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Shoe0nHead = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

So RationalWiki is a biased website. It is biased and they even acknowledge the fact that they are biased. They are like Encyclopedia fucking Dramatica.


—Dropped0nHead, Just for comparing us to RW you deserve this article.

What June wants her orbiters to think she looks without makeup. Note the eyebrows, eyeliner, and foundation.
What she'll look like if she reads this article Considering she Google searches her name every minute, she's 100% already read this. Hi Shoe!
Were you looking for the shitty meme "Put Shoe On Head" ? - Why? Is it 2006 again?
Were you looking for our own ShoeOnHead ? - Again, why?

Shoe0nHead (AKA June Nicole La Porta or Lapine because it's French for bunny and she's so soft and cute uwu) is a 28 year old failed film student, and S&M submissive fetishist that only just moved out of her parents' home at the age of 27, after having dropped out and given up on filmmaking due to having zero talent, and is now unemployed and getting by on handouts from fellow losers on YouTube.

Prior to this, she spent nearly 8 years desperately trying to become internet famous by whoring for the attention of horny virgins online and posting nudes on 4chan, before stumbling onto a community of boxxy stalkers whose userbase worshiped at her feet, while she acted as their cum-rag by being a full-time boxxy lookalike, until they stole her nudes and she left.

She then had another one of her orbiters create as a honeypot to obsessively stalk people who gossiped about her for over a year, then changed her entire personality again and disappeared for a year, reemerging during GamerGate to finally find "success" in the form of an audience of fedora-wearing MRAs that cream their pants at the idea of a cute-ish girl (they don't know she's bald) who hates feminism, even if she hasn't made a single intelligent argument in any of her videos (even by YT skeptic's standards).

Today June continues to waste her life, making 1 video every 2 months in the lowest possible quality, as she laughs at how pathetic her fanbase is, sells them out to a company that used them as practice targets for a self-teaching censorship bot, harasses mentally disabled people on twitter, blocks anyone who disagrees with her and plans to marry a 35 year old, morbidly obese, manchild divorcee and youtuber, who cheated on his wife with her (and like 10 other girls), and who she cheated on her boyfriend with, who now openly cheats on her as well, as her fans continue to jerk off while thinking about her and then pay her to cuck them with some other guy, that then cucks her in return.


June on Unichan - Obsessive Boxxy Stalker[edit]

Before being known as "Shoe0nHead", June was a known internet thot who would spam 4chan with her nudes. This until she discovered "Unichan", a community of psychotic Boxxy stalkers who were infamous for hacking Boxxy's computer, driving Boxxy into hiding and doxing her again to then show up at the house she was hiding from them in like a bunch of serial killers.

There June finally found "fame" due to her resemblance to Boxxy, and began acting as her clone for the sad nerds on the forum to jerk off to. This continued for some time until she made the mistake of agreeing to hang out IRL with the multiple men she had been leading on for years while already dating one of them behind their back. You would expect this to end with her getting raped, but no such luck. Instead, one of the fat fucks she rejected, spurred by his dream of fucking someone who looks like boxxy being shattered, stole her phone when she was in the shower and took pictures of her screen while viewing her photo gallery full of nudes.

After June and her psychopaths returned home, her nudes were dropped on Unichan, alongside the fact she was as slut who is already fucking one of them, and the entire board of heartbroken autistics began openly gossiping and making fun of her, forcing her to leave.

Evenmoreshoe 06.png

June Creates to Spy on Her Stalkers[edit]

June confirmed this true without realizing people can screencap on Discord

Outraged, June had another one of her beta orbiters, a hacker from the site who was famous for hacking Boxxy's computer and was clearly in love with Wig0nHead, create an infamous /cow/ knockoff, called "", just as some of the many Boxxy stalker sites she was involved in were having trouble staying online. She then got its userbases to migrate to her new board so that she and the poor sap who she got to do this for her could spent the next FUCKING YEAR AND SOME CHANGE watching every thread about her like a hawk, trying to smoke out who was talking about her by looking at their IP addresses.

In the end, June gave up and her "friend", who she no longer had a reason to pretend to like, gave the site to someone else and moved on with his life.
Ironically, still exists to this day and continues to be the #1 place online to go laugh at how pathetic its own creator really is.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Moreshoeonhead 02.jpg
"Love letters" exchanged between June and the sad loser she duped into wasting a year of his life stalking internet strangers for her

Additional Gossip from lolcow[edit]

Another story that illustrates how duplicitous and attention hungry Dropped0nHead is, is a rumor about her one-sided relationship with some guy named "Rob", who was a local celebrity that June briefly developed a crush on. So what did she do? Change her entire personality from "KRAZY AND RANDOM XD CLONE OF BOXXXXY June" to "Mega Edgelord June - The Nigger Hater" to impress him, and then lured the lovesick sadsacks from Unichan onto his local access show so he can abuse and laugh at her "friends" with her on live air.


June Leave her Black Boyfriend to Stay Popular with Internet Nazis[edit]

June will suck the dick of literally anyone as long as he's tall enough.

As mentioned, June was able to find herself a boyfriend on Unichan, named "Andrew". There were only 2 problems:

  1. He wasn't an e-fame hungry failure like she was.
  2. He was black.

Having at long last gained the attention she so desperately craved from GamerGate nazis, and combined with the fact that her boyfriend had an apartment, job, was going to school and was trying to get her to grow up and move out of her mom and dad's house instead of staying at home all day and trying get popular online, June dumped her boyfriend so that she'd stop getting flack from /pol/tards about him being black, and in the future would describe their relationship as "Abusive" (ie: him trying to make her act like an adult) as "abusive". Which makes sense, because that's the same way she described her current boyfirend's relationship with his ex wife (who he cheated on with her while she was still dating the nigger) because she wouldn't let him play with toys.

Shoe the Racist About missing Pics
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June is still butthurt about this and will block anyone who brings it up.

June - The fakest bitch alive[edit]

One thing that June's fans don't know about her is: Everything.
June is the fakest person you will ever encounter, lying about every single thing about herself and completely changing her entire personality at the drop of a hat to please whoever it is that is showering her with attention at the moment. Right now June is playing the shy, insecure, nerdy gamer girl who hates feminism to her audience to keep them paying her, while pretending to be a bisexual DDLG fetishist for her boyfriend, so that she can justify to herself letting him treat her like shit and allowing him to fuck other chicks in "threesomes" that she only participates in for his enjoyment because she's too scared he will leave her like he did his wife who wouldn't let him cheat.

Things Shoe0nHead has Lied About

Old friend from Unichan reminisces about have fake and crazy June was

Personal Life: In the past, June has claimed to have been a goth, shy, friendless nerd in high school that got bullied. However, in old videos she forgot to delete she happily admits to being a bully herself. Pictures of her prove she was never a goth and other videos show that both her claim that she had no friends or only guy friend are lies as well.

Appearance: Shoe constantly lies about her height, weight, measurements and wears a wig and 7 tons of makeup to hide the fact she's bald and has the skin of a leper. There's even a theory about her having had a boob job and her photoshopping pictures of herself to make her hips wider/slimmer depending on how fat/malnourished she is at the moment.

Internet History: Shoe will sometimes pretend she never even went to 4chan in her life, but people who know her from way back know she was a camwhore on /b/ and went through a /pol/ phase when she was trying to impress some guy, then had her friend create and allegedly still lurks 8chan and gets caught white knighting herself there from time to time.

Romantic Life: June has claimed to have had 0 boyfriends, only 1 boyfriend, only 2 boyfriends, multiple boyfriends, being a kissless virgin until the age of 21, 15 and 13 and having had multiple sexual relationship. All depending on what crowd she's pandering to now.

Political Views: Liberal, libertarian, left libertarian, unaffiliated, June can be anything! Right now she's quickly disavowing her former right wing "friends" and parroting progressive talking points because she's trying to cozy up to SJWs.

Sexuality: June has stated she's completely straight, bisexual, "demi-sexual" and....... 30% gay. Right now she's pretending to be bi and reluctantly taking part in threesomes with her husband because its moderately better than just letting him cheat outright, which he will if she doesn't do it, just like he did with his ex wife. She also makes fun of fat people a lot, but fails to bring up the fact she used to be pretty chunky and pretends she thinks Armored Skeptic's morbid obesity is hot.

Even her voice changes depending on who she's talking to and her fucking name is fake.

June's First Sad Attempt at E-Fame - "That 90's Show"[edit]

After (or before?) being ousted from the Boxxy stalking community, ShoeGivesHead needed a new way to complete her glorious attention quest. Her plan? Create an unfunny "That 70's Show" ripoff inspired by Fred called "That 90's Show", that was somehow so cringy it made Fred look like Sammy Davis Jr. by comparison (also, the plot begins in 1998, which makes no sense).

Despite only filming 2 episodes and 8 "minisodes", June's unwarranted self importance was so massive, and her belief that this can somehow be used to propel her into stardom so misguided, that she took a page out of the Randy Stair playbook and forced her friends to each create their own YT account where they must post in character at all times (June's character was, of corse, "Loca", the KARAZY WACKY ONE! XDDDD), as well as multiple twitter accounts, two websites where people can add their own fan characters, and a fucking wiki about the show. All of this despite the fact they haven't actually produced anything yet and their "show" had no fans.

The show itself was a fucking atrocity. A poorly acted, poorly written, amateurishly filmed shitshow that felt like an asinine cross between "That 70's Show" and "Friends" that was created by a bunch of people who only know what humor even is because they read the word's definition in a dictionary. And since, aside from June, no one actually cared about this, they quickly devolved into posting blooper reels on their channel that no one cared about, uploading their cringy rants about religion, and making promises of future episodes that (thankfully) never came.

All that is now left of this abortion is listed at the bottom of this article. A dozen dead YT accounts, some abandoned sites and twitter accounts, and one review by an obscure blog, which was the only time anyone ever cared about this tire fire, and even then, just to laugh at it.

#GamerGate and Current Content[edit]

What Shoe0nHead really wants

But after giving up on this for a year or two, finally, June's day had come. After years of trying to become e-famous, GamerGate became Shoe's big break. It was perfect, all she needed to do is hide her bald head and regurgitate lame anti-feminist talking points that she heard in other videos but didn't actually understand. And thanks to Thunderf00t stumbling across her video by mistake and liking it, this earned her the fame she always wanted from an audience of fedora wearing pedophiles who liked her because she looked 16 and said bunch of things they already agreed with. An anti-feminist girl who looks underaged but isn't and who doesn't look like Karen Straughan? She was perfect!

So what if she didn't do any research, never cited her sources, never read her sources and didn't pretend to be an intellectual? Sure, those are things that every other youtube skeptic™ criticizes SJW's for, but Shoe doesn't have to do that because she's a girl and everyone in GamerGate knows that girls are stupid and should be held to a lower standard (but don't call them misogynists!).

So despite her using her laptop mic and a 2$ webcam while others build entire studios. Despite making 4 videos a year while other YT Skeptics upload 3 times a week just to stay relevant. Despite all her videos being the same. Despite knowing and caring so little about the topic she can't even answer basic questions about it. Despite clearly having no respect for her audience. Despite not even playing video games. Despite her videos having awful editing, horrible lighting, horrendous audio spikes, are in 480p, and every other thing that makes it seems it is the first video on YouTube in 2009. Despite ALL of this, Shoe currently has the biggest and most successful YT skeptic channel just by virtue of being a girl. Which really show how worthy the entire community and audience is of being taken seriously.


How to Make a Shoe Video[edit]

  1. cover bald spot
  2. read buzzfeed article
  3. Stop every 2 minutes to say:
  • "Kill me"
  • "End my life"
  • "What even is this?"

Upload as is and you're done.

Hilariously, despite the fact she puts in 0 effort, she has the nerve to talk shit about other youtuber in her circle like Bearing, saying they're bullies who make lazy content and go after low hanging fruit. This after she herself has regularly had her followers bully fat chicks, elderly people, teenagers, crazy trannies (except her crazy tranny friends, of course), and one mentally disabled guy.

Armored Skeptic - June's (married now divorced) boyfriend[edit]

Armored Skeptic is June's cheating, morbidly obese fiance with an extra chromosome (this is not a joke). He met her online during GamerGate while he was hitting on every single woman he interacted with to add to the harem of women he was cheating on his wife with. Their dynamic solidified when they were in a Google hangout with Sargon of Akkad,and flirted with each other in a cringy manner for 2 fucking hours making poor 'ole Sargon a would-be 3rd wheel. Shoe, who herself had a boyfriend at the time, was receptive to this and joined his brothel of potential sluts that included Jenny McDermott, who he would also flirt with, several women he was fucking behind his wife's back and one woman who was dying of brain cancer and Greg was able to fuck thanks to her diminishing mental faculties and was then forced to continue to pretend to care about until she dies so that he wouldn't look bad for breaking up with a woman dying of cancer.

Growing more and more tired of Gregory's constantly sleeping around, his wife briefly used his accounts to contact his whores and tell them to to stop talking to her husband, but then she just divorced him. Later screenshots of June's Discord would be leaked where she describes Greg's wife as abusive because she would hide his toys and get mad at him for wasting all their money on Star Wars merchandise like a fucking child.

Gregory came out as the grand winner of this ordeal, and June came out the loser because now he has a mentally broken sex slave that lets him cheat on her and whose popularity he can use to continue to believe he can turn his youtube channel into a media empire one day, even though the only reason anyone subscribes to him is because they masturbate to pictures of his girlfriend. Pregory 1, June 0.

June the Cuck[edit]

With both of them broken up, they were free to initiate a pathetic, co-dependent relationship. Shoe now lives as Greg's long distance slave (because even though they have the money he refuses to let her live with him or she might catch him cheating). They are in a "24/7 BDSM relationship" that June constantly brags about online to convince herself that him cheating and mistreating her is just part of their "kink" and exposes June for the desperate loser doormat that she is. To further cope with the fact that her future husband openly flirts with camgirls on Twitter, June convinced herself that she's actually bisexual so that she could at least join in when Greg fucks other girls and pretend it's a threesome and not just cheating. This is another big win for Greg because he can use his bitch's serious abandonment issues to get her to have threesomes with him and random chicks he stalks online. Pregory 2, June 0.

The "June Gets Cucked" Collection About missing Pics
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The hypocrisy of all of this is, of course, stunning, because, while Greg forces her to let him cheat or sleep with women for his enjoyment, he refuses to be part of a 2 man threesome for her and lost his fucking mind when he thought Jeff Holiday was trying to fuck her after he was friendly to her for half a minute at a fucking charity event, sending multiple people to DM him, demanding he not talk to his girlfriend, which Holiday publicly laughed at. All of this solidifies and reinforces the fact that Pregory ain't shit either, but more importantly that June is a deeply, deeply insecure person with extremely low self esteem. The fact that she is willing to put up with Greg's adultery by being his cuck and submitting to his every whim in order to satisfy him and thus not be abandoned by him shows just how pathetic and weak June really is.

June and Greg - would-be pedophiles[edit]

But the creepiest shit about their "relationship" is how fucking close it is to pedophilia. The fact that their sex lives revolve around a fetish where June pretends to be a little girl and calls Greg "Daddy" is bad enough, but add to that the fact that June acts like a child, talks like a child, dresses like a child, thinks like a child and looks so much like a child that Greg had to go out of his way to explain to people that she's actually an adult. Although, she's still so immature that he actually had to ask her parents for permission to fuck her. And this is clearly not all a coincidence, since June herself has said that Greg would leave her if her childlike measurements ever change. None of this is helped by June defending pedophiles online and Greg liking cartoon loli porn on twitter. It must be truly agonizing for June to have such mind-bogglingly low self-esteem where she stays with a man that does not love and respect her truly, and obeys said man to the umpteenth degree.

Hide the children About missing Pics
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However, this isn't completely one-sided, since Greg's underdeveloped mind make him an overgrown baby himself, which is why, despite having already bankrupt himself once, his house is still filled to the brim with the same Star Wars toys his ex wife had to hide from him and divorce him because he wouldn't stop buying them. What a very sad individual.

But please don't imply that Greg is a pedo or else he might threaten to sue you like he did Jenny McDormatt.

Candid - June and Greg Sell out Entire Skeptic Community for a few Shekels[edit]

BeCandid Logo.png BeCandid - Speak your mind freely '

CandidCEOCodeCompaniesCabalistsContractsCheesePizzaShoe0nHeadArmouredSkepticHarmful Opinions

The Candid app was a scam website that signed paid promotion deals with youtube anti feminists, where it promoted itself as a "free speech" website, as part of a ploy to use their audience to train its automated censorship bot to be better at banning people who criticize feminism and things it just didn't like. And while many people fell for it, Shoe and Greg were the only ones who openly shilled for this website, even after they learned what the site was doing.

The full story is that this company, that already had a history of running scams and was openly run by SJWs, approached a number of "Skeptic" youtubers, who were so good at being skeptical that they signed the contract without looking into who they were entering into a binding, contractual relationship with, or even actually reading what they were signing to see that it included a 3 year NDA. The only person to realize what was going on was Harmful Opinions, who exposed what they were doing. In response, Candid's own CEO doxed HO's mom and threatened her, as well as Mark Kern, who was talking online about its security vulnerabilities, both of whom were friends of Shoe and Greg up until that point.

In response, Shoe made a second video, claiming she wasn't under contract, and then deleted that video and made a second video promoting this website again even though, at this point, she already knew the company doxed two of her friends and was a scam to censor everyone in her friend circle. She then TOOK OVER GREG'S ACCOUNT and put word filters on it (without asking him), to censor everyone talking about what she did. This also means that she was either lying in her first video when she said she wasn't under contract, or she was telling the truth and then signed a new contract, knowingly selling out everyone she knows for some quick cash.

Armored Skeptic took this a step further and YouTube Favicon.png accepted money from Candid's CEO to make an attack video about Harmful Opinions. The saga eventually concluded when HO was proven to be 100% CORRECT and the site was shut down less than a year later and the bot was (thankfully) sold to Uber and not someone who could actually use it. HO's account was then mysteriously hacked immediately after this, and all videos about the topic wwere deleted. Meanwhile, Shoe and Greg can't even talk about it because they're still under an NDA, and yet still hypocritically complain about internet censorship, when they themselves were more than happy to potentially contribute to it for a few bucks.

And the cherry on top is that "Undoomed", a youtuber that, much like Bearing, Shoe once criticized for being stupid, was the only "Skeptic" who was smart enough to read his contract before signing it and negotiate out of the NDA clause.

Hide the children About missing Pics
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June Bullies a Mentally Disabled War Vet[edit]

Shoe's panicked DM's to HeHeSilly, begging him do something about the guy exposing her being a psycho

Whenever June needs validation, she has her fans bully random people she finds online, like a 50 year old Radfem with 500 subs she stumbled on one day. But sometimes the elderly are not enough for her and she has to go after homeless veterans with PTSD.

Such was the case with one paranoid schizophrenic with a gang-stalking obsession, who made somewhere in the ballpark of 20 videos claiming Shoe was a woman named "Sue" who was a girl that Armored kidnapped as a child and raised to be his slave in an international cat-fishing conspiracy that was planning to murder him. The man was obviously crazy, homeless, living out of his van and eating out of trash cans. But this didn't stop June from making multiple tweets pretending that she actually WAS "Sue" to scare this poor invalid.

She was soon called out by a twitter account that reposts "HeHeSillyComics" strips for being a fucking sociopath. June argued that she did nothing wrong and instead went crying to the person who makes HeHeSillyComics to tell him to shut this guy up. In the end, the guy running the account apologized (perhaps being forced by the comic's creator), and they both deleted all tweets related to this, after which the homeless guy Shoe was bullying, scared for his life, deleted his channel.

But the internet never forgets.

Moreshoeonhead 14.png

June Animorphs Into an SJW[edit]

It's been a while and GamerGate nerds are no longer giving June enough attention, although if it wasn’t for being buddy-buddy with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, and larger channels like Sargon of Akkad and Blaire White, Shoe0nHead probably would’ve remained a smaller channel that quickly fade into irrelevance after the GamerGate era ended. Nonetheless: Time to expand! And to do that she needs to change her entire personality again and throw more people under the bus with this simple, 3 part plan:

Step 1: Break off friendships with incel conservatives and befriend violent leftist[edit]

After years of insisting that their differing political views don't preclude them maintaining a friendship, June did to Lauren Southern exactly what she did to her black boyfriend Andrew when too many people were threatening to stop giving her attention, and threw her to the dogs in a moronic public statement.

A statement that she retracted hours later when she realized her cost/benefit analysis was off and she was losing more suckups with this move than she was gaining. She also took the time shortly prior to inform people that she no longer finds Steve Crowder funny because his dressing up as women all the time is offensive to her precious trannies or something.

Interestingly, despite her and Lauren now "going in different paths", June's paths seem to be converging with people like Shaun and Jen, a guy who said it's okay to kill right wingers because they aren't human, and ContraPoint who, in his video about "free speech", turned directly to the camera to threaten Dave Rubin in a hilarious attempt to intimidate him into not hosting conservatives on his show anymore.

Sadly for June, Contra at least has enough dignity not to acknowledge she even exists.

Moreshoeonhead 19.jpg
"I'm nyot fwiends with Steven Cwowdew anymowe uwu!"
Moreshoeonhead 24.jpg
"Wauwen Southew is a big poopy head 0W0!"

Step 2: Become an ill-informed trans crusader[edit]

June - Two faced as usual

But it isn't enough for June to just suck Contra's cock online. No, June has taken to defending "trans right" with the same intellectual vigor she did anti-feminism. Just like with every other topic she comments on, June did zero research and decided that, after years of making fun of Transtrenders like Milo Stewart and Riley Dennis, she no longer believes that Transtrenders are a thing and instead thinks that Milo and Riley are legit trannies because they started taking hormones (rather than two impressionable teenagers that are causing their bodies irreparable damage and giving themselves cancer with unnecessary HRT just to fit in with some clique).

Now June blindly defends any position that "supports" transgenders, thinks that calling transgenderism a mental illness is something only bigots do (even though that's literally what it is), and made it her new hobby online to fight with TERFS on twitter. She doesn't actually understand what she's defending or why. All she knows is that her making fun of trannies made them feel bad uwu and that this trumps all scientific facts, an attitude she used to cringily refer to as "feels over realz".

By doing this, June is perpetuating and attitude that is leading countless people who aren't transgender to undergo needless and permanent treatments, actual transgenders to pump their bodies full of cancerous chemicals when they could be cured with therapy, and generally leading more and more transgenders (real or not) to end up committing suicide... In other words: SHE'S DOING A GREAT JOB AND SHOULD KEEP IT UP!

Hey, Shoe0nHead! I saw what you did with using your ignorance and spinelessness to help drive trannies to suicide!.
I just wanted to say keep up the good work.

Hide the children About missing Pics
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Step 3: BLOCK EVERYONE[edit]

More irony

After years of mocking Steve Shives for blocking people who make fun of him and people he never talked to because they might make fun of him, as well as taking screencaps of people who block her on twitter for her fans to laugh at, recently June has become so block-happy that people on turned it into a game to see who can get blocked by her the fastest (just like people used to do with Steve). In the past she used to backpedal and say she only makes fun of Steve because he blocks people before they even tweeted at him (which isn't true), but as of 5/17/2018, the record for fastest shoe block changed from "under one minute" to "under one attosecond", as June has began blocking people who never talked to her because she saw them making fun of when when talking to someone else.

After Brittany Venti made a video about what a cunt she is (shown above), June took a prolonged "twitter break" that is actually being spent stalking ol' slug-face-brit's twitter and blocking anyone who mentions her video.

Interestingly, there's is a rumor that Pregory propositioned Venti as well.

How to get blocked by June:

  • Tell her she's wrong about something
  • Tell her that the Skeptic/Anti Sjw genre on youtube is dead
  • say ANYTHING negative about the skeptic community
  • Make fun of her wig. Seriously, any mention of her being bald or wearing wigs is an insta-block
  • Make any remark towards her that's not covered in uwu and glitter (She'll block you whether malicious or not, she even does this to her fans)
  • Bring up her past of bullying
  • Bring up current instances of her bullying
  • Bring up her black ex boyfriend
  • Make a joke at her she doesn't understand (that's how Cognitive Thought got blocked)
  • Remind her that trans women are not real women
  • Ask why she cared about GamerGate when she hates video games
  • Be friends with Venti
  • Bring up her past of posting her shitty nudes online
  • Call out her hypocrisy

Seriously, you don't even need to @ her to get blocked. She searches her name on twitter 24/7. She even searches variants of her name, like "shoe". That's right, Shoe0nHead sifts through thousands of posts on twitter under the search "shoe" so she can find people talking shit about her and block them. She'll even block people for following someone she doesn't like.

Moreshoeonhead 22.png
Moreshoeonhead 23.png

June Vs. Venti[edit]

is preggory the smol one now?

After the Lauren Southern incident, infamous streaming whore Brittany Venti decided to fuck with Shoe a little to show everyone how fake she is by making a video exposing her. June's immediate response to this was to "take a break" from the internet for two weeks by hiding away in her Discord with her legion of cocksuckers pussy lickers, and occasionally talk shit about Venti, not realizing that trolls are right there with her, screen-capping everything she says.

Meanwhile, Venti did not sit idly by and went on several streams talking more shit about shoe and doing an interview with one of her former friends (the aforementioned "Rob"), who went on her stream to try to defend her, but only ended up admitting that she's fake and that she lied about the age she lost her virginity, unless you count sucking an entire ocean of dicks as being a virgin. This is starting to sound like something written by an untalented fat hack that every pretentious film student, like June, would slob over.

In the meantime, June would pop in and out of her self imposed exile, in her cocoon of sycophants, to block anyone on twitter who makes jokes at her, says anything bad about her, retweets anything Venti says, calls shoe "Shuwu" or "Shoe Shives", talks or follows Venti at all, and even her own fans who are being randomly blocked without understanding why for taking light jabs at her without noticing. When June finally emerged, she wrote a shitty response to the video, lying again, making excuses and ignoring parts she had no answer for.

So Venti made another video.

At the moment Shoe's fans have been able to get Venti's first video taken down from youtube (probably only temporarily) and a copy can be found here.

First bideo
Second bideo
Interview with Rob
Deleted Kumite stream

Someone please call the police to save June's bunny from her[edit]

In spite of her supposed love for bunnies, asking her fans to "send buns" on twitter every time she fucks up and even going so far as to choose an alias that means "Bunny", June's own rabbit is a constant victim of animal abuse.

  • June refuses to neuter her bunny, leaving him sexually frustrated and pissing all over her room to the point the smell must be unbearable. She probably can't smell it from all the make-up and glue from her fake hair.
  • June’s bunny’s piss at least smells better than June’s icky toejams.
  • Feeds him things that bunnies can't properly digest.
  • Doesn't own a second bunny to keep it from being lonely, which is considered so cruel that some countries make it illegal.
  • Overfeeds it so it looks sickly and morbidly obese.
  • Let a cat that is clearly trying to kill it stay in the room all night, staring at her (clearly terrified) bunny in its cage.
  • And, worst of all, keeps it in a tiny cage that's meant for hamsters because she's too cheap to buy a bigger one, despite mooching off of her parents.

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The Fanbase[edit]

June's fanbase is comprised mostly of sad, lonely men who watch Sargon of Akkad videos in the morning and think that makes them intellectual, and then jack off to Shoe's videos at night, while pretending that what she says is equally valuable, even though it isn't, even with the laughably low bar that other youtube skeptics have set.

Whenever anyone dares insult their precious shouwu, or even do nothing at aside from being mentioned by Shoe on twitter (never by name so she can pretend she isn't talking about anyone in particular, even when everyone knows who her tweet is directed at), Shoe's fans will pounce on that person and be mildly annoying. Because, while their rage at anyone insulting their imaginary internet girlfriend burns with the power of a million suns, the fans themselves are incompetent and can only retaliate by giving videos about her dislikes and leaving mean comments, making them perfect targets to be baited and trolled. The only people Shoe's fans CAN go up against and win are easily triggered teenage feminists, mentally ill army vets, elderly women June find online, and small children. Even though, even when they attacked a young girl for pointing out June abuses her bunny, they weren't able to actually scare her.

June: A Summary Of Fail[edit]

Despite being the most successful skeptic channel with 1.1 million subscribers, June IRL has still been a total failure. From the fact that she still lives with her parents at 27, her failure as a film student, her lack of a genuine ideology or set of beliefs, her multiple failed attempts at e-fame, various forums that have exposed her, this article, Venti's two videos where she absolutely owns Shoe and the cherry on top of the shit sundae: her co-dependent, loveless relationship where she is the sub and cuck to manchild, Pregory; Pregory 4, June 0. June has demonstrated a penchant for failure and being the LOLcow that she claims to laugh at. Despite being a successful YouTuber, she is still a failcow that has no real belief system and is in reality a pandering, people-pleasing, desperate and duplicitous person with abandonment issues who is so desperate to be liked that she is willing to pander to the lowest of the low, neckbeards. June is a pathetic loser because her YouTube content is shit and asinine with her cringy and contrived “cutesy chick” persona. However, June at least gets credit for having been blessed with a cute face. But still: Reality 12, June 0.


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June's Endless Collection of Abandoned YT Accounts:

90's Show Shit


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