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Of future.png
They piled in, niggering everything in sight...


Steve Albini

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All a.k.a. OFWGKTA, Odd Future or Oh Fuck Will God Kill These Animals, is a rap group made up entirely of black 13 year old boys, best known for their extremely misogynistic, homophobic, uber-Satanic lyrics and beloved by white hipster faggots eager to show off their individuality by flooding their Failbook profiles with the group's music.
NWW: Niggers With Waterguns
Yup, pretty much.
It's led by rapper Tyler the Creator, and although the group consists of 9 other members, it's really only Tyler that's creating the drama, with fuggie coon Earl Sweatshirt and brokeback Frank Ocean helping out with popularity by prostituting on tour and Twitter. Like their fellow shitty viral rap artist Lil B, their lyrics place a special emphasis on the gay 16 year old girl slang term swag (Secretly We Are Gay), which coincidentally happens to rhyme with fag. It should be no surprise that all of the members are secretly gay anyway.


Hailing from the white ghetto of South Central Los Angeles, California, Odd Future started like how every other hipster band in the world starts: by getting blogged about on Pitchfork.com after sucking the executive's handsome cock. Although, this time it was a little different and rough on the throat because of Pitchfork's decision to use a reference from a certain website, inciting much drama on the internet.

On Odd Future's debut Pitchfork.com article, Pitchfork described them in the headline as "The /b/ boys", presumably because of the fact that niggers always like to play basketball, but also because the blog found similarities between the group and 4chan's anonymous users' offensive language and imagery.

HA HA, all them /b/tards mad. Notice how Tyler has his cock out. The burnt faggot wants your uncle to eat it up.
Lucas Vercetti, the groupie hoe that all the Odd Future fans want to be.
Pic related: it's you thinking you're Tyler.
As expected, all the anonymous users on /b/ were uber-butthurt, venting much anger and rage online, though, nobody really payed any attention to them anyway cause they're just a bunch of furfags.

Tyler, the Creator[edit]

Police.gif HOLY SHIT this nigga got arrested for starting riots that cause drunk drivers to mow down his own fans!
Tyler is also a judge on America's Next Top Model.
I think we found the Chupacabra porchmonkey.
Screencap of Tyler's hit video, "Yonkers."
Tyler, intimating his favorite pastime.
Never compare Tyler to this man, ever. We promise it will not make any OF fans butthurt.
Odd Führur Golf Wang Kill All Teh Jews

Tyler, the Creator (aka Tyler Gregory Okonma) is an annoying trolling attention whore, as well as the asthmatic, Silverback Gorilla Alpha-Male and most popular member of OFWGKTA, along with his brother Earl Sweatshirt and the group's gay nigger banshee Frank Ocean. Tyler often has secret African mutual meetings with Earl and Frank to cope with his inner feelings. Despite his asthma and facially deformed looks, Tyler has proven to be an excellent batty performer in the bedroom, and can go thousands of miles per hour without stopping and popping that fat nasty ass in the air!

His debut Tumblr-released mixtape in 2009, Bastard, became the emotional subject of much internet controversy and established Tyler as a truly special presence within the underground hip hop scene: if nothing else, it can be said that Tyler is truly the First Generational Ape of his species to combine lyrics about murder, rape, cannibalism and necrophilia with references to children's movies and cartoons and a bizarre inclination toward Nazism (all with a Darth Vader-esque baritone, no less), which is nothing short of sheer epic brilliance!

Needless to say, Tyler often displays his stunted mental growth and manchild fagolescent tendencies in his obsession with Cartoon Network, Spongebob, kitty cats and dinosaurs, not to mention his frequent nerd rage with the media, the internet and his own fan base. He also likes to BAWWWWW about his absentee father, who probably killed his nigger self anyway after knowing that he would birth such an unattractive, sub-human orangutan.

As for his fixation with rape and misogyny, it can only be said that it probably has something to do with his own failure to get laid before he got internet famous. Adding to his already evident immaturity, he uses the words "fuck" and "faggot" as constant word filler in his rhymes, those two words appearing over 9000 times in each of his songs due to him being an in denial assfucker who just wants kiddy coolness, along with our acceptance. Due to his apparent homophobia, he has become a significant target of batshit insane pro-gay white knight organizations; however, accusations of homophobia on Tyler's part are usually dismissed due to Odd Future members Frank Ocean and Syd tha Kid each being emasculated emosexual and bush-scrapping lesbian, respectively. Although most chalk up his use of Nazi imagery to shock value, he seems to show a genuine sympathy for Adolf Hitler, as evidenced by his hesitation to divulge his (apparently positive) thoughts about Hitler on Formspring and his listing Hitler as an "influence" on his old Myspace. Albeit in reality, he's just a self-hating black Neo-Nazi trapped in the closet of Nigra.

Like you and me, Tyler has a bad case of USI and, in his own words, "chronic masturbation." Now kids, this is simply a very normal, frequent symptom of Jesus-like virginity. Oh, and he's fucks with (literally and figuratively) Justin Bieber, which is even more of reason to never take him seriously. Really.

The meaning behind Tyler's stage name is unknown, although most agree that it probably has some connection to Tyler's ardent atheism and Supremacist asshole tendencies. Some have speculated that it's a reference to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's existentialist ideas of self-creation. However, this seems rather unlikely considering that fapping to comic books is as close to high literature as Tyler gets. His intelligent fans get really pissed when you forget to include the comma in his pseudonym, pronounce his name "Taylor", and say anything negative or ignorant about their precious, angelic Creator and his bitchmade act.


Fuck it, Odd Future some Nazis, black Nazis don't copy



Wave high to the Ritalin regiment

Double S shit, swastikas on the Letterman


—Tyler, Earl Sweatshirt


Rudolph, Adolf, Hitler
Rollin' with nineteen 88's like it's 1988



—Tyler, The Creator


Boogyin' with Jesus and a bunch of Nazi hoes


—Tyler, The Creator


And treat the beat like sanitized nazi pussies, I'm a German


—Earl Sweatshirt


Two nazi dykes shittin' in a Synagogue


—Tyler, The Creator


Odd Future Wolf Gang Nazi bar mitzvah




Tyler the Creator invented some new shit
And it's probably from the Illuminati, Nazi descent



—Tyler, The Creator

The Other Unpopular Odd Future Members[edit]

  • Earl Sweatshirt - The only talented member of the group. Often flaunts his big nigger lips, which he uses to give fellatio to Lil B and his fellow homosexuals in Odd Future. His lyrics are all about raeping teh wimminz, necrophilia, guro and fapping to Asher Roth. Unlike the other gay niggers in OF, Earl does it for the lulz.
  • Frank Ocean - The queer-eye guy that made the spotlight with his splendid obviously Auto-Tuned voice, which he received by giving his daddy Billy Ocean a BJ. He's currently dating Miguel, Chris Brown, & Lil Wayne since all gays are whoring savages. You can't be bisexual and not be a faggot. Not that he even tries to act bisexual, which he doesn't.
  • Hodgy Beats - Handjob assistant for Left Brian and Tyler. He's the rappin' Chinky Coon man.
  • Domo Genesis - A chubby bitch who does nothing but smokes weed and makes pootholes in his drawls.
  • Left Brain - The Blackest guy in the group. Also extremely fugly in the face. He burns up babies, twists bitches' necks, pisses on animals and plants, and destroys buildings because deep down he's sexually confused as a sick producer.
  • Mike G - Another waste of space. The reason he doesn't have any songs out is because he's too busy getting high, sucking dick on and off the mic, and feeding the kids with food stamps and welfare money, like every other nigger on Earth does.
  • Syd tha Kyd - An unattractive pussy butcher who is a "Syd The Kid" imposter. Fucked her own bro once. Damn shame cuz she used to be straight and pretty until that bitch got Draino poured on her face, which got ran over by a Chinese train 10 seconds after.
  • Matt Martians - An openly gay house producer whose lifetime partner is Hal. Typical bald flamboyant gay man whose cousin is Benson from The Regular Show.
  • Hal Williams - Who gives a fuck about this guy? All we care about is that he's a queer.
  • Taco Bennett - The untalented Nick Cannon clone who is the most fucking useless member of the group. Syd the dyke's his older sister.
  • Jasper Dolphin - Domo's lil' bro. Also a fat fuck poothead. He's also a stupid morbidly obese drunkard that lusts after Miley Cyrus even though he couldn't get a blind, down syndrome ridden crackwhore to fuck him.
  • Casey Veggies - That shitty guy who left because he wanted to date Macintosh Miller & Joey Bitcha$$.
  • brandUn DeShay - A Christfag runaway who got kicked out because he refused to take it up the ass then the mouth by his Father Tyler.
  • Lionel Richie - Or L-Boy. He's OF's bodyguard of the entire Long Beach. Despite his built body and strength, he's an Uncle Tom wimp-ass nigga. He was a stunt double for Courage the Cowardly Dog once.
  • Lucas Vercetti - A weak desperate female that most OF fans look like. This Blondie Snowman is Tyler's personal nuthugger and blows strange men just to stalk and linger around the Odd Future porno stages. OF's personal boytoy.


The Unholy Trinity of OF fandom[edit]

Generally speaking, although all OF fans are insufferable faggots by definition, they can easily be categorized into three categories of fail.

Earl gets grounded from OF by his mom[edit]

Odd Future: Scumbag Steve's favorite band
brb, Samoa
This nigga ugly.

Around the time that Odd Future started getting alot of attention, another popular member, Earl Sweatshirt, had mysteriously vanished from the scene. There was much speculation on teh interwebz as to where he had gone to, but gossip website Complex did some research and found that Earl had been sent to Coral Reef Academy in Samoa by his mom in an effort to ground him because of his fucking awesome music and his behavior towards her. The website provided a screencapture of facebook post a friend had made about Earl explaining the incident. The lulz kept pouring in when Complex found the official website of the Acadamy and discovered that pictures of him had made it in the promotional advertisements. The following are the two pictures provided by the website that were used to troll OF fans for so long (PROTIP: He's back now, pool's closed):

Lol. "The Program"
Earl, where he belongs
Aw, look- he even made it as the coverboy for the Academy. That's a good little momma's boy!

Odd Future roof riot incident[edit]

On May 12, 2011, Tyler, the Creator had a scheduled autograph signing at Newbury Comics Store in Boston, Massachusetts and Odd Future was booked to play a show that same night nearby. What started as an eventful day quickly escalated into a mass hysteria when an overwhelming amount of people showed up at the comic store forcing locals to close down the street. With everyone standing outside in front of the store, Odd Future decided they could no longer resist their natural instincts, and they proceeded to climb onto the roof of the store to jump around like apes. This caused uber-niggerdom, leading to one cop getting injured and the arrest of a 16 year old girl.

<video type="youtube" id="vg5f3cePANg" width="480" height="360" desc="Odd Future, being DOUBLE NIGGERS." frame="true" position="center"/>

It get's better, though.

Odd Future Lunatics Troll Fox25[edit]

Later that afternoon after being Tyler and a few other crazy killers bail out of a nuthouse, a local noticed that Boston's very own Fox25 was standing by the group's tourbus trying to get an comment from the group on the events. Seeing that there was a very high chance of maximum lulz, the local pulled out his camera and started filming the encounter. The members then started to stick their head out of a tourbus window, trolling the reporter with super-effectiveness, spouting classic lines such as "TRYNA GET A STORY, NIGGA?" and "WANNA SEE MY DICK?!"

<video type="youtube" id="Rga8I-9K1QI" width="480" height="360" frame="true" position="center"/>

Take it away, FOX[edit]

And, as it turned out, the trolling made it to the final cut that night on TV! <video type="youtube" id="UclXWuuvKsA" width="480" height="360" frame="true" position="center"/>

Odd Future vs. Steve Albini[edit]

I can haz lol?

On August 06th, 2011, the official forums of the Electrical Audio website lit up with much drama and lulz when the main man himself, Steve Albini, owner of Electrical and uber-legendary recording engineer faggot, chimed in on a topic about Odd Future.

Apparently, the two forces had met a few months earlier on a shuttle bus in Barcelona, Spain. Steve didn't take too kindly to a bunch of coons riding his white bus. What followed next was a very funnie OL flame war by IRL music peoples that resulted in many lulz.

Steve begins:[edit]

My band shared an airport shuttle with them in Barcelona. They piled onto the shuttle late, after finally getting corralled by their minder, who was nursing a head wound with an ice bag wrapped in a towel. They piled in, niggering everything in sight, motherfucking the driver, boasting into the air unbidden about getting their dicks sucked and calling everyone in the area a faggot. Then one of them lit a joint (or a pipe, I didn't look) and told the driver to shut the fuck up nigger and smoked it anyway. A female passenger tried to engage one of them in conversation, but he just stared at her with a dead-to-me stare while his seatmate flipped double birds in her face.

The whole trip they complained about not being at a McDonalds and repeatedly shouted for the motherfucker to pull over so they could get some fucking McDonalds nigger. Interspersed with the McDonalds requests were shouted boasts about how often they masturbated and fucked bitches nigger and got paid like a motherfucker fifty grand like a motherfucker. They continued complaining that the trip was taking too long and insisted they be fed immediately all the way to the airport, where their minder presumably fed them.

I am quite happy none of them engaged me directly, because at least one of us would have regretted it.


—Albini, butthurt that he had to share a bus with niggers

Tyler, The Creator responds via twitter[edit]

Of course, it didn't take long for word to come back around and immediate Tyler, the Creator took to his twitter account with this:

You don't "nigger everything insight", you say?

He also added:

4. We (Odd Future) never discuss how much we are making a show in public, ever. 5. Me nor anyone I know in my age group know who you are, old ass. Surprised you knew how to use a computer


—Tyler, the Creator, telling some old man to STFU

Odd Future's publicist tells Albini, "cool story, bro"[edit]

They act tough, but we all know they like homosex.

The drama was still not quite over. In a response to a Chicagoist.com journalist who was following-up the story, Odd Future's publicist, Heathcliff Berru, released the following statement to the website about the matter:

... Tyler never harassed the driver ... i was sitting up there in the passenger seat next to him. they may have asked for Mcdonalds once but i told them we were late and we kept it moving. i also never heard anyone drop racial slurs in that manner. it was 5 or 6am. we were all tired and grumpy and i think Albini was also salty that they had to wait on us to get into the ride. ... flipping birds to a female passenger doesn't make any sense either! it's a cool story though bro!


Cool story, bro!

UPDATE: "Albino" get last word in; sucks Tyler, the Creator's cock[edit]

Finally, responding to the journalist's follow-up of the Chicagoist.com article, Steve threw in the towel, ending the OL trolling, at least for now, with this to say in closing:

For what it's worth, that dude's voice is really cool...


—Steve "Albino", being a fag, talking about how Tyler, the Creator is actually a pretty cool guy

Left Brain slaps a bitch[edit]

On October 30, 2011, Odd Future came into the spot light again, this time over drama that Left Brain had started.

According to reports, Left Brain was getting physical with photographers at a show in New Orleans, flinging water at them, and doing other typical stuff that niggers do. When Left Brain saw that there was in fact a wimmins in the group, he proceeded to ask himself the most vaild question any man could possibly ask in that situation, "WHY AIN'T U IN THE KICHENS, WOMAN??!?1?" , and then slapped the hoe right in the kisser.

NBC33 released this quote of female photographer trying to prove that Left Brain did in fact discriminate against women:

In the pit, the male to female ratio is about 20 to 1. There were way more men in that pit than women.


—Amy Harris, giving her best BAWWWWWW story

<video type="youtube" id="jlqS2gHhRD8" width="480" height="360" frame="true" position="center"/>

Naturally, much lulz and approval did insue after the fact, but the enemies of the lulz tried to fight back, demanding accountability for the incident saying stuff like "OMG HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED" and "ODD FUTURE HATES WIMMINS!!".

Yeah... suree you didn't.
Fortunately, Odd Future's publicist Heathcliff Berru came to the rescue once again, putting on his best trollface, telling the lamestream news sources and feminazis exactly what they needed to hear: "NO U"!

There simply is no truth to the accusation floating around the internet. It's no secret that Odd Future has a love/hate relationship with photographers at shows simply because sometimes they are given access the group wishes their fans would have instead.


—Odd Future's publicist, doing a damn fine job

Thankfully, the tactic had worked like a charm and the female reporter never filed any charges.

Feminazis get offended[edit]

During the 2013 tour of Tyler the Creator's visit to the land of crocodiles and kangaroos, radical feminist Talitha Stone was extremely offended by the lulzy lyrics in Tyler's music mentioning rape, which she wholeheartedly hates. So, she gathered up the members of Collective Shout, an armed and dangerous militia composited entirely of radicalized sex-negative feminists, to tattle to the government that Tyler should never be allowed to visit Australia and rap about rape in front of the children. But the government didn't give a shit, despite getting some conservative douchebag to support them. So, they let Odd Future in to Australia and rap their feelings under the rights of free speech that feminists don't even know about. Tyler was asshurt when he heard about Talitha's plans to deport his nigger ass back to America, so he ranted about her being a cunt during his show in Sydney. After his ranting, he dedicated his hit single, "Domo23" to her.

What Tyler didn't know is that Talitha was in the audience of the show, trying to start a failed feminazi protest in order to "educate" about feminism and rape. Soon, she was bombarded by 13 year old boys and other niggers on Twitter on how she is a bitch and should kill herself. Fearing that a teenager on social media would attempt to pwn her IRL, she reactively reported Tyler's fanbase to the police, but they weren't able to do shit as they can't control the Internet like she imagined that they would do.

SXSW Music Festival rundown and riot[edit]

Ruh roh!

Tyler the Cream-eater was filmed encouraging his rowdy zoo of a fanbase to break down a barrier at one of his shows so that they could somehow squeeze into a Texas venue already crammed to maximum capacity with sweaty gorillas, white nerds wanting to suck toes like Lucas Vercetti, and drunken whores.

This happening just days after other reputable members of his failbase drove drunk at the SAME festival while trying to evade police, relieving the planet of 2 Odd Futuretards and injuring 23 more. Tyler surrended $25,000 to bail out, and is currently facing one year in the nigger rehabilitation center.

Loiter Squad[edit]

Odd Future is so popular that they were warranted a TV show of their own on Adult Swim. The show is basically Jackass without the SUPER XTREME STUNTS and Kay & Peele without the funny, mixed together and resulting in a pile of shit. This is the show that boosted popularity of the group to be considered more mainstream and made Tyler more famous than ever. If you want to blame someone for making OF famous, blame Adult Swim for letting this show run for three seasons and still shitting the airwaves.

Even this acclaimed reviewer is not impressed with the humor.

<video type="youtube" id="ZmNc4VNQXuA" width="480" height="360" desc="This is considered comedy by 13 year old boys." frame="true" position="center"/>

People who are offended by Odd Future[edit]

How to troll Odd Future fans[edit]

You at an Odd Future show.

If you want to troll Odd Future fans just go to the comments section of any Odd Future video on YouTube and do the following:

  • Tell them that Odd Future has no talent and are just shock-rap.
  • Compare them to the Insane Clown Posse. (Perhaps the most effective trolling technique on this entire list, despite the fact that Odd Future makes the exact same kind of music.)
  • Tell them that Steve Harvey is actually a pretty cool guy.
  • Tell those fuckers that Tyler Perry is Tyler's biological father, who has actual talent.
  • Tell them that you like Odd future better without Earl Sweatshirt.
  • Inform them that anyone in Odd Future whose not named Earl, Tyler, or Frank are unimportant cunts.
  • Tell them that Wolf sucked, Eminem & Nas are better than shitty Earl, and they are Idiot Liberal Kiddies.
  • Inform the little dick gobbling bastards that everyone in Odd Future is openly gay or closeted. They also endure great-tasting Italian goatse.
  • Make a topic on the Odd Future Talk forum and tell the fucktard stans how much they and Odd Future suck. You get infinite points if you use wildly comical sarcasm.
  • Inform them that all of OFWGKTA are evil Devil Worshippers.
  • Tell everyone on Odd Future Talk and the Youtube comment sections of any Odd Future-related video that they are going to get brutally ass raped in Hell when Da God comes back.
  • Remind them that Odd Future can't skate for shit and that they are actually just posers.
  • Say Hopsin is better than Tyler, the Creator.
  • Post Sweatshirt lyrics and attribute them to Tyler
  • Join these two forums: OFT - [1] and KTT - [2]. Talk about how much dic OFWGKTA (both), Kendrick Lamar (KTT only), and Kanye West (KTT only) suck.

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Those Dying Alone

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Their Methods

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