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Typical native

Native Americans are relatively untrollable due to widespread depression about their decimation. Either that or they're too fucked up on alcohol and don't respond. The Indian reservations don't sell alcohol on Sundays, so an alcohol substitute was created by diluting a bottle of cheap hairspray, usually the 99 cent Aqua Net, in a gallon of water. This beverage in known as "Ocean" or "Montana Gin." When you drink it it makes you want to pass out on the railroad tracks. This usually results in the consumer getting pwned by a freight train.

If you're in search of the noble red, normally you can find them at the beer vendor, spending their government checks while clutching to their crack babies, bitching about how they live on a reserve yet never make the effort to get a job. Native Americans are so niggerish that they were at the technological level of Africans by the time white people arrived. They worshiped the ground and the Sun and the animals. Today, most of their reservations are still like typical African villages, with levels of crime usually only seen in black neighborhoods. Natives also have an instinctive desire to scalp and eat white people and members of another tribe.

The few successful ones run casinos, or to put it more simply: steal money from nerds who hope to strike it rich. Today, most just depend on handouts from whitey. However, a lot have just said, "screw society" and live on the streets on a diet of drugs and booze, bought with handouts from "too-concerned-for-their-own-good" white people. As well as being fucking savages, incapable of running a functioning society, stealing money, and worshiping, well, everything, Native Americans are also distinctive in being sunburned, banhammered .

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6 days ago

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Lolgo.png I'm about to be expelled from uni

Dropdatwat's tater tot penis gets sent to his professors, leading to an investigation and possible expulsion from college.

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At this point we seriously need to ask ourselves whether the heads of Twitter, Facebook, and Google are intentionally encouraging white supremacist violence. Right now, if I google myself, the second link is a Nazi hate site trashing me.


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