be the latest plot of attention whores, looking for even more ways to make the conversation about them, similarly to that of vegans.

Transtrenderism should be noted as an example of what happens when identity politics and mental illness collide.

What have I missed?
2 days ago
Milo Yiannopoulos
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Bug Chasers
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Seriosuly, one of you has to dig on this. Please review this thread. There is some russian/ukranian involvement.


An FBI agent tries to convince 8chan
that John Earnest's shooting spree
was masterminded by Putin

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