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Watch out Commie Leftie scum!!1! He hopes you MOTHERFUCKING DIE!
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Autism in the flesh
Given Name(s) Zackeriah "Zack" Gage Aubert
Location Washington, USA
Email overhazardzack@gmail.com
Nationality Americunt MiniflagUSA.png
Occupation Blogger

Deviantart-favicon.png Midnight-Fantom, a.k.a. YouTube Favicon.png Backalley Philosophy, Esoteric Entity, Esoteric The Free, and Eso, is a pseudo-intellectualz 19 year old Anarcho-Capitalist who frequently browses deviantART and uploads videos onto JewTube about political and clickbait shit. He had a keen fetish for vore and roleplaying since the age of 12, and has recently become a subject of ridicule on deviantART for his major ego and easily rustled jimmies of anything negative towards his political views in the style of a YourMovieSucks wannabe. He's currently ban evading after trying to attack a major troll by reuploading their artwork and adding MSPaint scribbles over it and declared it a "parody", but got raped anally by the law for being an autist. Whenever this page is brought up, Midnight-Fantom will be quick to deny everything his article details about him, calling it "a bunch of lies written by pseudo-intellectuals" and list over 9000 "fallacies" (which we'll get to later), but we here at ED can positively guarantee you that this page is 100% true and honest. Therefore any response to this article by him will be deemed as butthurt, but don't worry Zack! We have a help desk that you can address the issue at right here.

The Beginning of the DA Drama[edit]

In the early years of Zack's Deviantart-favicon.png Midnight-Fantom account, not much is known, because who the hell cares? All we know is that he uploaded furry drawings (using this lightly), is a fan of Sonic, and LOVES vore. He loves it so much, he frequently posts journals of requests for a vore rp. Nothing worth of importance happened until the ACR Saga, which occurred on February 24, 2017. It was duly noted that he's a mixture of Lordelthibar and mike-the-cat politically speaking, thus making him a perfect target for corrective rape. He was observed very early trying to discredit the fucking weather channel due to their founder (and ex-CEO) being fired for questioning climate change. So he has a little Alex Jones in there as well, which is understandable as his "trusted" sources are consisted of the following:

Yes srsly, he did this.

And no folks, we're not joking either. He openly believes climate change is a fucking cult, and will deny any evidence suggesting otherwise. He also believes in other conspiracy theories such as pizzagate, are you surprised at this point anyways? Are you? If you think that's nothing, wait until you find out he thinks all Socialists are Nazis or SocDems, because National Socialism and Social Democracy has the word "Socialism". Despite National Socialists and SocDems being fucking Centrists, he'll frequently call them left wingers, regardless of the ideology's actual position on the spectrum. We all know IRL Midnight won't be able to fight a Socialist 1V1, due to being a major pussy, he's such a pussy that in fact he CENSORS the word pussy. No srsly, we're not even joking once again. He also considers ANY response more than 6 paragraphs as spam and will ignore the point made because "TL;DR faggot". AND THEN proceeds to write a 7 page essay on why Anarcho-Capitalism is NOT an oxymoron and why you're wrong and he's right. Thus either making him a really good troll, or an outright Autist. Perhaps both if you read the following(Read if you want to lose your IQ points!):

It begins.png
Middle of his response.png
Are we there yet.png

Don't be surprised, since his JewTube content is pretty much the same, as shown here:

Capitalism is srs bsns

The moment ACR's original journal on him went up, Zack blew a major fuse and began to do some major damage control. Such as:

  • Gas-lighting the points being addressed
  • Deliberately misconstruing what the author actually meant

Which is pretty ironic due to the fact he often accuses his opponents of doing the exact same thing along with another couple thousand fallacies, and on top of that, calls them a leftist or commie to seal the deal. Thus showing us that he has the debating skills of a fucking Libertarian.

Oh wait, he is one. So disregard that I suck cocks. While the drama between him and ACR has been heating up, more contenders would join in on the massive orgy:

Autism Speaks[edit]

One of the highlights was when Zack tried to match his autism to the level of antifa. On the interwebs, succdem tartlets and wannabe Nazi hunters such as (((Procrastinating Shill))) were getting salty and upset that God Emperor Trump was committing his anal rape rampage of Hillary Clinton's campaign across the country. This called for a response such as posting a picture of Benito Mussolini's execution, and claimed that Nazis are gonna get it. This caused Zack to do a response piece for a reactionary bukkake. Zack showed his peace, love, and tolerance...

...By praising the Pinochet regime and wanting to throw Commies out of helicopters. This of course, dragged out another basement dwelling contender to the fight: Sootyjared.

Sootyjared, realizing that he literally had no friends, nor a GF, or any female that wanted to go near him, was about to an hero until he saw that Zack was lower on the Autism spectrum than he was.

"So threatening to throwing people out of helicopters is not cowardly? Wannabe thugs like you are the real cowards here, being big on the internet to hide the fact that you are nothing by crybabys in real life. Grow up."


—Sooty Jared

Naturally, upon realizing that he was so low that even the anti-faggot with no friends saw through him and began to pity him, he soon flipped out and started screeching in the comments section. Sooty's moment of not being a total faggot, also ended with him whining that Zack was literally threatening him which then lead to a lot of dick waving between Sooty and midnight with lots of "no u" and sooty later deleting comments which made him look like a faggot (which was all of them). It was basically an-Cap Vs. An-Com which is basically the same as nigger on nigger violence and should be encouraged and spectated with popcorn and a soda. As both of them argued which one hated civilization and decency more, Sooty got the brilliant idea to bluff that he was going to get the FBI on Midnight's ass since nothing says fuck the state like asking the state to get rid of your enemies. Naturally in a sane world, normal people or at least those without autism would know this was a bluff and call it.

Not midnight

Midnight thought that sooty was going to dox and hax him for realz and get the feds to take him down. This lasted for a short game of chicken between the two until literally Sooty got bored since midnight out autismed him; an astounding feat in and of itself.

The Epic B&[edit]

The post that started it all!

DeviantART user Deviantart-favicon.png Kasaundra1 uploaded an epic maymay about how cancerous Midnight's post (notice the featured by owner highlight), which was so cancerous it caused your waifu to get cancer. Midnight got uber butthurt over that and proceeded to start a flamewar in the comment section, to which people just scrolled by and rolled their eyes at his pathetic attempts to socialize. However, unfortunately for him, the wrong person came in and saw that post. That exceptional individual would be known as Deviantart-favicon.png Mocha, who Midnight will categorically hate for the rest of his life. Mocha proceeded to his profile and began to start an epic debate which would spark the great war between the two, mostly because Midnight was uber salty over the DMCA. 7 responses in (where he also brought out his fake diploma), Midnight proceeded to block Mocha and declare victory but alas, it was premature... As the second he uploaded a status declaring his new rule where each passerby must follow, the troll ridiculed him for being a general pussy and not to mention being autistic enough to lie about what happened between the two. Midnight getting her panties into a bigger twist than from the wedgie he got from his high school bully, he proceeded to make a HUGE journal on how Mocha was a 'disgusting, dishonest little cunt'. Memorable quotes resulted from this, such as:

Bullshit, and fuck you for lying about me.

The thing that's makes you the worst is that YOU KNOW FULL WELL that you're arguing in bad faith, you know that what you're saying is bull shit. Yet you ignore the facts, and substitute them for your own fantasy version of what happened. You are a textbook example of a pseudo intellectual, and what you're doing here is defamation. You're lucky that I don't report your ass for slander.




If they were making a genuine point, then I would leave it.



Zack, notice he hid his comments too

No I didn't, you just insulted me, used Ad Lapidem fallacy; then when I LITERALLY SHOWED YOU A PICTURE OF ME HOLDING A DIPLOMA, you used mental contortions and claimed it's fake because it invalidated your claims. Fuck you, you disgusting piece of garbage.




You get called out; and now EVERYONE knows just what a disgusting, dishonest little cunt you are




Fuck off, and KYS.




I'm just angry is all.




It also seems like that journal wasn't enough damage control, because he then proceeded to re-upload Mocha's art and used MSPaint to re-paste bits of Mocha's bio and claimed it a "parody". Mocha seeing this, proceeded to send in a copyright strike on his ass, to which he proceeded to have a bitch fit over.

So in response, I decided to make 10 parody pictures; including an edited version of the DMCA'd picture that can't be taken down ;)




Also, you just made the biggest mistake you've ever made here on DA.




I am about to make 10 parody pictures of you now. Including an edited version of the one you just took down.

You just fucked with the wrong person, now you're gonna pay for it; you fucking down syndrome piece of fucking shit




Though I feel like any other special snowflake; it won't take anything more than the slightest resistance for them to back down.

Unfortunately for them, they started a war; and I won't stop until they get what they did was wrong, or leave.


Zack, and he lost, miserably.

I don't back down either.

I won't stop until they go down. If I get banned, I'll just make a new account.


Zack, which he did.

the photo in question

This resulted in....

Ur B& Bitch.png

Aftermath Responses[edit]

After the great Midnight war, many TARTlets were pleased to see this leaky colostomy bag was b& forever. Then all of a sudden, a video by him was uploaded ridiculing Mocha for doing the right thing, unfortunately the video was taken down, so enjoy this summary (incoming walltext):

Use scrollbar to see the full text

Summary of what I took from this video:

-Midnight got IP banned (Yaaaay!) for what looks like to be repeated copyright infringements of Nazi-Lesbian's art.

-Midnight doesn't understand how fair-use works and thinks he was actually taken down for being right wing

-He calls for his fans, or lack thereof, to go and report Nazi for "false DCMA take downs". This coming from the guy who took someone else's work and used it to insult them.

-He tells other right wingers to "abandon ship" because the site has been taken over by special snowflakes and SJWs

-He says that he didn't do anything wrong but make parody art, which we all know he doesn't actually understand what parody means.

-He tries to shift the blame again onto Nazi who actually did make parody art. She didn't use the picture to attack Midnight but to just have a laugh.

-He calls Deviantart a biased website because his attack picture got him banned while the actual parody pictures weren't taken down. Claims DA is biased against right wingers, yet has no real evidence of this outside of him being taken down for his violation.

-Blames the TOS for him not following the TOS. Maybe if he actually read what the TOS were he would've made the mistakes that he did.

-He claims Nazi "abused" the TOS to get him banned. I can't wait for him to try and explain copyright and fair use though! Considering the fact that I've studied fair use and copyright laws in my program because as producers we have to understand that shit to a T.

-He claims that DA's copyright rules aren't like the DMCA's rules. He thens goes into a bunch of bullshit without evidence which requires it's own point.

-To quote him: "Basically if somebody else created it(?) they can arbitrarily it(?) theirs, even if you've edited it and it doesn't even slightly resemble the original work". OH BOY HERE WE GO....

  1. 1 By "it" I assume you are referring to the copyrighted work.
  1. 2 You can edit someone else's work if you make it transformative, as in changing the meaning of the original piece. If what you made based off of the original work isn't transformative, it is violating copyright law.
  1. 3 Your "parody" was a blatant re-upload of Nazi's art only with bitter text directed at her. Fair use doesn't protect you when you use someone's work in an attack piece.

It's clear he has not idea what he's talking about and is just going based off of what he's either read from youtube commenters, other youtubers who don't understand fair use, or his most likely equally retarded friends who're still in high school.

-In one sentence alone he blames snowflakes, communists and hyper authoritarian totalitarians for why DA is so biased.

-"It is no longer a safe environment". You mock SJWs and snowflakes yet you whine about DA not being a safe space for you.

-He basically tells everyone to leave DA.

-He talks about putting time into work and how you shouldn't on DA because he's been on for 5 years and everything got taken away from him. Oh yes all those vore pictures took so much time and effort right? Even though if you go back to my screenshot of your gallery, they're pretty terrible.

-He compares DA TOS to people with guns to your head.

-Did I mention how he can't speak for shit? He studders more than I do and it's clear he's talking based off of nothing but what comes to his mind.

-Makes the comparison again and whines about DA not being a safe space again.

-"I can't even really believe it honestly"... I can't honestly believe I got taken down for using someone else's work to personally attack them.

-He's not Youtube only, so he's not completely out of our lives forever.

-"I don't really care if you do please report this person". He just contradicted himself in the same sentence... I wanna die

-"They can't get away with this". How dare they understand what fair use is and report me for breaking it!

-He says Youtube's TOS is better than DA's.... Which goes to show how he hasn't read either.

-I have a hard time believing he's 19 years old.

ACR's summary journal on him
Parody video that he hates

Your Fault Not Mine!!1![edit]

Look, I don't know what your deal is, or why you have such a problem with me; but seriously, just stop.

I've literally never done anything to you. And don't claim "DUR HUR YOU MADE PICTURES OF MY COPYRIGHTED WORK!" No, shut the fuck up. You and I both know god damn well that is a load of bullshit. You don't have a copyright on your images, and even if you did; my parody work was transformative so it falls under fair use.

But I digress. Your continual obsession over me, compiled with your nasty, and aggressive attitude isn't appealing to anyone except yourself. Everyone else is watching in shock, mortified by your disgusting behavior. At best you come off as disturbingly creepy, and at worst you look like you have some sort of psychosis. Falsely banning me is one thing, but doxxing me? What the actual fuck dude? What the HELL is your problem?

But anyway, I just wanted to remind you that I never did anything to provoke this strange hatred you have for me, and to highlight how absolutely psychotic you look.

All I want is for you to fuck off. I don't care where you go, or what you do. I haven't even said a fucking word to you in AT LEAST 2 months. Your obsession is unhealthy, and you're getting nothing from your tirade except for a big part of even the left-wing side of DA to hate you as well.

Seriously, seek help for whatever illness you have, and leave me alone.



Zack didn't seem to learn from his previous mistakes, and decided to go for round 2. He soon be later get DMCA'd to death, and ran off. Conclusion? Use a condom kids. While it is unknown what exactly happened to Zackaube, it's been highly agreed upon that it met the same as Midnight-Fantom, b&. And nothing of value was lost!


Before Midnight became infamous on DA's political section, he was known on Jewtube for his rant videos, from either Black Veil Brides to the My Little Pony fandom. He's basically copying off tips from a "How to Become Famous in the Ranting Community" off of wikiHow. Besides doing generic content, he previously used to post gaming videos and googling weird/cringy shit. Basically he's Onision, but without the underage girlfriend controversy; (he was taking a tranny named Boot's nudes under the impression they were only 16) mainly due to the fact that he never actually had a girlfriend because traps are gay. Not to mention, he had an annoying gimmick where he'd shove his beautiful face to the point that it covers the entire screen, and autistically screech "WHAT'S UP MOTHERFUCKA?!?!", loud enough to burst your fucking eardrums. Despite coming off as the average unpopular Youtuber at first, he's actually a massive bunker buster of Autism waiting to go off. And yes, it did end up getting set off by Youtube ranter Blazin' Rants. But that's another story.

wtf he loves copyright now?

Return As Esoteric Entity[edit]

Once he realized people can see that he has all of the facial characteristics of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome he decided to rip off another channel called Mr. Dapperton. He even used the same artist he did because he's a massive faggot with no originality. His content is usually him ranting on about typical lolbert talking points, giving ling winded technical economic information that's really just word salads if you understand it, and perfectly reasonable proof his channel is being targeted by the Illuminati.

some other sperg exposing his word salad

Eso's involvement with the Tsar Bomba Drop and Operation Blueism[edit]

The Tsar Bomba data drop happened because Esoteric Entity was caught threatening to leak the nudes of a trap he thought was 16 after it came out she was really a he. Acting out of sexual insecurity and not wanting his faggotry known, Esoteric Entity teamed up with another YouTuber named Operation Blueism, who was already infamous in the YouTube anarchist community for being a doxxer and overall scum bag, and decided to also include their pals Filthy Heretic and The Journey Less Traveled in their attempt to acquire CP and use it to falsely slander their political rivals, who for years now have been calling out the scummy activity of Esoteric Entity and Operation_Blueism and the overall anti-intellectualism of their group. For months they kept making videos to hype up the drama they were spewing, and when finally releasing the data drop and it was do damning all of the commies went to jail and Eso and friends were lauded as heroes by the YouTube community stupid and just screenshots of misunderstood memes, obvious jokes, and people debating about age of consent laws in their respective countries. After the data drop it was revealed how fraudulent their activity was. Blue kept the "evidence" all to himself and only alluded to it to Esoteric, and Esoteric willing played along, willing to not just withhold potential evidence from the police for potential YouTube subscribers, but also withhold justice from potential victims. After Eso was done shooting himself in the foot he began a campaign of harassing Mr.Dapperton with Blue, looking at court records to acquire information on his family to dox and harass them as well. They weren't done being Faggot just yet, Esoteric Entity began to make videos on how Mr. Dapperton was apparently a deadbeat dad and linking to court records that say Mr. Dapperton sued to not only have DNA testing done to confirm it was his child, and to pay more in child support because he found out he wasn't giving enough like a typical deadbeat. Esoteric's illiteracy caused the whole drama to stop, until he himself began to work against Blue with a secret group that this OP happened to be part of. This was when the "The Blue Tapes" were leaked (by OP) unto Operation Blueism's ED page and later unto YouTube by some marxist objectivist egoist Operation Blueism 2.0 Hoppeian /leftypol/ shitposter Alt-righter fag Jim Jesus who archived the videos. Which shows the extent of Esoteric Entity's knowledge that the data drop was a load of shit and were actively attempting to slander Mr. Dapperton and others. Esoteric Entity got upset when OP leaked the videos, because it made it more obviously how he was willing to slander and libel others as pedophiles for YouTube subscriptions, and eventually the discord server was closed due to inactivity and Blue committed digital suicide. This whole incident was caused because Esoteric Entity was caught being a trap loving faggot and wanted to cover it up by slandering others as pedos whilst hoping it'll make him look good again. The videos and evidence mentioned can be found here and on Operation Blueism if you care. Subscribe to TrueDilTom.

Content Cheka: Esoteric Entity and pals by Bat'ko
Content Cheka: Esoteric Entity and pals (part 1.5) by Bat'ko
Esoteric Entity: The Furry Who Cried Slander by Michelle Catlin
Ancap Civil War Over a Script Kiddie: Operation Blueism by Jim Jesus
Esoteric Entity and Friends Commit Career Suicide by Michelle Catlin
A Case Study in Pathological Lying: Esoteric "The Free" Entity and Blueism by Jim Jesus
(Danov mirror) Debunking the Tsar bombas accusations against the leftypol discord by Bat'ko & Danov

Memehood and The Great Uncrossing[edit]

Some weeb on Twatter took note of a few commentary channels on YouTube with furry avatards of which Esoteric Entity and his video about The Christchurch Shooting was one. The tweet with his image went viral and started a trend of labeling YouTube commentators as "Rantsonas." They started raiding his channel by disliking and reporting it to YouTube which it was taken down for the same reason most of his other videos were taken down; to hide the truth and that everyone who disagrees with me is a Marxist.

Because Eso doesn't like it when people embarrass him more than he embarrasses himself, he decided to upstage them by trying to flex on a high-IQ economist to a debate on a live stream from another YouTuber. Everyone is gangsta until the cartoon YouTuber's avatar crosses his arms but never underestimate the power of sheenie magic. You could say it was a bad fur day.


YouTube Suspentions and Bans[edit]

You may think that YouTube is banning him for knowingly breaking YouTube's Jew new rules regarding conspiracy theories about mass shootings or linking to shooter's manifestos but you'd be wrong. You see, there's a massive campaign against him because he and he alone will end the state with counter-economics autistic word salad videos and FNET which is a program that will make the state collapse by decentralizing and anonymizing the internet and making it uncensorable some networking code that some Mormon faggot forked and hasn't had a single commit for over a year because he doesn't know shit about computers and thinks NetBus is still a thing and DNS servers can hack your computer. Google is part of the jew conspiracy against ancaps and they love communists which is why only Marxists and feminists are allowed on Twitter now. These aren't delusions of grandeur because he's truly the second coming of Samuel Edward Konkin III and his 3 thousand subscribers proves he's the biggest libertarian thinker since Rothbard. If you doubt him, just look at his track record. He said the US Dollar will collapse in 2018, the Illuminati already chose Andrew Yang as the DNC nominee in 2020, and that Antifa will start their revolution in November of 2018. All of which came true. Don't you dare call him an idiot though, it hurts his feelings and he well try to flex on you with 5 dollar words he pretends to understand.

Don't worry, guys. He will take down the government so he can shitpost on YouTube again. No steppy


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