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Plenty of Fish main site.

Plenty of Fish, (also known as POF or Plenty of Fat), is an online dating site mainly for gays, fatties, trolls, emowhores, your mom, and the mentally challenged. The site was created at least 100 years ago for the herpes victims looking for love on the internets. Scientists have done a recent study on Plenty of Fish and have found a shocking statistic of at least 49% of girlfriends have found their boyfriend for life on this shitty website. Most users on Plenty of Fish are either wrist cutters and/or beached whales, some of which are infect with deadly STDs. Rarely, a semi-attractive woman makes an appearance, but you can bet that they are single for a reason, normally due to their unrealistic expectations of what they want in their partner or because they are batshit crazy. It has been proven that if you're a male on the site sending messages (regardless of quality), you have better chances of meeting your soul-mate next door that same day than of ever getting a single reply back. Ever.

Long story short: don't bother with it, at all.

Creator and God of Plenty of Fish[edit]

Gee, I wonder why he had to create a website for hideous single people?

Markus, the creator of Plenty of Fish, is a noob claiming that his site is 100% original and is at least 100% better than all dating sites simply because there is no credit card invloved, and you can't put a price on love, can you? WRONG! The world is an enourmous clusterfuck, and we all demand at least 100 million things. If one of those things isn't present, we go apeshit and act as if it was the end of the world.

49% of women who leave found their boyfriend here. Love really IS just a click away.


—Markus, a shocking statistic research breakthrough.

Let's take your typical dramawhore POF profile and mock it![edit]

Oh, yes.

This, of course, is your typical retarded, fat emowhore. Let's call this girl Bonnie. profile Now notice how she conveniently darkened her image to hide her horrific acne, and then twisted herself to an angle that make herself not look so fucking ENORMOUS. However, the internet hate machine does not look too kindly on you, walrus using an FGAS picture.

If super thin is your thing then I'm not for you. I have curves coming and going and there are way too many men out there who like a curvy woman to deal with one who wants to change me.


—What this really means is she is extremely fat, and is trying to word her fatness in such a way to make it more acceptable to herself, and possibly any unsuspecting victim.

This girl sounds like she's overflowing with intelligence, every second word seems to be 'fuck'. Oh for fuck sakes, they have MySpace as well. Fat girl, fat guy. Bangme Wayn

You should cut down on the carbs and maybe the internet hate machine wouldn't be so bitter towards you.

Quotes from the lonely[edit]

I'm 5'2", size 10, curvy, blonde hair, dark eyes. I'm really specific about what i like so i'm looking for an ambitious, hard working, loyal black man


—User ll2000 clearly needs a few things pointed out to her re. blacks, loyalty and hard work.

I'm a very honest kind of gal and say what I think. I'm down to earth and friendly.


—User Clarrybell :speak to this girl for a better understanding of the words "unfriendly", and the phrase "up her own arse".

Well I decided its time to get off my well worn velour sofa, wade through the empty cans of Stella, chuck the numerous pizza boxes in the bin (after finishing the left over crusts) and get myself a life.....well i made it as far as my laptop and got outta breath, note to self....must cut down on the lambert and bulters!


—User scorchey from Telford wonders why she is a fat, single, dwarf.

Protips and facts about Pof[edit]

  • Use iMacros for Firefox or Chrome to visit every single users profile, add them to your favorites and to your 'Meet Me' list.
  • Fat girls need love too
  • NEVER use or disclose your real name, address, phone number (use Google Voice) or email.
  • Make an asshole profile, women love to be treated like shit [1]
  • Get them on the phone and off POF as soon as possible
  • Send messages to ALL of them, even ugly ones and fat ones, doesn't matter what you say, if they answer back it means they will fuck.
  • Don't wear a condom, cum deep in her pussy, take lots of pictures, laugh your ass off, RUN!
  • Never pay for premium there is no extended profile it's a scam. & If you are a guy chances

are your profile will be banned for no fucking reason before your subscription runs out.

  • Pof is pro woman and anti guy they will always take the womans side for example

if you flag an escort profile you are the one ending up being banned for no fucking reason. If you check back a week later the escort profile is still there.

  • If you get into a relationship with a woman from Pof then you guys break up

she will be back on Pof in less than 2 weeks like your relationship meant nothing.

  • Pof is a like a shopping mall for woman there is so many guys to choose from

and there will always be someone better than you so don't take it personally if you get no responses from your messages.

  • If you give a woman a simple complement on Pof most of the time

she will treat you like a serial killer and block you from everything she has added you on without reason. Then she will set her pics to private on Pof.

  • You go on a date an get a woman drunk then have sex when she wakes up the next day

and realizes you are not that attractive she can claim rape. Sad but true.

In my opinion Pof is garbage you have more luck meeting a woman in real life than using that site. I have met more woman offline than Pof.

Get your self Unbanned[edit]

Guys often get banned for no reason at all even If you follow terms of use Pof is anti guy and pro woman. Here is a quick way to be unbanned it will take you 5min or less.

Don't use WIFI works best when using your phone data Click sign up on the Pof app Use a random email like it does not half to be a legit email address must be hotmail. Use a different postal code from your area. Fill out your profile add a random user to your favorite Then re check make sure the user was added to your favorites If the user was added to your favorite if so then your unbanned This method worked for me

Plenty of Shitty internet servers[edit]

Cheap ass creator Markus uses shit ass servers for the shitty site.

Any Plenty of fish user will soon realize the website often goes down or lags when using it on your computer.

This site lagged so bad once It fucked up my modem had to reboot it to get my internet back and the website was still down for a while.


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