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Wanksta rapist and Motorola cinematographer JordanR021 aka TDOTKRAYZ.
Same bloke, different glove, still no gat.
Not to be confused with JordanR2D2.

The YouTube Rape Video is a highly sought after mobile phone video called "mashin" (aka of an apparent IRL date rape rumoured to be currently on the Internets somewhere other than YouTube.

Approximately 600 pervs saw the video on YouTube when it was posted in November 2007, before somebody who hated fun flagged the video and had it pulled...three months later in February 2008.

The New Holy Grail?[edit]


The video has yet to be found and is now highly sought after by the hordes of Anons for whom real pr0n with good lighting and hot chicks just doesn't cut it. Hundreds were x'rolled seeking it, yet none have found it despite the fact that it's currently on at least 100 torrent sites.

This video has been dubbed "The New Holy Grail" by a few faggot Anons, but as yet not as many people know about it as the original Holy Grail.


This victim's mug has been removed due to violations.
She is now part of Anonymous.

In mid-February, 2008, a 25-year-old mother from South London was brutally gang raped in front of her 2-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son after partying hard with three teenage boys.

The Report[edit]

According to the victim:

Three boys aged 14 to 16 did it and it was set up by two girls. They came round with a neighbour I trusted and I had no problems with them coming in for a while.


I opened a bottle of champagne I had, to be social. We were drinking and I had one glass, then in seconds I began to feel weird. They had spiked my drink and then they raped me. I was totally paralysed. They were really hurting me and I knew something was seriously wrong but couldn’t do anything. I was raped all night. It was torture.


They raped me in front of my daughter who was screaming for me, but I couldn’t move. They took turns one after another and carried on all the way through the night until the morning.


Afterwards they called me a slag and a bitch. It was dark when they started and light by the time they filmed me. I was shocked when I saw the YouTube video a couple of weeks ago to see it was light. I had heard there was a video of what happened but couldn’t bring myself to look at it before then.




tl;dr: After trying to get three teenagers drunk on champagne, -"just to be social"- she ended up getting her drink spiked with GHB and was raped for 14 hours in front of her kid while being filmed on a cell phone camera. The video was subsequently posted on YouTube under the account of TDOTKRAYZ where it stayed up for at least 5 minutes before getting flagged and baleeted.

For main article, see porn

When /b/ found out about this video, they all ran around screaming "ZOMG!!! TORRENTS PLZZ!" until some basement dwelling e-tective found a short-lived link using Google. Meanwhile, some idiot Eurofag found the video using one of several Deleted YouTube Finder posted the video on their Bebo account (which I'm guessing was pwnt sometime last Thursday). And no, the video is not the one with the Iran girl.

Quotes from people on finding the video[edit]

Overly dumb, face on camera for all to see, just a matter of time!! If you want respect I'll give to you:

These Boys are reppin CROYDON(coz ur dumb n got a big mouth) That could have been a mans mum, sister, daughter etc. Ur fucked!!



dirty wastemans!is dat da only way u get a gal by date rapein her!!!u cnt even fuk u lil cock head!



urgh u dirty fuckin bastards...the poor girl looks like shes been fuckin date rapped...ya aint 2 clever tho as ya ugly lil faces r exposed on cam 4 the gaffers 2 see!!!! disgrace 2 2days society u filthy fuckin tramps



Thumbnails of the video[edit]

When the video was deleted, the thumbnails were still available. But as the quality of the video is so shit, they are only helpful in finding the actual video and verifying it's the real one.

LULZ! Reverse Pwnage![edit]

In May of this year, it was discovered that the 'victim' of this video, is a stupid cunt and an attention whore. After questioning, the slut was arrested by t3h pigs for having underage sex with the three boys.

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