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Dr. Richard Cevantis Carrier is a sexual harasser who prior to being banned for life for harassing women from Skepticon, was a 2-bit writer for Atheism+ and Freethought Blogs; and was one of the few SJW pickup artists in existence.

Prior to his disgrace, he was a cult icon among nerdy pimple-faced atheists SJWs, and male feminists known for his PUA writings on "SJW game", teaching atheist virgins everywhere how to get laid and fuck other mens' wives at atheist conventions, using such smooth pickup lines as "Competence is erotic, and sharing sexual experiences with empowered women like you is so what I want out of life"., Silly girl, you are way to cute to forget, you make me pine for my youth! Of course I know who you are :-), and "I was fuzzy on your last name because I'm getting senile. Lois Lane's hot sister? The one Superman secretly desires? Got it." No really.

He also recommends telling chicks you're trying to take home that you've got a vasectomy and it gives you better stamina during sex.

Despite Dick Handler's "SJW game" being basically just a poor man's Roosh V with all of the "sexist" lines replaced with SJW-approved stuff (e.x. Telling a slut at da club how turned on you are by her "empowerment" instead of her "ass" before you roofie her drink), he was actually a real pimp in the skeptic community, having carried on numerous steamy affairs and attempting to get with other male atheist's wives.

All the while cheating on his own cow of a wife who by his own admission was his main means of financial support due to him making less off of his shitty atheist writings than a full-time McDonald's cashier. Though whether his luck with women is really due to him being a playa with mad seduction skillz, or just due to the generally abyssmal attractiveness of other male atheists in comparison is up for debate. For that matter, if he was such a Casanova, it's also quite odd that he also made a blog post begging ex-hookers to give him free sex, claiming to be turned on by women the more past sex partners they've had (not to mention him admitting to being a semen fetishist).

Eventually shit hit the fan when other male atheists found out about his leet game skilz with teh wimmin, became jealous, and ratted him out to his wife. To which he tried to save face by declaring that PUAs are just born with polyamorus sexual orientation - meaning if you object to him fucking around while married, or to Neil Strauss trying to take your 17 year old daughter home after supplying her with Jack Daniels - you're just bigoted against their sexuality!


Richard Carrier having hot atheist sex with your girlfriend.

After being outed as a playa, his wife divorced him, but that was not the end of his lecherous shenanigans. Eventually he tried to pull his moves on an uptight feminist student of his who didn't find his game all dat swag, and continued to stalk her for over a month with creepy emails (which he dubbed "polyamorous love letters"). Around the same time, it also came out that Dick Handler had been asking for bribes in the form of sex from some young college slut in exchange for writing her a letter of recommendation (in his own words, Carrier demanded that the slut die her hair "sexy black" like Lois Lane).

His sleazy behavior came to light and resulted in him getting permbanned from Skepticon conferences, to which the skinny creep retaliated by filing $2,000,000 libel lawsuit against his accusers claiming they'd damaged his potential to make money off of his shitty writing. The irony is that in his own sworn affidavits, Carrier more or less shot himself in the foot and ended up inadvertently admitting that all of the allegations were true - on top of that by his own admission he's only earned a max of $15,000 per year from his writings (while letting his wife financially support him and his 'polyamorous' lifestyle), meaning his suit was for the equivalent of more than 100 years wages, and was promptly laughed out of court. Today he's basically considered the Ted Haggard or Jimmy Swaggart of the atheist community.

Not that he's more or less a social pariah within the atheist community (which, ironically, is already a community of social pariahs), he'll likely end up just dropping off the grid. His only career potential at this point is to make like Roosh V, and start writing bad "pickup guides" for atheists and SJWs who want to learn how to pick up the cute blonde feminist in the campus gender studies class.


On his blog Carrier displays his narcissism and USI, proclaiming himself "world renowned author" (despite his entire website getting viewers than individual Youtube videos by neckbeards like Thunderf00t and TheAmazingAtheist).

His doctorate is a PhD in ancient history from Columbia University; unsurprisingly despite having no credentials in science, he loves to toot his horn about "awesome science is" just like your average Fedora-wearing internet atheist does (despite him not even understanding bare basics such as the difference between natural and social sciences).

Beyond that, his only notable work being a crappy conspiracy theory book trying to prove that Jesus never existed (something which is more or less considered a crank theory by the majority of professional historians).


Prior to being outed as a sex-addicted pervert and pathological liar, Richard Carrier was one of the leading voices in the Atheism + cult arguing for stricter sexual harassment and "speech" policies to protect women and minorities. And also had the audacity to falsely accuse another atheist (Michael Shermer) of rape on his blog (with the only 'proof' being an anonymous Tumblr post which never surfaced to anything). Other than that, during Thunderf00t's schism with PZ Myers and FTB, Carrier threw a little bitchfit on his blog, trying to prove that Thunderf00t was a sociopath due to his alleged insensitivity to women and feminisim. In hindsight Dick Handler's behavior, much like that of a closeted gay homophobe like Fred Phelps, seems very self-reflecting.

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